June 2022

Archived: 11:29pm 30/6/2022

I have a inkling this month is going to be significant, as the precipice of a new horizon approaches the ascent of the sun draws back the treacherous shadows of a deprived and desolated past. Gaining ground from unseen and unknowing descent into an alienated worthless, no more shall these shadows, that were our people, darken the bright prosperity to break our day beyond our night… lire June…

May 2022

Archived: 4:54pm 31/5/2022

I used to celebrate this month with a Beltaine fire, may pole, wells, handfastings and the honeymoon. May is also the month I was born, myself and others celebrated this day, my birthday when people cared whether I lived or died. Where did they all go beneath this apathetic pessimism, for an eternal optimist was I… lire May…

April 2022

Archived: 29/4/2022

During this month I visited the Peak District, West Lothian, Fife, Perthshire, Cairngorms National Park, Ross and Cromarty, Sutherland, Moray Firth, Banffshire, Strathbogie, Aberdeenshire, Lancastershire and then returned into the Cotswolds… lire April…

March 2022

Archived: 9:23am 31/3/2022

I was not going to write a post this month but with circumstances as they are, becoming homeless on the 15th of March 2022, I am going to continue to blog throughout this month. I am planning a return journey, via national footpath, relocating to Scotland after eighteen months of living in Truro, Cornwall… lire March…

Feral Living

Published: 6/1/2022 Updated: 31/5/2022

With persecutions of white people becoming so great, there may come a time when you will be moved on endlessly. It's imperative that you know how to look after yourself, as the methodology is to traumatize you incrementally to void you from being able to look after yourself. Learn to live next to nature, and nature will console you as your ancestors arrive to walk with you… article complet…

Février 2022

Archived: 11:02pm 28/2/2022

This month I'll be consolidating with the spirit of my ancestors; endeavouring snow, cold, rain, sleet to rekindle an affirmation of true warmth upon the legacy of ancestral light within. To know one's ancestors is to be them, emerging embodiment with endeavour, to diminish alienation as our ancestors are us and will always be with us as us, this always comes naturally, but only if you're not against them, ho hum… lire Février…

Januar 2022

Archived: 9:24am 31/1/2022


Det nye året, et årsskifte, er et symbol på det menneskelige egoet, på forfengelighet som har overskredet en verden som ennå ikke har lært å gå. Hver stående person som prøver å hoppe har brukket ansiktet, albuene, håndleddene, knokene, knærne og anklene. De som er verdige til Gud har lengde på bevegelse, lang levetid. Lidelse for hvile steg alltid helvete, aske av avsky, for å dempe frykt og misunnelse; en fortvilelse fra ingensteds, en vandrer fra ingens hjem… utsikt Januar…

Personality Disorders

Published: 5/1/2022 Updated: 26/1/2022

Being able to predict people's offset responses is essential, not only can save you a lot of time and trouble but can help substanciate projection and thus be beneficial to those who could really use a little understanding… article complet…

Identifying Religious Abuse

Published: 5/1/2022 Updated: 26/1/2022

One specific meaning of the term religious abuse refers to psychological manipulation and harm inflicted on a person by using the teachings of their religion. This is perpetrated by members of the same or similar faith and includes the use of a position of authority within the religion… article complet…

Décembre 2021

Archived: 6:06pm 31/12/2021


It's hard to watch betraying, estranged family arrive to lure and walk ancestral projection into racial ruin of Jesuit / Dominican multiculturalism. Subjected to hypernormalisation they believe fake ness as real, hypersexualised they worship desecration and blinded by Critical Race Theory defaced of ancestral worth, they'll never look back; believe me when I say there is no hope for them. No care or concern is shown to the plight of our people, sometimes I wonder if they have any sense of self-worth at all amidst systemic disinheritance… vomir Décembre...

Novembre 2021:

Archived: 30/11/2021


Le scorpion est mort sous mon pied, un treizième pas le long du 33. Sachez que vous avez bouilli dans une cuve de méchanceté, ne laissez pas la peur s'accrocher au cauchemar environnant. Parmi les traîtres, chaque détachement est une bénédiction… lire Novembre…

Octobre 2021:

Archived: 31/10/2021


Nurtured ancestral light is our inner galaxy, a link to our multiverse, through the entirety of our cosmos… lire Octobre…

Septembre 2021:

Archived: 30/9/2021


I awoke this morning dishevelled and in absolute misery, daunting against spirit curdling horror this month's depthless orchestrations of malice infused disparity may bring unto this disposition of lifelessness. Blinded by unsightly vulgarity yet prized from length of skin fleshed with extremity and tanned with abhorrent evil, from run down and besieged lineage. I am still yet alive, movement is life, holding on to those who forsake lowers a terrorized soul into fathomless depths of despair unlike no other… repousser Septembre…


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I believe Catholicism, and all other corrupted branches of Abrahamism have enabled the Vatican, hidden behind a merciless impunity dominion of Jewish supremacy, to terrorize blind an estranged humanity into alienated subordination.

