The World Conquerors: The Real War Criminals

Publisher: Britons Publishing Society, London

  1. The oldest "Nazism"in the World
  2. The Meaning of Christ's Resistance
  3. World Domination in Three Stages
  4. Millionaire Bankers Back Bolshevism
  5. A Movement Maligned
  6. The Real War Criminals
  7. Why Hitler Had to Go
  8. The Real Victors of the Second World War
  9. "Revenge is Ours"
  10. New Purim and Nuremberg
  11. What Has Become of Six Million Jews?
  12. Spiritual and Economic Persecution
  13. Biological Class-warfare Against All Nations
  14. The Jews Have the Atom Bomb
  15. The Betrayal of America
  16. The Fulfilment of the Protocols and the Farewell Letter of a Hungarian Martyr
  17. The Key Positions of Jewish World-Power
  18. Secret Powers
  19. The Hungarian Freedom Revolt


To the memory of the Nationalist Martyrs and victims of Bolshevism.

About the Author

Louis Marschalko (September 11, 1903 - May 20, 1968) was a Hungarian nationalist writer and author of The World Conquerors (1958).

His father was a secondary school teacher, his mother a musician.

He started to work for nationalistic newspapers. He lived in Debrecen until 1936, when he moved to Budapest. He wrote the booklet Who Betrayed Hungary in 1918-19. The booklet was banned after 1945, as anti-judaic and antisemitic, even though the author had no influence to the fact that over 90% of the betrayers and Bolsheviks were Jews. He opened the eyes of the Hungarian readers with that book, since only few knew, that most the betrayers were Jews. Jews in Europe generally hide their Jewishness in the public

He did not come home in 1945, but had to remain in Munich, since otherwise the Bolshevists for sure had killed him. He wanted to immigrate to the USA, but having spent some months on Ellis Island in New York, the American immigration authorities refused his immigration application due to Jewish influences. He returned to Munich and worked as a simple worker, and wrote his books and articles at night.

Since Jews (Martin Himler and others) who betrayed Hungary and caused a lot of suffering in Hungary, appeared after the Second World War in Europe as American officers in CIC uniforms, and gathered East-European patriots and delivered them to sure death under the Bolshevistic regime of their race-companions, wrote some scandalous smear books about Hungary and Hungarians, he wrote about the role of Jews in Hungary and in the world. (Conquesters of the country, Conquesters of the world). He was also co-author of the book Accusing Gallows that described the tragic destiny of the last legal Hungarian administration. His book "Conquesters of the world"was published three times in the USA, but he did not receive any royalties.

He died in Munich, 1968. On his grave there are the words: "For God, our country and freedom, forever".

The Second World War was said to have been waged for "the rights of small nations," but the author, like countless other Hungarians, is literally "on the run from Communism." He has been living in exile since 1945 because of his anti-communist views, Although he was never a member of any party, the Communist regime of Hungary, with typical effrontery, demanded that the U.S.A. authorities "hand Louis Marschalko over as a war criminal." A former special correspondent of two leading newspapers in pre-Communist Hungary, Marshalko is a brilliant novelist, playwright and poet and has many hundreds of articles to his credit. World Conquerors expresses some of the bitterness and contempt of millions of enslaved Europeans for the rulers of the "victorious nations." It shows that by being urged to throw off the German yoke, the central European nations were tricked into becoming satellites of the Soviet.

World Conquerors indicts the real war criminals. It gives horrifying glimpses of the agony behind the Iron Curtain and describes the plot to extend the slave system to the Western world. Thousands of copies of the Hungarian edition have been sold, and this English translation is published to warn the West. It is written by one who is a firm friend of the English-speaking people, but an implacable foe of their vacillating and corrupt governments.


For more than a century, under various pretexts, a battle has been waged for power over the nations. The exercise of power has become the supreme aim of many people. Bankers, politicians, clergymen, trade union leaders and Communist Party secretaries are all on the hunt for power. The storm troops of the dictatorships are no longer shouting the old Socialist slogans. They declare openly and trumpet brutally, "Power is what we want ". And the so-called Democratic parties, though trying to keep it a secret, have also in their hearts actually adopted the dictatorial battle-cry, "Power is what we want ". Power, like possession of the magician's wand, has become their obsession in life, and it does not matter how it is achieved, whether through Conservative or Labour parties or through the Christian churches.

The structure of modern society with its overpopulation has as a consequence developed the idolatry of power. The golden calf has been taken off its pedestal and has by now become a secondary emblem only. The gold, the wealth and all parts of the symbolic sacred animal of Capitalism can be apportioned, distributed or sold by anyone who has the power to do so, as if it were meat in a butcher's shop. The Church aims to attain power by controlling the human soul, the Marxist through ·the autocracy and omnipotence of material means, the banker by his gold or by holding in his hand the control of the Press, the Bolshevist by the sheer brutality of the tommy-gun. But all parties, groups, sects, democracies, dictatorships and churches have one thing in common: they all want power. And this is quite understandable, as power often appears to be absolute, more even than all the gold in Fort Knox. For if that gold were evenly distributed among all the people on earth, the share per head would be so small that it would hardly be worth anything.

But power over empires, states, societies and continents is infinite. It can be distributed like the five loaves and two fishes apportioned by Christ. It secures ministerial posts, episcopal positions and benefits, senior ranks in the police force, party secretaryships as well as other major and minor offices. But only for those who are the followers of power or who belong to the organisation of the bosses holding power. Included are those belonging to the following the party leader, trade unions, boss, dictator or bankers; those who are members of some democratic union. Christian trade unions or, of course, any of the masonic lodges.

So it is quite understandable that in these days nearly every slogan and school of thought is directed at one thing only - the seizure of power. "Let us pray"say the churches, but behind their words it is not always Christ's kingdom that is built, but the wordly power of some high priests engaged in double-entry bookkeeping. "Freedom" shout the Communists to their bamboozled Party members and followers, but as a background to this empty slogan loom the torture chamber, gaol [jail], detention camp and the gloomy hovels of Siberian slave-labourers. Here we find side by side the misery of exploitation and the power and wealth of the privileged Communist ruling classes. "Democracy " is the slogan proclaimed throughout the Western world, but it is well known that the voting system here does not represent the power of the people, but merely screens the mysterious influence and hidden rule exercised by secret cliques.

Behind these false facades is hidden the substance of the most satanic dream of the world conquerors - to become the masters of the whole world! How can this ambitious goal, the dream and aim of Caesars, dictators, bankers and trade union potentates ever since Ezra and Moses and through Alexander the Great to Stalin, be achieved? Conventional armies have become obsolete for furthering this purpose. The hydrogen bomb might wipe out both parties. Both parties can be attacked by rockets. Such a conquest is now impracticable, so the plan is to conquer the world by "peaceful "means, such as by the cheque book, by Unesco [United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization], by re-education, by a new moral code and by peace-propaganda. From this idea Lenin developed and built up his diabolic strategic system to seize and expand power, and this system under the name of Bolshevism has proved until now to be irresistible everywhere where people were unaware of the details of this power-technique.

The supposedly cultured world failed to realise, however, that Lenin's Bolshevism was a component only, such as were also Marxism, Freemasonry and Capitalism itself. For there existed another more thorough, universal and gigantic scheme which had been working already for over a century and a half, its aim by now very nearly accomplished. On the basis of ancient doctrines this latter scheme was not going to conquer global power for any of the "isms", parties, sects, churches, professional organisations or social classes, but exclusively - for one nation only.

