South Africa

“Africa has no history and did not contribute to anything that mankind enjoyed”.

In 1942, a Marxist-Leninist Joe Slovo of ethnic Lithuanian Jewish descent joined the South African Communist Party (SACP). Between 1946 and 1950 together with Nelson Mandela and Harry Schwarz he completed a law degree, graduating from Wits University.

Slovo and Ruth First
Jewish-Lithuanian Joe Solvo (left) was born Yossel Mashel Slovo. His Jewish parents, brainwashed by anti-White Russian propaganda, believed White Germanic people had mass murdered every Jew (over a thousand) in his families native Lithuanian village of Obeliai. In hindsight of this propaganda backdrop, Slovo had in no doubt grew up virulently racist; to literately loath and despise white people as absolute evil.

In the 1950s Slovo became a commander of the ANC's military wing Umkhonto we Sizwe. Slovo was eventually imprisoned for six months in the South African 1960 State of Emergency; on release from prison in 1961 alongside Abongz Mbede he emerged as one of two leaders of MK (Umkhonto we Sizwe).

Mandela, Slovo and Kasrils
Mandela was a made man through the terrorist activities of his Jewish, anti-white communist handlers Joe Slovo (left) and terrorist recruiter and trainer Ron Kasrils (right)

“Every Party member must raise his revolutionary qualities in every respect to the same level as those of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin.”

From 1963 to 1990 Slovo remained a political dissident, exiled from South Africa but somehow he and is communist comrades miraculously evaded MI6 to go onto coordinate, organize and network communist terrorist espionage activities against the government of South Africa whilst residing as a refugee within the United Kingdom.

Mandela terrorist plaque
An unrepentant, geriatric Nelson Mandela revealing an English Heritage (logo a red square) residential plaque commemorating anti-White terrorist espionage activities that were inadvertently shielded by sovereignty of the United Kingdom; these exiled insurgent terrorists later groomed upon the minds of British people as 'Freedom Fighters'.

Ronald 'Ronnie' Kasrils, (another Latvia and Lithuanian Jew) was a Soviet-trained terrorist (had undergone a years military training in 1964, Odessa, USSR). Kasrils helped Mandela found the Umkhonto we Sizwe; infamously known as the MK, the military wing of the Marxist African National Congress (ANC).

Transferred from Russia to London in 1965 Kasrils met Yusuf Dadoo, Joe Slovo, Reginald (Reggie) September and Percy John 'Jack' Hodgson; together for the next decade (66–76) they developed underground activities in South Africa from the United Kingdom.

Fist with Spear
Anat Fist with Spear of hatred, an emblem of the "Peoples Army" of Umkhonto we Sizwe.

During this time Kasrils trained various people including Raymond Suttner, Jeremy Cronin, Ahmed Timol, Alex Moumbaris, Tim Jenkins and Dave and Sue Rabkin with the aim of establishing underground propaganda units in South Africa. Ronnie Kasrils was eventually appointed Chief of MK Intelligence in 1983 having served the ANC in London, Luanda, Maputo, Swaziland, Botswana, Lusaka, and Harare.

Yusuf Dadoo and Percy Hodgson
ANC Communist terrorists Yusuf Dadoo (left) and Percy Hodgson (pictured under house arrest) were also given asylum, networking with Russia (through the heights of the Cold War) to regroup and coordinate within the UK.

Ahmed Timol's father was a close friend of Yusuf Dadoo who influenced Timol whilst on a trip to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. 1967 Timol arrived in London and was subsequently accommodated and directed by other 'South African Exiles' to teach at an immigration school in Slough.

In 1969 Timol was selected, together with future President of South Africa Thabo Mbeki, to study for a year at the International Lenin School (ILS) in Moscow. Mbeki was also trained in advanced guerrilla warfare at Skhodnya (a camp primarily training Middle Eastern terrorists).