Silent Screaming
Shouted Down?

This article explains how the church compartmentalized our forbearers through witch trials (later through the workhouse), defacing us as strangers, sleep walking our future into death, vilified and alienated, compartmentalized worthless to one another… vue article


911 was the initiation date of Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte, that establish the Duchy of Normandy. 911 – 2001 = 1090, the birthdate of King Eric II of Denmark. King Louis IV, last ruler of the Carolingian Dynasty, died after an 11-year reign in 1090. The mix number has been 22.

Gerloc Maligned
Building back better? Gerloc (Adele) maligned to the 33rd AXis of Mundi. Her initials spell "A.L.B.A" but as S.L.A.G she idolizes herself as a blazing star whilst her soul is colonised as an embodiment of the Integra Natura. Concepts of alienation, projected by universalism aim to consolidate all genetic worth into one embodiment through Trinitarianism
. Skyvefeil for ruinens mor.

22, 44 is the even number applied to monoculturalism, at odds our white bloodlines terminated as admixture via multiples of 11, 33 then aligning at 66. The number 911 is an emergency number, obviously 19 is partial reversal without 1. The invisible 5th Column of Communism has been the Society of Jesus all along.

those who skin us of our soul want to possess our embodiment

If those numbers don't jolt you, how about figuring restoration of our throne in 1066 by William I and how our detractors have predicted our people to become a minority in our homeland by 2066. The math is clearly present hidden behind a smoke screen and scrambled from awareness with continuous, targeted mayhem.


The Vatican plans to endlessly desecrate and mutate our bloodlines with mRNA CRSPR technology to create the Axis Mundi, the tree of life as the Integra Natura.

Delta + Omnicron = Media Control.

A Solomonic sacrifice of Eros dissolving ancestral projection through concepts of alienation by defacing his mother Venus, voding an entire epoch of nutured attonement into the rebirth of a Solomonic mulatto Europa.


Masks are to conceal the “cupids bow”, (the top line of our lips) we pull the bow back when we kiss and exchange love / communicate with our people.

Eros (sore) with his bow, in London he is depicted by pederasts as Mercury.


Social distancing obviously marginalizes our presence, voiding exchanges and alienating reception of our projected ancestral spirit.

Eros (sore) spiked whilst mis-bee-having.

Vaccine utilises a sun block nano particle, used to build the spike protein, halting solar cellular regeneration, a perquisite for dark arrival of CRISPR “genetic editing”... vue article


Our inherent successions are exploited and superseeded by impersonating pretenders; (example: Tony Blair and Lionel Blair are both crypto-Jews), created by corrupted Clans (Blairs dropped the “e”uropa or eros) maligning their inherent worth into incremental Free masonic degrees.


In memory, edgy humans who have persevered through the fringes of ostracized oblivion to forward truths through relentless, suppressive tyranny.

“Gaining sufficient perspective, we choose whom we associate with…

Jonathan Bowden

Jonathan Bowden

Jonathan was born in Kent in 1962. His mother suffered from severe mental illness and died when Bowden was 16 years old. An orator of great power, Jonathan was a regular speaker at various political events around the United Kingdom… vue Jonathan Bowden…

Douglas Reed

Douglas Reed

Douglas Reed (1895–1976) was a British journalist, playwright, novelist, and author of several books of political analysis… vue Douglas Reed…

Arnold Leese

Arnold Leese

Arnold Spencer Leese was a British fascist politician. He led his own fascist movement, the Imperial Fascist League, and was a prolific author and publisher of polemics both before and after the Second World War… vue Arnold Leese…

Ezra Pound

Ezra Pound

American poet and critic, a major figure in the early modernist poetry movement. 1885 – 1972… vue Ezra Pound…

…those who manipulate offence decide to whom we dissociate from!”

Essential Reading

Culture of Critique
Culture of Critique

Inform yourself by visiting my Library


“The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim”.


Telescopic Philanthropy, 4th March 1865

Now they want us to die hapless, souless, estranged and defaced from one another.


Single me leter for tiden etter en vikingkompis; må ha blondt, ingefært hår, blå øyne og ha en styrket fysisk evne. Er du den etnosentriske og homogene vikingen? En skotsk-normannisk aner er en bonus, men ikke avgjørende.


Solas na gaoithe a tuath, trid diadhachd Léonie Blaire-Cooper. Tha mi de shliochd Blaires (Nord-Pas-de-Calais), bha mo theaghlach a’ fuireach ann an Normandy airson ceudan de bhliadhnaichean!

Àite: Taigh-seinnse Rifleman's Arms, Glastonbury, 2020.