The plans for Lenin's system were to some degree rough and superficial. Their greater weakness was akin to that of a general who lets the enemy know in advance the point of attack and the strength of his forces and the tactics he intends to employ. Whereas, the other, the great fundamental plan, proved much more effective because, similarly to historically successful military operations, it has carefully guarded its secrets from outsiders and indeed often from initiated persons also. Its greatest asset was that it appeared much more general than, for example, the schemes of the trade union leaders limited to the class struggle, or the tactics of church leaders restricted to the spiritual level.

It was perfect and absolute Totalitarianism.

This planning, even to-day, does not attempt to capture global power by means of any particular movement or political system but through the simultaneous use of all creeds, churches, materialisms, political doctrines and patterns of power. It wishes to get built into all positions, movements, churches, masonic lodges and trade unions. It wants to take possession of all key positions in the most opposing movements, in the churches, parties and trade unions. It desires to hold in its hand both Bolshevism and capitalism, materialism and idealism, to capture or hire spiritually all writers, artists, politicians and the mob. It aims at not being visible anywhere, but at being present everywhere and at directing and controlling everything. To divide and rule! To march detached, but at a given moment to assault united.

Anybody now surveying the world and world affairs may well realise that this plan has already taken shape. The atomic fission of human society has achieved perfect success. Mankind is divided not only by the natural God-created races and nations. Even the nations are split up now. East and West Germany are divided, as are also North and South Korea. China, Indo-China and Trieste, are split up or separated while Europe is divided by the Iron Curtain. Populations are split up and divided into white and coloured persons, capitalists and Bolsheviks, employers and employees, moneyed classes and working classes, Catholics and Protestants, suppressors and suppressed, victors and vanquished. But, as we will see later, all this chaos, disorder and division is directed by the same iron will, by the same secret force acting according to the interest of the leaders of a single race of 15 million people.

They are to be found behind the well-padded doors of world capitalism, as well as behind the thick walls of the Kremlin. It is they who instigate enraged crowds to strike and demonstrate, while at the same time giving wage rises and promoting inflation. They attack Christianity while acting simultaneously as trustees of the gold and other assets representing the earthly power of the churches, "whose kingdom is not of this world ". They are the atom scientists and the anti-atom humanists; they are the masters and the murderers of the Communist secret police, yet at the same time they condemn the murders of the nations in UNO [United Nations Organization]. They are the arch-enemy of patriotic ideals; they preach against the sovereignty of states and against racial discrimination, while all the time representing a racial nationalism of a vehemence so far unknown to have ever reigned over the nations of the earth.

Our globe with all its Continents - either openly or secretly - is already dominated by this Jewish nationalism. By using certain methods, this fact can be demonstrated, just as the presence of atomic radiation can be demonstrated by the aid of a Geiger counter. For instance, should any nation, state, press or politician, parliament or any other person commit any act not forbidden by law or by the moral code against another state, class or person, then in this sublime age of democracy everything is free and permitted without risk. But should anyone commit the same act against Jewry or even against one Jew, the Jews will wipe off from the face of the earth this offending entity, whether it be an individual or a great nation. This will be effected, if necessary, by the atomic bomb or by the victorious Red Army or by the aid of any of the "democratic "constitutions, perhaps by the use of terror prisons or the cheque book or tommy-gun.

Amongst many other things, this invisible seizure of power owed its success to misapprehension and oversight on the part of anti-Jewish people during the last century. They regarded the Jew as an internationalist, which is not the real reason for opposing him. On the other hand, one could not justify his behaviour in destroying his fellow-men any the easier because his motives were based on race, creed, or birth, which, in fact, is what does motivate them. So we are convinced that it is our God-granted right and human duty to fight against the reign of terror exercised on a supernational level by a small fanatical nationalist minority which has subjugated the world and driven mankind far along the road to total extinction.

By the flash of the atomic bomb we should see at last that we are living in a false, dishonest, deceitful world-order, in a disorganised society on the eve of a universal catastrophe. This Satanic tribal nationalism holds world power in its grasp. It holds the hydrogen bomb, and in its mad blindness could destroy the whole of the globe and, with it, humanity. Is all this a bad dream or a nightmare? To answer this question, we must learn more about this tribal nationalism and its tactics. Then we shall see that the nightmare will resolve itself into reality and fact.

The Oldest "Nazism"in the World

"And ye shall possess greater nations and mightier than yourselves "--Deut. xi, 23.

Without a detailed study of the Old Testament, i.e. Torah, we can neither find the solution to those Jewish aspirations bent on capturing world power nor understand the events of the present day. Those who are not intimate with the first five books of the Old Testament, i.e. the Pentateuch, might readily conceive doubts that any such Jewish intentions exist at all, and they will usually dismiss any references thereto as "anti-Semitic"delusions. Such people are unable to realise that Jewry is standing on the threshold of total world domination.

Since the end of the Second World War and the defeat of German National Socialism they will label anybody a Nazi who dares to refer to these appalling facts; he will be accused of preparing a new dictatorship and, perhaps, planning another massacre. By making the word "Jew" taboo, they are suppressing the freedom to express one's opinion and thoughts and at the same time making sure that people all over the world will not be able to see clearly in the moment of danger. The accusation of Nazism is handy, cheap and popular! The so-called man in the street knows as much about National Socialism as the big Jewish press organs find fit for him to know and, therefore, in his ignorance he considers Jewry a "persecuted race"and to him the mere utterance of the word "Jew"represents "anti-Semitism”.

So having his mind poisoned by propaganda, the man in the street, is disinclined to realise that everything which he now curses and condemns in German National Socialism, those principles for which its leaders were hanged in Nuremberg in the name of "world-conscience,"have existed for the last three to four thousand (11) years. During the "Fuhrer-ship" of Moses, everything was the same in the totalitarian regime of JAHVE. The Jewish race-protection laws of those days and Jewish tribal nationalism have survived to outlive the leader of German National Socialism himself. For the conception of racial superiority, together with its religious and political culture, are not Hitlerian inventions.

When Hitler, Goebbels and Rosenberg availed themselves of a racial conception, they were doing nothing else but using against Jewry the weapons of Jewry. Everything that world-Jewry, under the disguise of the flag of the Allied Powers condemned, was actually of its own make and device. Jewry actually hanged itself at Nuremberg. For the laws relating to and establishing racial segregation were first published in the books of the prophet Ezra and Nehemiah, and not in the Rassenschutz-Gesetz (Race Protection Act) of Nuremberg. The first concentration camps were devised not by Heinrich Himmler, but by King Solomon. The motto of total "annihilation "and total "extermination "of the defeated enemy first appeared in the orders of Moses, the Jewish Fuhrer.

Hitler only proclaimed that the Germans are a superior race to the Jews. On this point Moses went to far greater extremes in announcing that Jewry is of direct divine origin and the chosen people of God and, consequently, sacred. Each and every Jew is personally sacred and he who offends a Jew, offends God Himself! This is tacitly held even to-day in the opinion of Jewry. What else is this if not the most exaggerated Chauvinistic form of racial Totalitarianism?

It is quite clear that this haughty and ancient consciousness of racial excellence and sanctity remain very much alive up to the present day, when we see Jewry protesting against the trial of an indicted Jew before any Gentile court, for when they regard and treat an affront against one Jew as an affront against the whole of Jewry. According to the four-thousand-year-old standards of Jewish nationalism, any insult against a Jew is a direct insult against God and a crime against the sacred seed of Abraham.