Together Chris Hani at a meeting in Moscow, Mbeki and his accompanying comrade became two of the first black members of the predominately Jewish South African Communist Party. During this period, the ANC had developed a strong relationship with the Soviet Union. Chris Hani would later become Secretary-General of the South African Communist Party. Timol after completing his education returned to London for an additional month's terror training from Jack Hodgson.

Percy John 'Jack' Hodgson was a founder member of Umkhonto we Sizwe. Hodgson developed and tested bombs and timing devices with Nelson Mandela and used them in the Sabotage Campaign; he also trained MK cadres in construction of explosive devices.

Travelling across Africa under the alias of 'John Watson' he delivered these explosives to MK units. In 1963, he was forced into exile by 90-day detention provisions and in September 1963 was declared a prohibited immigrant and deported to London, UK.

Between 1964 and 1965 Hodgson left for Moscow to receive specialist training in secretive work, returning to London Hodgson set up a workshop producing false passports, letter bombs and fake suitcase bottoms used to smuggle covert material to South Africa.

In 1969 ANC President, Oliver Tambo, addressed a personal note of thanks to Hodgson stating: “All of us have to live up to the standard you have set, and I intend it should be so on all fronts, by all departments”.

Mandella and Tambo masonic handshake
Nelson Mandela shares a masonic handshake with Oliver Tambo
Entered Apprentice Grip
The Entered Apprentice Grip: An illustration of one of many Freemason handshakes.

During the time Oliver Tambo was 1969 Chair of the ANC Revolutionary Council (RC). The RC was created to concentrate on armed struggle through integrating a political and military strategy. Other RC members included Yusuf Dadoo (Vice-Chair), Joe Matthews (secretary), Joe Slovo, Thabo Mbeki and Reggie September

Terrorist acts of the ANC / MK

It is estimated that the MK High Command co-ordinated over 190 acts of sabotage between October 1961 and July 1963.

Nelson Mandela underwent weapons training by Mossad agents in Ethiopia in 1962 without the Israeli Secret Service knowing his true identity, according to an intriguing secret letter lodged in the Israeli state archives. The missive, revealed by the Israeli paper Haaretz two weeks after the death of the iconic South African leader, said Mandela had been instructed in the use of weapons and sabotage techniques and was encouraged to develop Zionist sympathies.

Mandela visited other African countries in 1962 to drum up support for the African National Congress's fight against the apartheid regime in South Africa. While in Ethiopia, he sought help from the Israeli embassy, using a pseudonym, according to the letter — classified top secret — which was sent to officials in Israel in October 1962. Haaretz quoted the letter as saying:

“As you may recall, three months ago, we discussed the case of a trainee who arrived at the [Israeli] embassy in Ethiopia by the name of David Mobsari who came from Rhodesia. The aforementioned received training from the Ethiopians [a codename for Mossad agents, according to Haaretz] in judo, sabotage, and weaponry.”.

It added that the man had shown interest in the methods of the Haganah, a Jewish paramilitary organization that fought against the British rulers and the Arab population of Palestine in the 1930s and 40s, and other Israeli underground movements. It went on: “He greeted our men with 'Shalom', was familiar with the problems of Jewry and of Israel, and gave the impression of being an intellectual. The staff tried to make him into a Zionist. In conversations with him, he expressed socialist world views and at times created the impression that he leaned toward communism.

Mandela's Bombs

Look at this list of evil, committed by a black man who never renounced his violence, who still sang songs of violence whilst being revered as a peacemaker in the west.

