Survive the onslaught of psychological warfare, know your surroundings, predicament, look after your mind and body, learn how to protect your spirit. These pages are about you protecting yourself from the war against you. If enough of us halt the flesh crawling encroachment, then some of us can find a direction to bring these genocidal oppressors down.


Body Language

Published: 7/1/2022 Updated: 26/1/2022

Reading body language can help you valid people's intentions as genuine. Learning how to project your assertions effectively can break down and reach beyond barriers bolstered by hypernormalisation. Body language is also known as kinesics… article complet…

Personality Disorders

Published: 5/1/2022 Updated: 26/1/2022

Being able to predict people's offset responses is essential, not only can save you a lot of time and trouble but can help substanciate projection and thus be beneficial to those who could really use a little understanding… article complet…

Forensic Psychology

Know when people are lying, what inclines people to lie to you, why and how they lie. What compels certain types of people to commit specific crimes. Don't be a victim, spot early warning signs…

Defining Trauma

Published: 6/1/2022 Updated: 26/1/2022

Psychological trauma is damage to a person's mind as a result of one or more events that cause overwhelming amounts of stress that exceed the person's ability to cope or integrate the emotions involved, eventually leading to serious, long-term negative consequences. Trauma is not the same as mental distress or suffering, both of which are universal human experiences… article complet…

Manipulative Subversion

Geek Out!

Published: 8/1/2022 Updated: 11/2/2022

Getting your message out there to people is very important, not only for their awareness but also for solidarity. In this article I give IT tutorials on how to build a website, how to host and protect your website, how to build a messaging server, and also provide basic knowledge in html, css and php computer languages… article complet…


Feral Living

Published: 6/1/2022 Updated: 31/5/2022

With persecutions of white people becoming so great, there may come a time when you will be moved on endlessly. It's imperative that you know how to look after yourself, as the methodology is to traumatize you incrementally to void you from being able to look after yourself. Learn to live next to nature, and nature will console you as your ancestors arrive to walk with you… article complet…






Self defense

The Clans

Published: 24/2/2022 Updated: 24/2/2022

The clan system was torn apart, our plaid that we used to cover our dead was worn when our lives were in danger, from this diabolical predicament our tartans became cultural dress. Purge the insidious shadows operating desecration behind the painted facade of our entrusted legacy… article complet…


Knowing you, your Ancestors

Published: 24/2/2022 Updated: 24/2/2022

During the eighteen hundreds our white ancestors were depersonalised in workhouses, abandoned into orphanages, persecuted into penal colonies and famished into colonialism; not one of our ancestors volunteered to be alienated from their history and homeland. Find out who we are, not the ficticious entity named person… article complet…

Identifying Religious Abuse

Published: 5/1/2022 Updated: 26/1/2022

One specific meaning of the term religious abuse refers to psychological manipulation and harm inflicted on a person by using the teachings of their religion. This is perpetrated by members of the same or similar faith and includes the use of a position of authority within the religion. article complet…

Restoring a future

Destroying CRT