The first and most important commandment of Moses, the great state administrator, is designed to safeguard racial purity. The ever-recurring motif of the Old Testament is this order of Moses,(12) who, before the conquest of the promised land, points at the neighbouring peoples and then says to the children of Israel:

“Thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them. Neither shalt thou make marriages with them; thy daughter thou shall not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt take unto thy son"

Four thousand years later, German National Socialism had the same object in view when marriage, friendship and commercial acclivities with Jews were fore hidden by the Nuremberg laws.

The judges put forward by the Jews in the Nuremberg show trials could not emphasise enough, in the name of "world conscience,"that the German racial laws were barbaric. But at the same time these judges were unaware that by their sentence it was the Jews themselves they were condemning. For when the Jews returned from Babylonian captivity

“they separated from Israel all the mixed multitude"

And the diary of the "Nazi" prophet continues:

“In those days also saw I Jews that had married wives of Ashdod, of Ammon, and of Moab, and their children spake half in the speech of Ashdod, and could not speak in the Jews' language, but according to the language of each people, and I contended with them, and cursed them, and smote certain of them, and plucked off their hair and made them swear by God, saying, ye shall not give your daughters unto their sons, nor take their daughters unto your sons, or for yourselves"

Nehemiah, the prophet of the race protection laws of those ancient times, nevertheless only curses and beats up those corrupting racial purity, whilst Ezra acts with much more vigour and energy. He tells us in his book that the Jews have taken wives among the daughters of the Canaanites, Hittites, Jebusites, Ammonites, Moabites, Egyptians and Ammorite according to the abominations of these people, and that therefore the holy seed was mingled with the people of those lands. (Ezra ix. 1, 2, 12.)

Ezra orders the polluters of Jewish racial purity to come to Jerusalem, and he exposes and denounces them in his book and, quoting the divine law, demands that they shall dismiss their non-Jewish wives ~ and there were (13) among them wives who had borne sons already -- relates the Old Testament. It does not matter!

All have to perish who desecrated the holy seed, mothers as well as half-caste children. In the theocratic state, the racial God-Fuhrership will not tolerate mothers of foreign origin or cross-bred children. The prophets cannot foresee that two thousand years later in Mr. Sulzberger's New York Times this same "lack of toleration ", will be stamped and condemned as deadly sin against God when the laws of Ezra and Nehemiah are applied against the Jews themselves. The "Christian"churches teaching and preaching the Old Testament, brand the Hitlerian laws of Nuremberg as "ungodly"and yet show full and pious understanding towards the ruling of the new Israeli parliament when, in 1953, it banned marriage between Jew and Gentile.

Such racial discrimination might appear to be a dark superstition, a heresy. Nevertheless, the Jewish laws regard racial purity as a commandment of the utmost importance:

“An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; even to their tenth generation shall they not enter into the congregation of the Lord forever ." (Deut xxiii. 3.)

Houston Stewart ChamberlainThe later descendants of the Jews took this commandment of Moses so seriously that, according to Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Jewish girls who had evidently become pregnant by Gentile men were sent away to other communities, where the expectant mothers, together with their children, were killed. American Jewish rabbis, as recently as 1949, issued decrees banning intermarriage between Jews and Gentiles.

The magic of the sanctity of the "holy seed ", the consciousness of being the master-race, burns in the Old Testament with the fierce glow of the most fanatical nationalism of all time. The Jews killed and destroyed the non-Jewish peoples of ancient times in obedience to the religious and national laws of the God-Fuhrership and when we think of the Nuremberg trials of the modern "war criminals "it makes us realise how much more the Jewish kings and prophets of old deserved condemnation on the very same score. But the so-called Christian churches condemn nothing, yet continue teaching Gentile children that most pornographic and bloodthirsty book - the Old Testament.

The so-called Jewish holy books, on the other hand, clearly boast of revenge, relating most macabre accounts of (14) the slaying and extermination of entire nations. They proclaim the slaughter of the innocents, including even babies if they are non-Jewish, as the fulfilment of the highest national duty and as a deed most pleasing to God.

“thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no Covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them."

The Judean master-race is at liberty to commit crime, According to Torah and the prophets the slaying and destruction of other races and peoples is not only a religious duty but an absolute right of the Jewish nation and this right includes the prerogative of ruling over others.

The prophet Isaiah already depicts this coming world-power in resplendent and brilliant colours, as follows :

“Thus saith the Lord God: Behold, I will lift up mine hand to the Gentiles, and set up my standard to the people: and thy shall bring thy sons in their arms, and tby daughters shall be carried upon their shoulders. And kings shall be thy nursing fathers, and their queens thy nursing mothers; they shall bow down to thee with their face toward Ine earth, and lick up the dust of thy feet .... "

“And the sons of strangers shall build up thy walls, and their kings shall minister unto thee. Therefore thy gates shall be open continually; they shall not be shut day nor night; that men may bring unto thee the forces of the Gentiles. and that their kings may be brought. For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.. ."Thou shalt also suck the milk of the Gentiles. and shalt suck the breasts of kings . .. "

Not only on the ground of racial prejudice, but on the basis of direct divine commandment, the Jews feel themselves entitled to subjugate strangers and to treat as slaves all those who fall into their power.

“And Solomon numbered all the strangers that were in the land of Israel. . and he set three score and ten thousand of them to be bearers of burdens and four score thousand to be hewers in the mountain"

After Moses' race-protection "Nuremberg Laws ", after the (15) racial segregation and world-power mania of Ezra and Nehemiah, we now see the first. Concentration camp and slave labour establishment in which foreigners work for the master-race. They are related as an accomplished fact without ever being condemned by a humanitarian court. The schemes of the Soviet terror chamber. And the forced labour camps of the Kaganovitch Empire were conceived in the land of Israel.

It is the Old Testament and not Mein Kampf that must be studied in order to see that the gas-chamber made world-famous by the SuIzberger Press [New York Times] was actually the invention of the chosen people. The prophet Samuel tells us how the "humanitarian "race in the ecstatic rapture of victory dealt with its defeated enemies:

“And he brought forth the people that were therein (in the Ammonite city of Rabbah- translator) and put them under saws and under harrows of iron and under axes of iron, and made them pass through the brick·kiln; and thus did he unto all the cities of the children of Ammon. So David and all the people returned unto Jerusalem."

The first concentration camp, the first gas·chamber (a brick-kiln) in the world were in the land of Israel. And the first ghetto was established in Jerusalem and not in Europe. "The Jew shaped his own fate! "Wrote Houston Stewart Chamberlain referring to these things.

This Jewish tribal nationalism which created the race-protecting laws, the ghettos, the concentration camps and the gas·chambers of ancient times. Never died out. It continued slaying and killing neighbouring peoples and races. Whenever it was defeated, it arose again! It chanted the melancholic sounds of its irredentism by the waters of Babylon during the Captivity, and after the liberation it began to build the New Jerusalem with the vehemence of a revived nationalism. Its bad suffered but was awaiting the new Messiah, the Jewish nationalist. Deliverer and political leader, the new Führer, who would place world power over all the nations in the hands of Jewry.

