Sri Lanka

Continued 2/2

The daring artifical colourings of this desert inhibitted consumption as my stomach pulled tighter.

Pink desert.

Pushed pooja items before handwashing my clothes.

Kum kum and ghee lamp.
Clean clothes washed in my hotel room.
Lake in Jaffna.

Walked around for a few hours.

Lotus lake.

Located Mutumari Amman Kovil.

Mutumari Amman Kovil
Mutumari Amman Kovil
Kandy Lake
Mutumari Amman Kovil 360.

Later in the evening I found a chariot festival.

In the early morning I enjoyed masala tea.

And walked to Nalir Kovil

Visited the spotless restaurant for Tali.

Another visit to Muthumari Amman Kovil.

Then attended a Yagna at Murugan Kovil.

Found a Shakthi Kovil enjoying a Chariot Festival.

Shankthi devotees viewed my observing presence at this event with scrutinising suspicion; pulled faces of disdain for a distance.

Got badly sunburned during this event, later I took a bus to Tricomalee and booked into a cheap hotel five miles south.

Rosie had her own bed, later I lit my ghee lamp and settled down to sleep.

In the morning I visited Koneswaram Kovil.

Returned into Tricomalee.

And another bus.

Noticed more Communist evil.

Over some mountains along a precarious winding road.

I arrived into Kandy, the town was alit with lanterns to celebrate Buddha Purnima.


Walked away from this hotel in the morning.

Cairo Morningglory.

Followed by a man on a motorbike.

Common White Jasmine

In the evening I found a much nicer hotel. The price of a nights stay was surpisingly cheap.

Whilst at this calming place I noticed an infection had taken residence into my left little toe.

Next day I became aware I was being followed yet again. Creepy but did not unnerve me, I was never told why, because I did not enquire, mainly because no harm became of this continued presence.


Poured down with rain in the evening.

Editing this page, I found a video I taken during the rain pictured above, the clip contains a creepy "disappearing man" anomaly. Is this multiversal or some kind of remote cloaking technology?

Why do I have no memory of seeing him? Do you know I been "visited" from as far back as I can remember.

Later in the evening I bathed Rosie, when she surfaced clean from the water light shone from her as tears poured from my eyes.

In the fresh morning contrast had turned up so I took some pictures of the hotel garden.

Lipstick Palm.
Buddha's Lamp.
Flamingo Lily
Peace Lily

Morning tea.

Infection in my toe is not going away.

Fish in Kandy Lake.

Water monitor is the second largest lizard in the world.
aWater monitors are carnivores, and consume a wide range of prey. They are known to eat fish, frogs, rodents, birds, crabs, and snakes.
Adult water monitors have few natural predators, and are only known to be preyed on by saltwater crocodiles. It's protected because it eats venomous snakes.

Pooja shop.

Anuradhapura bus station.

Waiting for a bus at Mannar bus station.

Talai Mannar Lighthouse was surreal.

Walking back to my hotel from Mannar railway station I was bitten by a Krait snake. I did not realise I had been bitten when I went to sleep that night.

In the morning I found the nite and released the snake did not get a hold to envenomate between the bone of my ankle, otherwise I'd of been dead within four hours. I assumed it was a common Krait because fleshy areas of my face felt numb and saggy.

Edging on returning to the UK I stayed a few days in Negombo and frequented Hindu kovils, more frequently the kovil of Mutumari Amman where I found spiritually affirmative conversation with Brahmin priests and the temple manager. Christianity had a peculiar presence in this seaside town; Hindus had been and were definitely repressed by it.

Matara was a very lonely place.

My first attempt to leave Sri Lanka was unsuccessful; as I was turned away from the flight desk at Bandaranaike International Airport for not producing a further outbound ticket. The e-ticket purchased for me by a devotee in Gujarat had been wasted, I was not going to be flying to Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

I left the airport distraught, my visa was due to run out that evening, there was no money for a hotel in my pocket, I walked around for most of the night, eventually I found an affordable budget hotel after my friend bailed me out with a small amount of money. I text my brother asking for help, he replied "don't message me again".

During the next couple of nights I slept outside being unable to show my expired visa at a hotel. First night I slept inside a doorway where I was awoken by a skinny Sri-Lankan man masturbating over me. I chased him away and rocked his tut tut as he fled from the scene of his sexual abuse of me.

The situation with my legs grew worse and worse, after a doctor's surgery refused to see me, I managed to purchase some antiseptic cream from a sympathetic chemist.

And lightly washed my sore, tired feet.

Was so swollen with infection that I could not tell the difference between my foot and my thigh; this infection had caught hold and spread through my body.

At the end of my journey around Sri Lanka my body had become so septic with infection that I was being eaten alive by flesh flies.

Waiting for the British Embassy to open, clothes were covered in grime.

After a couple of days my friend pulled together enough money to purchase me a ticket to Heathrow airport, London, UK. But I'd overstayed, so there would be fees to pay at immigration. I hobbled into the airport, passing a sign which stated being too sick to travel, I pulled the hem of my trousers to hide my feet before I approached the flight desk. As I surmised, a gate away from departure immigration shouted me out as an over stayer.

I was directed to talk a seat and only waited a few minutes before I was called into a room by the man who had given me my entrance visa. We talked for a while, and he then agreed (knew he was a good soul) to waver my overstay fees until I returned to Sri Lanka, overwhelmed with emotion I left the room, passing through immigration I waited for my plane to Heathrow Airport.

Boarding the plane I slumbered into my seat, and relaxed for the first time in weeks. The airhostees where kind to me, guiding me to a seat with extra room so I could be a little more comfortable.

Filmed a video with my phone as I landed at Heathrow.

Leaving Heathrow airport I caught a bus to Kingston on Thames, and walked into A&E to be assessed by a health professional. They wanted to admit me, but on my refusal supplied me with anti-biotics with a verbal warning that if my health worsened I'd have to go in and be put on an IV.

I was followed onto a bus leaving Kingston upon Thames on my way to my friends house in Gloucestershire. I hitched hiked to Reading then caught the train the rest of the way then slept for days. It took me a fortnight to recover, and three weeks before I could put shoes on my feet again.