  • 1981 – 2 car bombs at Durban showrooms
  • 1983 — Church Street Bomb (killed 19, wounded 217)
  • 1984 — Durban car bomb (killed 5, wounded 27)
  • 1985-1987 — At least 150 landmines on farm roads (killed 125)
  • 1985 — Amanzimtoti shopping centre bomb (killed 5 people, including 3 children)
  • 1986 — Newcastle Court bomb (wounded 24)
  • 1987 — Johannesburg Court bomb (killed 3, wounded 10)
  • 1988 — Johannesburg video arcade (killed 1, wounded 68)
  • 1988 — Roodepoort bank bomb (killed 4, wounded 18)
  • 1988 — Pretoria Police housing unit, 2 bombs (wounded 3)
  • 1988 — Magistrates Court bomb (killed 3)
  • 1988 — Benomi Wimpy Bar Bomb (killed 1, wounded 56)
  • 1988 — Witbank shopping centre bomb (killed 2, wounded 42)
  • 1988 — Ellis Park Rugby Stadium car bomb (killed 2, wounded 37)
  • Late 1980s, numerous Wimpy Restaurant bombs.

“Communists have always played an active role in the fight by colonial countries for their freedom because the short-term objects of Communism would always correspond with the long-term objects of freedom movements”.

President Ronald Reagan and U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher both described Mandela’s ANC as a “typical terrorist organization” in 1987.

“A considerable number of the ANC leaders are Communists… When the ANC says that they will target British companies, this shows what a typical terrorist organization it is. I fought terrorism all my life… I will have nothing to do with any organization that practises violence. I have never seen anyone from ANC or the PLO or the IRA and would not do so”.

Church Street Bomb
Church Street Bomb (killed 19, wounded 217)
Church Street Bomb
Church Street Bomb (killed 19, wounded 217)

During the forty-six years of apartheid the MK killed 7,000 black South Africans according to the post-apartheid Truth and Reconciliation Commission; twice that number, over 14,000 people, were killed between 1990 and 1994 — the period during which the ANC was legalized and black-on-black violence became rampant, just as it is in South Africa today.


In a 1986 speech, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela (Nelson's Mandela's wife) endorsed a grotesque method of killing political opponents of the ANC whereby execution victims of extrajudicial summary had a rubber tire forced around their neck, were doused with petrol and set on fire with matches.


“With our boxes of matches and our necklaces, we will liberate this country.”.

These victims as what I can only perceive as sheer terror often took up to twenty minutes to die, no doubt suffering the severity of their burns in the process. The tire around their necks would melt and cling like boiling tar to their flesh. The fire would still burn on, even after they’d died, incinerating the body until it was charred beyond recognition. Occasionally, the mob would chop off their victim’s hands or tie them behind their back with barbed wire to ensure they couldn’t get away. After the infamous speech, sometime later, Winnie Mandela went on to occupy some official positions with the ANC party.

Aftermath: a Negro necklacing victim
Neck lace and Matches, executed and burning in the street.
A man being necklaced in South Africa. 1991.

The first recorded victim of necklacing happened, according to the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission in 1985. The victim was stated as a Negro woman named Maki Skosana, the appalling crime described as thus..

“Moloko said her sister was burned to death with a tire around her neck while attending the funeral of one of the youths. Her body had been scorched by fire and some broken pieces of glass inserted into her vagina, Moloko told the committee. Moloko added that a big rock had been thrown on her face after she had been killed”.

Necklacing was described by Wall Street Journal author Lynda Schuster as thus…

“Necklacing” represented the worst of the excesses committed in the name of the uprising. This was a particularly gruesome form of mob 'justice?', reserved for those thought to be government collaborators, informers, and black policemen.”.

The practice of necklacing served to escalate the levels of violence during the township wars of the 1980s and early 1990s, as security forces remained too fearful to police because of the threat of necklacing. Necklacing was a fate reserved for traitors. Few, if any, white men died with a car tire around the necks. Instead, it would be members of the black community, usually ones who swore they were part of the fight for freedom but who had lost the trust of their friends. Maki Skosana’s death was the first to be filmed by a news crew. Her neighbours had become convinced that she was involved in an explosion that killed a group of young activists.

“It drives me crazy, I consider it to be the major failure of my public life that every problem in our society today is being solved by somebody somewhere, and I can't get it to be replicated.”.