Jewry has never abandoned this grandiose national dream. During the Zionist Congress of 1897 at Basle [Switzerland], Dr. Mandelstein, Professor of the University of Kiev, in the course of his speech opening the conference on August 29th, emphatically stated that "The Jews will (16) use all their influence and power to prevent the rise and prosperity of all other nations and are resolved to adhere to their historic hopes, i.e. to the conquest of world power ". (Le Temps, September 3rd, 1897.)

By such fanatical nationalism, the first ghetto was established in Jerusalem and the complete separation from non· Jews accomplished. (Joel, Chapter iii. 17.) It was promised that Jehovah, the celestial Führer, would dwell in Jerusalem forever and that all non-Jewish people would be excluded from God's presence. It is taught by the Jewish Rabbis that all non-Jewish people must be excluded from sharing the new world or taking any part in it; they can only be tolerated as a despised herd. (Traktar, Gitlin, Fol. 57, Babylonian Talmud.)

Jewish tribal nationalism faced the most perilous times in its history following the birth of Christ. This was, or could have been, a fatal moment in the history of Jewry. It was also a bitter disappointment

The Jews were shocked to learn that He was not the Messiah they were awaiting. He was no nationalist liberator, to rid them of the Roman soldiers. He was anti-nationalist, or, as He would be called to·day, an international rebel -- One who, in the temple, dared to kick over the merchants' wares, to overthrow the desks of the money-changers and to evict the representatives and agents of the local money authorities. It was just as if a determined McCarthyist were to raid the New York Stock Exchange with a whip in his hand. This new prophet did not believe in the racial superiority of Jewry, but in the brotherhood of all mankind.

According to the standards of Jewry His racial origin is highly doubtful and open to suspicion, because He came from Galilee, and in Jerusalem everybody could recognise His disciples by their Galilean dialect. In the streets of Jerusalem this Master and His disciples preached against the doctrines expounded by the most powerful authorities on the Jewish Chauvinistic way of life and on Jewish nationalism, i.e. they preached against the Sanhedrin and against the Pharisees, Scribes and Sadducees.

This Master and His disciples did not believe in a separate tribal alliance between God and the Jews. In contradiction to the tenets of the Chief Rabbis, Peter, the fisherman from Galilee, tells Cornelius the captain and centurion of the Roman Empire that "all nations" are pleasing to God which fear Him and act righteously. These disciples teach in the name of (17) the Lord Jesus that Romans, Jews and Greeks are all human beings and that there is no exclusive deliverance reserved for any single nation that there is no special Messiah for Jews only, that there is no racial superiority for the followers of Jehovah as all are human beings, children of the one and only God.

He told them that He was the deliverer not only of the Jews but of all mankind, and that He was not prepared to accept the supremacy and rule of any master-race. Therefore, He had to be crucified.

“Crucify Him!"they shouted to the Roman governor, who -- an opportunist state official similar to the eternally shameful figure of the public prosecutor of Nuremberg -- faced the mob's concentrated hatred in confusion of spirit. "Crucify Him"-- after all, this Messiah might well prove not to be the descendant of the Holy Seed of Abraham.

Houston Stewart Chamberlain in his book entitled Die Grundlagen des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts (The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century) deduces clearly the fatal consequences attending Jewry's entry into world history and is the earliest author to discover that Christ, insofar as racial descent is concerned, was not a Jew. Chamberlain was the first author who came to the conclusion that the name of Galilee itself is actually "Gelil haggoyim", meaning "heathen or Gentile Land"where non-Jewish settlers lived. They were easily distinguished by their dialect. "The possibility that Christ was not a Jew and that there was not a drop of Jewish blood in His veins is so great that it nearly equals to certainty", he writes in the book quoted above - Volume I, page 256.

The question "Was Christ a Jew ?"is posed by Ferenc Zajthy, the Hungarian historian, in his monumental book Hungarian Millennia, in which he proves that the Jews themselves doubted Christ's Jewish descent. Zajthy points out that in the seventh century B.C. Shalmaneser drove the whole population of Galilee into captivity in chains and that not a single Jew was left there. The Scythian pastoral tribes who subsequently settled into the home of the displaced population adopted the Jewish creed with its religious teachings, but, as the Jews themselves termed it, they were (18) "under Jewish. Laws"only. The Jews never accepted them as true descendants of Abraham's Holy Seed.

“Search and look: for out of Galilee ariseth no prophet" (John vii, 52) the Jews told the apostles. Prophets can arise from Jewish racial communities only.

The ancient Jewish laws protected Jewish. Individuals to the utmost, and the death sentence could only be pronounced on an "estih "i.e. on a person who tried to persuade Jews to abandon their creed or who attempted to cause a rift in their racial unity. Ferenc Zajthy describes how, according to the ancient Jewish laws and customs, the way of escape was all the time kept open for even such a person when under the death sentence. On the way leading to the place of execution, observers were posted at every hundred steps. The observers' duty was to report if any new witnesses gave a sign by raising their arm that they were willing to come forward and testify in order to save the life of the condemned. In the case of any new witnesses coming forward, the laws ordered new trials to be held or an amnesty to be granted.

It is peculiar, though under the circumstances quite natural, that in the procession following Jesus to the Cross, no witness volunteered to testify and save Him. Among those who received Him on Maundy Thursday with jubilant festivities, not one raised his hand. Nor did any of those who heard His teachings and saw His miracles. No witness volunteered to save Him. And here we have the decisive forward. Because, according to the laws of the Jewish state, re-trial was permissible for the descendants of Abraham's holy seed only.

From this right the Goyim, the Gentiles, the strangers, the descendants of those of all non-Jewish blood were excluded, as well as those who came under the jurisdiction of the Jewish laws but were not Jews racially. So excluded were the hated Galileans, the Cushians and the Huvilains that, according to the Jewish laws, they were to be pressed under the water and drowned by any wayfarer, happening to pass, who should see them struggling in the water.

We Christians accept the theory of the Immaculate Conception, i.e. the tenet that Christ was, in fact, the son of God and thus he has no racialism. But in this case it is even more certain that Christ's divine origin, whole personality and teachings represented (19) a power revolution against the tribal Chauvinism of the Jews.

'The Christian Middle Ages (labelled the Dark Ages by the propaganda of Jewish intellectuals) were very much aware of the importance of Christ's resistance against Jewish tribal nationalism. We will have the opportunity later to show how this Christian clear-sightedness became more confused after the French Revolution and the Jewish emancipation. From that time until the present day the artificial befogging and obscuration of all Christian ideals has been in progress, and by now the darkness is so impenetrable that many movements and lines of thought confuse Christianity and Judaism. Even worse than this, some Christian priests in their ceremonial are adopting that fanatical hatred which is a characteristic feature of Jewish Rabbis (e.g. the prayer of the American Protestant padres read out before the dropping of the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki).

The nationalism convicted at Nuremberg lived only twenty years. But Moses' Mein Kampf with its dogma of racial nationalism was preserved and diligently studied by Jewry throughout many thousands of years. The intensity of this ancient nationalism has never abated, not even during the times of "Galuth ", i.e. homelessness. After the Babylonian captivity, Jews and members of Diaspora from the Roman Empire settled around Alexandria. They were all free Roman citizens and "liberal-minded" people, and still continued sending considerable annual gifts to the temple of Jerusalem. After the Dispersion (Diaspora) the flame of this nationalism became more intense and vehement. Seven hundred years ago, Moseban Majemon, one of the most brilliant writers of Jewish Script, gives us yet another description in Mischneh Torah. In resplendent colours, of the possibilities of the Messiah's arrival and of the attainment of world power by his nation.

