In 2010 I became dispaced destitute onto the street of London; these pictures reveal what I saw and experienced, during sleep deprived, traumatising events and religious abuses, zombifing catatonic my cognition processes.

stalker dressed as a mad man attempts to distract me from guidance of a family member
outside Connections in Saint Martin's day center / night shelter

This is how I slept in Bishops Park (behind the palace), the foggy due would rise in the morning scenting all my belongings with a musky smell of foxes urine.

Terrorised and subverted white people were everywhere sleeping in fithly doorways.

For a short time, during the winter months, I lived and was systematically abused inside a hostel in Leinster Square, Bayswater; the hostel was run by a chairity named "Lookahead".

During my time here I had terrifing dreams and outerbody experiences. The hostel was donated suits from the grandlodge of England, they packed them into cupboards placed inbetween our room doors.

My art work was vandalised from being stolen on the streets. I was often hungry (due to missing post) and abused repeatedly by residents.

I often slept rough on this bench.

Some strange people from a chairity named the "sock project" came, took me to a cafe in Covent Garden and gave me some new socks.

Soup kitchen lunch.