But Skosana wasn’t the first to be burned alive. The first necklacing victim was a politician named Tamsanga Kinikini, who had refused to resign after accusations of corruption. Anti-apartheid activists had already been burning people alive for years. They gave them what they called “Kentuckies” — meaning that they left them looking like something off the menu at Kentucky Fried Chicken. “It works”, one young man told a reporter when he was challenged to justify burning a man alive. “After this, you won’t find too many people spying for the police”!.

A man suspected of being a police informant is almost ‘necklaced’ by an angry mob during a funeral in Duncan Village in South Africa.

Necklacing lived on as a way of taking out rapists and thieves. In 2015, a group of five teenage boys was necklaced for getting in a bar fight. In 2018, a pair of men were killed for suspected theft. And those are just a few examples. Today, five per cent of the murders in South Africa is the result of vigilante justice, often committed through necklacing.

Legalisation of Terror

From 1979 Nelson Mandela remained on the U.S. terrorism watch list until 2008 when Marxist Liberals such as (Bill Clinton) passed a bill (which became the Anti-Apartheid Act) to make an actual law to force Mandela's removal from America's terrorist list.

Nelson Mandela was fairly tried and convicted of complicity in many murders, he also confessed to his participation in 156 acts of terror. Mandela refused his release from prison many times merely because he refused to renounce violence, pursuing political reform.

“Can we abandon a country that has stood by us in every war we’ve fought, a country that is strategically essential to the free world?”.

Future ANC South African President Jacob Zuma on stage with Madikizela-Mandela inciting genocide of White people by singing “Kill the Boer” whilst addressing the ANC Centenary Celebrations in Bloemfontein, South Africa, 2012…

Jacob Zuma on stage with Madikizela-Mandela.

English Translation: “Come together all the winners, we going to shoot them with the machine gun, we are going to shoot them with the machine gun. They are going to run, you are a Boer, we are going to hit them, and you are going to run, shoot the Boer, we are going to hit them, and you are going to run. We are going to shoot them with the machine gun…”.

“The Boer War occurred 37 years ago. Boer means farmer. Many criticised a great power like Britain for trying to wipe the Boers. Upon inquiring, I found all the gold and diamond mines of South Africa were owned by Jews; that Rothschild controlled gold; Samuels controlled silver; Baum controlled other mining, and Moses controlled base metals. Anything these people touch, they inevitably pollute.”.

Machine gun is a metaphor meaning inciting automated mass murder of white African farmers through an influential ANC mechanism of political governance. It should be of some relevance when considered in the retrospective of the sixty-six million white genocide starvation aftermaths from the Russian October Revolution that genocidal African communists arising from this mass-murdering motion should seek to starve their Black people by killing off White farmers supplying Africa with food production.

The Economic Freedom Fighters, a far-left political party in South Africa that has pushed the South African government to seize land from white farmers. Sometimes derisively called “Everything for Free,” the EFF is the third-largest party in South Africa, but is poised to become the second.

Economic Freedom Fighters Banner
Anti-White Economic Freedom Fighters Banner in South Africa
BLF: Land or Death
Land or Death: Photo taken on South African N1 Highway, October 2017.
EFF Rally.
Kill White
Genocide is the political incitement of killing White People
Economic Freedom Fighters Banner
Anti-White Economic Freedom Fighters Banner in South Africa

The South African death toll of Boers (White farmers) in 2016 reached 1,782 since the end of apartheid. The Boer is the highest at-risk group for murder on Earth … statistically 310 in 100,000 per year; in London, the yearly probability of a Boer getting murdered is 3 in 100,000.

Anti-white rhetoric in South Africa is very real and very mainstream. Here are a few examples:

Banned Communist agents of LoXism…

This list of Communist terrorists were subject to banning orders under apartheid lists a selection of people subject to a “banning order” by the apartheid-era South African government. The legislative authority for banning orders was firstly the Suppression of Communism Act, 1950, which defined virtually all opposition to apartheid as “Communism”, which was superseded by the Internal Security Act, 1982.