“The world became familiar with those things pertaining to the Messiah and to Torah,"he wrote, continuing: "These things became known in far-away lands and amongst many uncircumcised peoples. The Christians were conversant with many things, though formerly the Messiah was known by Israel alone.”.

Maimonides also admits that Christianity made the world familiar with the Old Testament, i.e. with Torah, but adds that its interpretation was erroneous and that the errors will be evident at the arrival of Jewry's political Messiah who, as leader of Jewry's armed power, will subjugate the non·Jewish nations of the world and will exterminate, together with their women and children, all those who refuse to accept the laws of Noah. (Jewry and Christianity, by Canon Lipot Huber, p. 141.)

During Galuth, Jewish nationalism became transformed into a religious irredentism, with Torah and Talmud acting as its Mein Kampf. The Mosaic Mein Kampf is preserved everywhere and kept in the Torah shrine of even the smallest village. This national Creed was copied again and again by scribes on papyri. Their eyes tired and inflamed by the work, through the letters of which the language of the lost land was learned by children and practised by adults.

The Temple was destroyed, but the national way of life never ceased to exist. That religious nationalism which, together with Torah in days of old pervaded the land, spread to every place on earth where Jews were living. And this nationalist teaching prescribed not only the rules of life, the form of prayers, the quality of clothing, methods of general hygiene, and dietary regulations, but also shaped and developed the nationalist ideology. Torah remained the same in Belz, Frankfurt or New York as anywhere else. Jewry, dispersed, took refuge from the world in their own reserved ghetto, fortifying their spirit by the study of Torah and Talmud.

One of the greatest mistakes of the "anti-Semites"was to regard the Jew as an internationalist. The Jew was never an internationalist, but the conscious representative of a tribal nationalism that sought domination over all the other nations on earth. He lived in various lands, occupied positions of different social levels, but fundamentally remained a Jew.

During the preparatory sittings of the Sanhedrin summoned by Napoleon in 1806, Rabbi Solomon Lippman Cerfberr said: "We have forgotten whose descendants we are. We are neither 'German' nor 'Portuguese' Jews. However, dispersed all over the globe we may be, we still remain the same nation.”.

Doctor Leopold Kahn summed up these sentiments when speaking about Zionism in a Jewish school at Pozsony (Bratislava) in 1901 - "Jews will never be assimilated and will never adopt the customs or morals of strangers. The Jew will remain a Jew under all circumstances."(21) This venerable Rabbi was right. Jews lived in different countries, occupying different social levels, but remained everywhere Jews. If a Jew took off his kaftan and enjoyed forbidden foods, dressed in tails or a dinner jacket, he yet remained a representative of the same creed, the same blood relationship and the same nationalism.

Perhaps we might not be living literally up to the words of his religious rites, but bis racial consciousness and awareness of racial obligations remained unchanged, whether on the Papal Throne, in the Soviet Politbureau or in the State Department at Washington. The Jewish author David Moccata writes in his book The Jews in Spain and in Portugal that for generations Jews lived in Spain disguised, intermingling with all the social classes but occupying all the key positions of the state, especially those in the Church.

Jews can always argue that there is such a thing as assimilation. They point at Jews who assumed the language and customs of their adopted countries, married Christian women and became statesmen of Christian empires. But they cannot refute the fact that the Jew who apparently becomes a true Englishman or true German or a most excellent Polish patriot still remains consciously a Jew (and the state of the world to-day bears evidence of this fact), consequently his allegiance lasts only so long as it does not clash with his Jewish origin.

Another extremely efficient weapon of the Jew is his ability, like the chameleon, to assume the colours of his habitat. In France, he merges into the background of the local environment, as he does in Hungary, in England and everywhere else. But although he tries to appear an Englishman in England and a Yankee in America, this is a disguise only and calculated for defence as well as for conquest. In New York and Brooklyn, where outside of Russia itself the largest crowds of Russian Jews and Polish Jews live, one rarely sees a Jew wearing a kaftan or a beard. Relatives waste no time giving a good shave to the new immigrant; they know only too well that beards and earlocks provoke "anti-Semitism ".

They sense that any open appearance of Jewish nationalism would arouse opposition among their hosts. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion warn them of this. "Secrecy is the foundation of our power …" Therefore, in Soviet Russia, the Jew is either a Bolshevik revolutionary in strict adherence to the party line, or an officer of the secret (22) police with a submachine gun, in America a Yankee-like banker, and in France a radical patriot. Of course, he must also be a party member in Soviet Russia and probably a Democratic elector in New York.

But, whatever political convictions they profess, whatever nationality they may have assumed, they always remain Jews at heart, following the craving of their Jewish nationalism. Sometimes, appropriately enough, it happens that the Jewish aims coincide with the aspirations of their adopted countries. But, in fact, they never accept the authority of any "stranger", obeying the Mosaic law

"thou mayest not set a stranger over thee, which is not thy brother"

i.e. who is not a member of the Jewish race.

With the development of civilisation, this adaptation to environment became more complete. This was best seen in the professions, such as the stage, the films and journalism. The film industry in Hollywood was once regarded as the national industry of America. Those who directed this industry occasionally made good American films. But under cover of the "Stars and Stripes "they attempted to inculcate a Jewish mentality and a spirit of false values into the American masses, and as we will see later, it was from this Hollywood camouflage that the hundred anti-American Bolshevik film stars emerged. The Bolshevik Jew in his attempt to conquer world power threw away his mask.

It was consistent with the nature of a four-thousand-year-old Nationalism that Jews should endure persecution, mockery and contempt. But the more they suffered, the stronger their belief grew that the time would come when they would be the masters of all peoples. Thus, Jewry tolerated even anti-Judaism. Often they themselves failed to understand why they were persecuted, derided and sometimes even murdered. For the Jew felt that he was God's creature the same as any other human being, even though "anti-Semites"might doubt it. So he was often insulted and humiliated and labelled a swindler and ridiculed and cartooned.

Most people, apparently, remained unaware that his objectionable activities served a higher nationalism - that typical Old Testament sort of nationalism which is irreconcilable towards all other peoples and which aims at the subjugation of all nations. The relationship between the nationalism of the Old Testament and German (23) National Socialism may be compared to that of earth and sky. German National Socialism was ready and willing to co-operate with other peoples. It was hostile to one race only - Jewry. Whereas the Jewish type of "Nazism"is hostile to all races and to all non-Jewish social and ruling castes.

Generations in the ghetto taught the Jews that those racial laws which kept them together as a nation could also enable them to become the masters of all nations. To this, apart from modern developments, there was added another favourable racial feature - their indisputable talents and high intelligence. Jewish writers, artists, businessmen and bankers - regardless of the methods adopted - were reaping the highest awards of Western civilisation. For the small Jews, left behind in this race, all the successes were Jewish successes, all the achievements were Jewish achievements.

Not only the Press but the most simple Jew revered Disraeli, the great "English "statesman, together with Heine, the great "German "poet and Marx, the most capricious international revolutionary. What is this if not the conscious splendour of an unrivalled nationalism or extreme "Nazism"? A nationalism that brooks successful apostasy and is unwilling to execute even a criminal if it knows that he also is a descendant of the seed of Abraham, a nationalism that encourages the successful apostate to return to the fold which he had rejected.