Tha mi ceathrad ’s a seachd bliadhna a dh’aois, de shliochd Lochlannach is Ceilteach. Tha mo shliochd 100% geal Iar-thuath na Roinn Eòrpa agus bho 1890 tha iad air a bhith stèidhichte timcheall Ear-thuath Shasainn. Air taobh m’ athar, tha mo theaghlach a’ tighinn à sgìre Nord-Pas-de-Calais san Fhraing agus eilean Channel Guernsey.

Bidh Odin a’ marcachd air an sliper 8-chasach aige. Bha e co-cheangailte ri siubhal chun ath bheatha, nuair a chaidh cuirp a chuir nan teine le soithichean. Tha each geal na ìomhaigh de bheatha, na casan 8 ràithean, atharrachaidhean na grèine.

Airson a’ mhòr-chuid de mo bheatha bha mi air mo sgaradh bho bhith eòlach air sinnsearachd mo shinnsirean ach ann an 2021, le eòlas air toraidhean deuchainn DNA a chaidh a dhèanamh ann an 2017, lorg mi sliochd m’ athar air ais 17 ginealaichean deug.

Leis fhèin sa Mhonadh Ruadh, Brunar Bridge, Highlands, 18 Màrt 2020

Mar shaoranach trì ginealach, tha mi nam Francophile neo-shoilleir, ach tha mi nas ceangailte ri cultar na Frainge na tha mi ri Breatannach. Tha mi a’ faireachdainn gu bheil ceangal làidir agam ri cruth-tìre Gàidhlig na h-Alba, ri iomall Siorrachd Pheairt anns a’ Mhonadh Ruadh agus cuideachd ri coille Gall-Ghàidhealaibh ann an Siorrachd Àir.

Siostam ethnostate fiùdalach ùr dha na Lochlannaich.

A dh’aindeoin an Diaspora Geal, tha ceangal làidir eachdraidheil agam, tro fhuil, ri Alba. Fhad ‘s a bha mi a’ tadhal air taighean-tasgaidh cinneachail, lorg mi malaise spioradail (clachaireachd), nach robh “buntainneach” ri eachdraidh mo theaghlaich, ach a bhuineadh don eaglais Chaitligeach sinister a tha air a bhith a’ dèanamh tàir ormsa agus air mo dhaoine airson linntean.

Leugh tuilleadh mu:

My Story

During the last twelve years detractors have buried my existence in lies to cultivate spite, a tit-for-tat hatred cultivating a reversal, against my own inherent succession.

Location: Ynys meicel, Pembrokeshire, 2017.

These writings are about my life, described and witnessed from my own personal memories within my… biography pages.


The photographs I have taken are always empty of people, not because I stand everybody behind the camera lens, but because I am always castigated alone. Whatever I do, whatever I say, whoever I meet and however I go, I am never received by anyone.

Porthysek, Kernow 2020
Location: Porthysek, Kernow, 2020.

I enjoy capturing my contorted sentience because within nature my ancestors never forsake and never are forgotten; because our homeland is us, who we are. Yellow of peat and ginger of bracken over rolling hillside curves defined by chiselled mountain edge.



An Geamhradh wanderings of the highs and lows of Alba, from north Inbhir Theòrsa to Dùn Phrìs is Gall-Ghaidhealaibhvue Alba…


Bude, Kernow

Photographs from my ramble over Kernow coastline, including Bideford, Bude, Widemouth bay, Sandymouth beach, Kastel Boterel, Tre war Venydh and Porthysekvue Kernow…



Dartmoor can be a lonely, stalk place, where our white ancestral spirit dwells invigorated, reflected upon being from this soft moorland, cradling tired but steadfast foot, preserving direction of faith untold… vue Dartmoor…

Anglo Alba Borders

Sunrise into SriLanka

A drive about through the Lake District and through Northumbria, then into the Borders of Alba during the winter months of 2017… vue Anglo Alba Borders…

Because I walk this world displaced, overlooked, hated and alone I share my photographs of my world, for my people's world; because unlike interloping detractors I am not inherently selfish. Alienated of identity because our people defaced into hypernormalisation.

Distracted by smoke and mirrors maligning ancestral light, I was lured towards distant lands and was systematically obfuscated:


Prelude of Bharat

After a decade of gruelling, decimating suppression within the United Kingdom, I returned to India with the support and assistance of two friends. I arrived in the state of Gujarat in mid-February 2017 with an e-visa, I stayed in the Northern Indian State for three months before leaving for Sri Lanka… vue India…

Sri Lanka

Sunrise into SriLanka

In 2017, I journeyed to Sri Lanka, initially to go and explore Hinduism in the North area around (Jaffna) but spent six weeks travelling almost every part of the country. During the journey I was stalked by cranks and also followed by state security services driving a hybrid white Honda Grace… vue Ceylon…


Don't let detractors who sacrifice us worthless with altruism and condemn us absent with alienating cruelties of Critical Race Theory assert that we're privileged.

Our forbearers were worked to death as children for us to inherit the meagre and pitiful rewards we as White people rarely receive in our ancestral homelands today.