A banning order entailed restrictions on where the banned person could live and who they could have contact with, required that they report weekly to a police station, and proscribed them from travelling outside a specific magisterial district. The banned person prohibited from attending meetings of any kind, speaking in public, or publishing or distributing any written material.

Mr Bandwagon Galloway talking to the Oxford Union about his involvement Jewish Communists .

It proscribed broadcasters and the press from broadcasting, publishing or reporting the banned person's words. The prohibition on attending meetings meant that the banned person could not be with more than one other person at a time. The banned person was forbidden all contact with other banned persons and was forbidden to engage in any political activity. The penalty for violating a banning order was up to five years in prison.

In March 2021, a series of postage stamps called “Legendary Heroes of Africa” was released as a joint issue by the countries of the Gambia, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, to celebrate Jewish heroes of the South African liberation struggle. It portrayed 12 Jews. The joint issue explicitly recognized Jews as a people for their contribution, noting:

“In the anti-Apartheid South African Liberation Struggle, it was estimated that Jews over-represented by 2,500% proportionally to the white population. This stamp issue acknowledged the extraordinary sacrifices made by Jews to the liberation of their African brethren, and these stamps recognize some of the most significant contributors to global humanity in the 20th Century”.

Terrorists returning from exile

In 1991 Reginald (Reggie) September returned from exile in London to South Africa and served in the Mandela government as an MP from 1994 until 2004. Thabo Mbeki from nine years of exile returned through the ANC's Revolutionary Council and delegated to work in the ANC's propaganda section.

Ronnie Kasrils became South African Minister for Intelligence Services in 2004, resigning in 2008 following the resignation of associate terrorist come to South African President Thabo Mbeki.

Farm Murders

At the time of writing this, there have been one thousand seven hundred and fifty farm murders that have occurred across South Africa since 1994.

Farm Murder
Farm Murder

Attacks on white farmers in South Africa tend to have pitched levels of brutality about them. Without getting too lost in the weeds of the grizzly details, it’s worth mentioning some of the more grotesque attacks on farmers at least in passing:

Artificial Disparity

Looking at racially discriminating programs like Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and Affirmative Action (AA), targeted specifically to promote black employment, many whites are refused employment because of the colour of their skin, regardless of their skills. This has led to many skilled whites leaving the country and caused many others that do not have the privilege of leaving to end up in white squatter camps. An estimated four hundred thousand impoverished whites are living in abject poverty in squatter camps across South Africa. Recent reports state there are eighty white squatter camps in the Pretoria area alone.

International net-migration assumptions for the period by population group, 1985-2021:

A whole white generation have left South Africa in the last 35 years. Add in the fact that their children, an estimated 1 million+ have also been born outside South Africa and the net result is 1.6 million+ whites not part of the South African population.

Affirmative action created marginalization for coloured and Indian races in South Africa, as well as developing and aiding the middle and elite classes, leaving the lower-class behind. This created a bigger gap between the lower and middle class, which led to class struggles and a greater segregation. Entitlement began to arise with the growth of the middle and elite classes, as well as race entitlement. Some assert that affirmative action is discrimination in reverse. Negative consequences of affirmative action, specifically the quota system, drove skilled labour away, resulting in bad economic growth. This is due to very few international companies wanting to invest in South Africa.


Just as Jewish directed Communism eradicated white lineage from Russia through inflicting mass starvation through land grabbing, so did Communism eradicate Chinese lineage through mass starvation inflicted by land grabbing; then South Africa through the ANC became a Hebrew blend of these two previous Communist and thoroughly Jewish orchestrations of mass genocides, a template for the eradication of White people worldwide.

White Privilege is a succession of affirmative action re-branded, cooked up by the Ashkenazi Jews of the Frankfurt School. White Genocide in South Africa is everybody's business, do not forget about the ongoing plight of white people inflicted by the Black Negro murderers, the Jews behind the murderers who have butchered them by exploiting savagery.