And so we nearly always find Jews making headway all over the world, either as poets, bankers, English Conservatives or Portuguese revolutionaries, all believing they arc predestined to reign over the peoples of the earth. So far they have succeeded in everything. It is clear, therefore, that the tenets laid down in Torah, the Talmudical principles and the Jewish secret institutions created during the Middle Ages are still effective instruments serving towards the achievement of world power.

“It is our vocation to rule the world," proclaims this aggressive minority. "Either as American banker or as Soviet Commissar, we form but one nation.”.

It is the chief purpose of this book to show that Capitalism and Bolshevism, the two great ruling systems of our modem age, are not two opposing movements, but that they rather present two different forms of expression of the same Jewish ambition to obtain (24) world power. One of them, possibly, is more cautious than the other, nevertheless, both are the same. The attempt to bring about a conflict between Capitalism and Bolshevism is therefore a most terrible deception. The enmity directed towards Christians and Arabs proceeds from both these systems.

The "man in the street" as the symbol of the uneducated and uninformed masses, may think that the capitalist world will be able "to fix "Bolshevism all right, but the true fact is that the latter is nothing else but an extension of the former. Bolshevism is the offspring of Capitalism or, perhaps, it is the result of the blunders of Capitalism. Bolshevism is the adopted child of the Jewish Liberal capitalist system. Those who try to find some difference or contradiction between the two systems must never forget that in Hitlerian National Socialism, the big German capitalist entertained the most friendly relations with German socialist workers. Why therefore could not the Jewish Bernard Baruch have been on the best possible terms with Lazar Kaganovitch or even with the small Communist leader of Brooklyn?

“We are one nation", stated Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism. "We are neither American Jews nor Soviet Jews, but only Jews!”.

By the turn of the last century, having regard to the results achieved, it appeared as if the unity of the holy seed, and it's calling to win world power had begun to crystallise into reality. This was visualised in the imagination of the Jewish authors, poets, bankers, socialist revolutionaries and Communist apostles. A world-conquering nationalism had arrived. The "anti-Semites" themselves failed to notice and evaluate this development, and the events of 1945 had to transpire before a realisation came concerning the indisputable mental and racial unity of "capitalist democracy", on the one hand and of Soviet "peoples' democracy"on the other. It is hardly necessary to remark that this realisation was attained by an exceedingly small minority. The anti-Semites saw and understood the Jewish "racial solidarity ", the "dishonest business methods" and the "Judaisation"of their own countries only. Meanwhile, what was considered by some to be a "Jewish crime "was a virtue in the estimation of Jewish nationalism. The racial consciousness of the master race, i.e. Mosaic nationalism, attained its (25) present form by the end of the 19th century. Its slogan forged for Bolsheviks and bankers alike was: "Let us march independently and be victorious together! ”.

So the world conquerors began their march and set out to subjugate the globe and to become rulers of all nations.

The Meaning of Christ's Resistance

In the Middle Ages, men still recognised the cleavage between the spirit of the New Testament and the Jewish "Nazism "of the Old Testament against which Christ rebelled. In Christ's person, the ideal of human brotherhood was fully accomplished. The Old Testament contained the materialistic covenant of a single race with its Jehovah. Christ brought deliverance to the whole of mankind, He made the covenant in the New Testament for all of us. The idea of universal love and the whole inner meaning of the New Testament was the antithesis of materialistic Judaism with its obsession of pre-determined power. The greatest lie of history is the statement alleging that Christianity was born out of the Jewish religion. On the contrary, Christianity came into being as the very negation of Jewish nationalism and racial predestination. The apostles themselves taught this:

“Ye know", Peter said, "How that it is an unlawful thing for a man that is a Jew to keep company, or come unto one of another nation; but God hath shewed me that I should not call any man common or unclean"

The Jews were amazed to be told that the Goyim also may enjoy and share the divine grace of the Holy Ghost. They complained that the apostles sat down at the same table with uncircumcised people. They staged a demonstration in Athens against Paul the Apostle because he brought Greeks into the synagogue and defiled the Holy Place.

Peter's statement, already quoted, uttered during his visit to Cornelius the centurion, together with the quotation below, sound like a defiance of the prevailing Jewish tribal arrogance:

“ ... of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons: but in every nation he that feareth Him and worketh righteousness, is accepted with Him."

But the teaching of Paul and Barnabas in Antioch sounds even more defiant:

“Then Paul and Barnabas waxed bold, and said it was necessary that the word of God should first have been spoken to you: but seeing ye put it from you and judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life, lo we turn to the Gentiles."

By Gentiles they meant the Goyim, i.e, the non-Jewish peoples.

“And (God) hath made of one ·blood all nations of men." (Acts xvii, 26) says Paul in Athens. And he says this because from the God-created blood-brotherhood, one nation, one race-the Jews excluded themselves by their own fierce tribal nationalism.

“And art confident" Paul writes concerning the Jews, "that thou thyself art a guide of the blind, a light of them which are in darkness, an instructor of the foolish, a teacher of the babes, which hast the form of knowledge and of the truth in the law, … thou that makest thy boast of the law through breaking the law dishonourest thou God ? For the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles through you, as it is written,"~Paul to the Romans ii, 19,20, 23-24.)

The Apostles everywhere teach and preach Christ's revolutionary ideas which are the very negation of Judaism, of that tribal reservedness and of that Jewish"Nazism”.

“For the heart of this people is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes have they closed; lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their cars and understand with their heart and should be converted, and I should heal them.”.

“Be it known therefore unto you that the salvation of God is sent unto the Gentiles, and that they will hear it."(Acts xxviii. 27,28.)

But the Jews crucified the apostle of this faith and have not to the present day abandoned their belief that they are the chosen people and therefore the lords and masters of all peoples on earth. The dispersion of Jewry began with diaspora, after the Babylonian captivity and was completed by the demolition of Jerusalem, As a result of this the long pent-up demoniacal force was spread abroad; the ambitious aim to rule over all nations accompanied by an exclusive racialism penetrated the ethnic and religious confusion of those ancient times. It is not necessary to discuss here in detail how it was - though Jewry was not pure-bred as a race being composed of cross-breeds of various peoples and remnants of different races that nevertheless this racial conglomerate was shaped and moulded by Ezra and Nehemiah into the only homogeneous pure race in the world. Even at the end of the nineteenth century, various American anthropological investigations came to the conclusion that "the Jewish race retained its ethical purity throughout ". (Political-Anthropological Revue. March, 1904, page 1003.)

Houston Stewart Chamberlain writes that from Theodosius until the year 1800 there were only 300 persons of non-Jewish stock actually adopted by Jewry in the racial sense. From this extreme racialism proceeded a mentality which hated and despised all other peoples, whilst being at the same time ambitious to conquer. In Europe appeared the materialistic and uncompromising spirit of the Old Testament, which never abandoned its Messianic dream of that time to come when the destruction of all peoples and the mastery over greater and mightier nations would be accomplished. It is therefore easy to understand that the ancient world, as well as the Middle Ages, drew the obvious inference from this, and separated themselves from the Jews not only ideologically but physically also. Over the people of those days, the biblical account of the descent of the Holy Ghost and of Peter's sermon on that first Whitsun morning still exerted a considerable influence:

“ ... save yourselves from this untoward generation."

The Middle Ages created the ghetto, but at the same time by this act preserved the Jewish race. Generally speaking, Jewry was able to sustain its policy of racial purity because this was recognised by the Christian world in the form of the ghetto. But, unfortunately, this did not prevent the Jews from infiltrating into the life and economic systems of the Christian states.

We can learn the history of this Jewish influence from the ancient world. Nearly a million Jews were settled in Alexandria and its suburbs after the Babylonian captivity, where they played the same role and exercised much the same power as Jewry does in New York to-day. In the Roman Empire, especially in Rome, the power and influence of this nationalist tribal minority reached quite formidable dimensions. Cicero, the great Roman statesman, during the proceedings of a court action, made his address to the court in such a subdued voice that he could only be heard by the judges.(29)

He explained the wisdom of acting in such a fashion by stating, that Jewish solidarity constituted a force formidable enough to ruin anybody giving evidence against them. Throughout diaspora and from early times, the Jews possessed organisations akin to those we now know as masonic. They initiated certain influential Gentiles who were prepared to declare themselves to be half-Jewish, and through whom they were able to establish their influence in the highest places in public life. It can be established that behind Nero's persecution of the Christians were members of diaspora Poppea Sabina, the wife of the Emperor, was a Jewess and a member of diaspora, and she succeeded in persuading, the Emperor through the help of his favourite courtier, a Jewish actor named Alityrus, to exterminate the Christians. Throughout historical times, the Alilyruses and Poppeas of this world have been behind its Neroes and Roosevelts!

Jewish influence played as much part in determining the downfall of the Roman Empire as in causing the ruin of the Spanish Empire. In the Spanish Empire Jews had, as Heman writes, the control of all spiritual and material powers from the tenure of land to the highest ecclesiastical positions, and through their usury they exercised much influence over court circles and the entire nobility. In the end they were able to extort for themselves such fantastic privileges that in a court of law, the oath of one Jew was accepted as of greater value than the oaths of two Gentiles. They repeated the same form of power-grab later in Germany and in the Hapsburg Empire. In the sixteenth century, a Jew called Imre Fortunatus and his associates played a tremendous part in the preparation for the downfall of the Hungarian Empire by fostering corruption in public affairs to such a degree that the Empire became unable to resist the attacks of the expanding Turkish power at the Battle of Mohacs in 1526.

The spiritual leaders and statesmen of the ancient world and Middle Ages were very much aware of this Jewish influence. From Tiberius, the Roman Emperor, to Goethe, all men of vision looked upon Jewry as a national danger. "A ministry from which the Jew obtains all his requirements, a household, the wardrobe and finances of which are under 'the control of a Jew or a commissariat which is under the management of a Jew must indeed be endowed with the (30) undrainable qualities of the Pontine marshes", writes Goethe.

Possibly the great Napoleon was the most clear-sighted of all when he exclaimed: "These Jews are like locusts and caterpillars, and they will devour my France ! ”.

It was clearly seen even as late as the eighteenth century that Jewish influence had nothing of the much·vaunted humanitarianism about it, since it was a minority movement which became a "state within a state ". Though some states did not recognise the danger, nevertheless the Jewish conquest was usually stopped at the last moment. Ferdinand and Isabella, the Catholic, expelled them from Spain and elsewhere restrictive measures were taken to check them, but the most important thing was that the influence of Jewish "Nazism "was nowhere permitted to gain a foothold in public affairs.

The ghetto at least served as a good institution in keeping up ideological and intellectual barriers against the Jews so that the Christian religions and cultures were not so exposed to mortal danger and to that of being visibly engulfed as they are today. It is important to note that up to the French Revolution, the Jews had no direct influence on the masses. At the most they were only able to increase their influence over some court circles by the help of their money·bags, but they never had an opportunity of establishing any direct control over the people or of exploiting them by furthering the interests of their own nationalism.

One point only of the so·called Jewish problem passed unnoticed in the Middle Ages. Namely, that the growing influence of Jewish nationalism and its encroachment was not an instinctive activity originating from greed, selfishness or any other "Jewish characteristic" as the "anti·Semites" termed it. The demoniacal urge was already consciously at work, and the nationalism of the Old Testament, of Torah and of Talmud were impelling the Jew to undertake a quest not for money, nor for riotous living and wealth, but for world power. Money merely served as the means towards this aspiration, while the attainment of mastery over the whole world remained the supreme aim. For this, not even a Jewish central government was required, though such existed from time to time. Talmud and Torah were quite sufficient. These books, which gave much better instruction than any government as to the conduct of Jewry, were to be found in all synagogues and in all Jewish houses. (31)

The various countries and empires were more or less able to keep this world-conquering dream under control, while its execution in different lands was uncoordinated. The danger grew very considerably with the expansion of the limits of the known world and when, through the medium of the press, radio and other organs of propaganda, the different countries and peoples drew nearer to each other. Then the aspiration of this Jewish minority nationalism to dominate was to operate effectively not only against single countries, but against all land. And peoples simultaneously and with full force. At the same time, with the rise of Protestantism, a certain Jewish mentality began to obtain a foothold within Christianity itself.

Luther saw clearly that the difference between universal humanity and Jewish tribal "Nazism"was irreconcilable. His great treatise written on the Jewish question is the proof of his clear-sightedness. But, apart from the rise of Protestantism, the Old Testament obtained a greater influence through the teaching of the Bible in church sermons and through religious education in the schools. The Protestant preachers, Hungarians, Swiss, Englishmen, Dutchmen and Germans alike turned more and more to the prophets of the Old Testament for parables and quotations.

During the religious wars, all the most withering curses of the Old Testament were invoked on the heads of opponents. The mentality of the Old Testament thus penetrated the Christian faith through the empty phraseology of rhetoric. Christianity began to regard itself as an extension or subsidiary of the Jewish religion, instead of stressing its truly opposing character. As a result of this error, a Jewish mentality of intolerance, accompanied by a spirit of hatred, became established in the civilised Christian world and generation after generation grew up imbued with the materialistic and unimaginative teachings of the Old Testament.

English Protestantism became especially subjected to the influence of the Old Testament. The mentality of the English merchant-princes and the spiritual attitude of the Puritans likewise became identified with the principles of the Jewish Old Testament and found in it the justification of a certain business conduct. In the nineteenth century, some deluded English scholars even tried to prove that the inhabitants of Britain were actually descendants of the lost tenth tribe of Israel. Werner Sombart, the famous authority (32) on capitalism, showed conclusively that the roots of capitalism are as much Jewish as Protestant.

One thing, however, can be stated as certain. With the advent of Protestantism, the former unity of the Christian world was broken up. Christ's Church separated into Catholicism and Protestantism. Through this breach, Mosaic nationalism boldly penetrated the Christian world and Christian spiritual life. Under the pretext of enlightenment and progress the inhabitants of the ghettos began to shout loudly for emancipation, the very thing which, even Voltaire, the greatest champion of progress, had regarded as a mortal peril. Under the guise of philanthropy and enlightenment, Christianity itself strove for Jewish emancipation. It appeared unable to see that this might mean one day the death of Christianity - of Catholicism, of Protestantism, or orthodoxy and of unorthodoxy alike.

The despised Middle Ages were well aware that this possibility was always present because of the fanatical force of Jewish religious "Nazism"directed against Christianity, the source of most of which is to be found in the Talmud. In 1888 the Minerva Press published a striking account which was never refuted about the findings of an investigating committee called together in 1240 by St. Louis the King of France. The King wanted to know why the Jews were so hated in France. He convened a Royal Court, over which he presided. The Talmud was presented and expounded to the court by a Christianised Jew who spoke Hebrew well. To test the authenticity of the Talmudic text the court invited Jechiel the Rabbi of Paris, together with Rabbis Juda Samuel and Jacob, the latter being an eminent orator well known in both France and Spain. The fair-minded king did his utmost to ensure that the rabbis should have every chance to defend the Talmud as well as to confirm the genuineness of the Talmudic text. Despite all this, the court was forced to conclude that the Talmudic laws are contrary and even repugnant to the social order, not only of all Christian, but even of all non·Jewish communities.

As a result of enquiries, the court discovered that the Talmud not only repeatedly insults the Virgin Mary but casts doubts that Christ was born from a Virgin, and even states that He was the child of a soldier named Pandara and a woman of the streets. The Christians were appalled when these translations of Talmud were pronounced to be authentic (33) by the invited rabbis. As a result of the final conclusions of this court of enquiry, St. Louis ordered that Talmud be committed to the flames. (The Hidden Empire, 1945, p. 27.) In later times the Christian world paid little attention to the Jews holy book though, for them, it had become nearly as important as Torah.

It was from Talmud that hatred emanated towards Christians, and from it also spread a double-morality. It is worthwhile to note that even as late as the twentieth century, there is no authentic translation of Talmud available. It is true that it has been translated by Graezt, a university professor of German-Jewish descent, but all the incriminating parts have been excluded, The Hungarian author Alfonz Luzsenszky has also translated certain paris of the Tulmud. One of the principal concerns of the present Bolshevik dictatorship was to throw Alfonz Luzsenszky into jail, where he has most probably perished in a Jewish Communist torture-chamber.

But Talmud continued to foster that Jewish nationalism which lived ever more vividly in the dreams of Maimonides and of the Jewish prophets of the Middle Ages as well as in the heart of Jewry. Well before the outbreak of the French Revolution, the Jewish people were active and on the move towards the realisation of the covenant. The breach effected in Christian unity, together with so-called enlightenment and social progress, were al1 favourable to this purpose-the capture of world-power. And now the plan was roughly sketched out, we will examine it more closely later under the denomination of "biological class-warfare "or the physical destruction and extermination of the non-Jewish nations, i.e. the event known as "revolution ”.

After the First World War, the cultured Western world was shocked by a series of articles in the London Morning Post entitled "Underground Conspirators ". H. A. Gwynn, the editor of this paper, in his book, The Cause of World Unrest, quoting authoritative contemporary reference books until then ignored by liberal historians, points out that the French Revolution was far from having been entirely caused by a revolutionary disposition of the lower classes. At this time both Jewish and masonic powers were already operating, and by buying up all grain stocks, they created an artificial famine and through this famine the revolution of July 14th. As early as 1776, the Spartacus movement, created by Adam Weishaupt, had been (34) established in Bavaria and this movement suddenly re-appeared again in many different guises inciting dangerous outbursts during the various revolutions after the First World War.

Gwynn's treatise proves that all the revolutionary movements of the nineteenth century were infiltrated and to a great extent controlled by Jewry. Gwynn established Jewry's role in freemasonry with the help of data contained in the book of the converted Jew, Abbott Lemann (L'Entree des Izraelites dans la Societe Francaise ) as well as with the evidence collected by the American author and Freemason Albert Pike. He proved that Jewry had inculcated a hatred of Christianity into the secret societies, so that under the cover of liberalism they were actually able to remain undisturbed while they worked to undermine the Christian social order. Thus, the Jewish "Nazism"of the Old Testament, besides its money-power, acquired a new and terrible weapon for the destruction of Christian people. The name of this new weapon was Revolution.

The international socialist organisation began in 1864 with the foundation of the first Internationale, and both its leaders Marx and Lassale were Jews. Both of them were prophets of hatred, seeking revenge for the humiliation of their race. Disraeli in his book Coningsby predicts a German workers' movement under Jewish direction and leadership. With all this, a new factor appeared in the history of European culture: organised hatred and envy as a systematically engineered force to create classes and societies as well as to destroy them. The intolerance prevalent in Europe was rooted in the spirit of the Old Testament, but even more reeking of the Old Testament and more Talmudic was this engineered hatred, the prophets of which preached exactly the same slogans and promises as the Old Testament when it promised the chosen people that Jehovah would pour out before them all the riches and wealth of the world and that they would only need to work two or three hours a day for their living. The "Nazism" of the Old Testament found a formidable ally in the European working classes and later in the American proletariat, which had every right to become embittered and hostile to the exploiting capitalistic system. But the proletariat was slow to realise that the originators, operators and beneficiaries of this capitalism were at the same time the representatives of both Jewish nationalism and of the Internationale. (35)

There is no doubt that the seeds of the diabolical Jewish plans were well embodied in Marx's teaching, They aimed to destroy the intellectual elite, the aristocracy, the middle classes, the clergy and white-collar workers of all non-Jewish nations by the use of the false doctrine of equality and by arousing the envy of the proletarian masses. They plotted to deprive the nations m their leaders and to degrade humanity to a leaderless and cattle-like herd. This was no longer socialist planning. This was Jewry's own global strategy. Each leaderless man in the herd becomes the blind tool and slave of that Jewish tribal "Nazism" bent on conquering the world.

Though Marx had, in fact, championed internationalism, Jewry was never international. It wanted to internationalise the proletariat only. To the proletariat was assigned the role to destroy their respective countries together with their religions, so that the international world state could be established possessing one elite, one ruling-class - the Jews exclusively!

Jews were to be found in every nation. They spoke the language of their adopted country yet remained Jews, proud and conscious representatives of an exclusive racial conception, of a supernational "Nazism". The shattered forces of Christ's rebellion took shelter from the noisy slogans of "Enlightenment"in the cool naves of the churches. The Christian Faith bad been gradually stripped of its innate spiritual inspiration and influence and now became transformed into Jewish Christianity. It clung and adhered in a materialistic way to its worldly influence and to its worldly wealth, instead of following its calling and realising that the time was ripe to preach Christ's teaching with unflagging vigour. At the same time, Jewry, having preserved its religious and racial unity, was now able to penetrate the enfeebled Christian communities with great effect.

While the flame of Jewish nationalism was burning ever brighter, the Christian "rebellion" was losing its faith and becoming timid, sceptical and impotent. The religious nationalism of the Old Testament was able to imbue the inhabitants of the Russian ghettos with faith and racial consciousness. But the Christianity of the New Testament became so faint-hearted that it began to be ashamed of the New Testament as well as of its own creed, which it sometimes suspected might be "out of date "or "unscientific "when compared with the slogans of what was known as "enlightenment ".(36)

When faced with the great social problems of the age, Christianity proved to be inert and impote. But at the same time, Jewry was able to furnish its own race with faith. Not faith in God, since many Jews were apparently relinquishing their creed, but faith in a fanatical political nationalism. On the other hand, the Christian "revolution"failed to complete its mission on earth, i.e. to support the humble against their persecutors and so achieve social justice through love and not through hatred.

By the nineteenth century, Christianity had already become more a formality than a living creed. It could not hope to match the modern conception of Christ's revolution against the idea of the Marxist revolution. The Papal Encyclicals Rerum Novarum and Quadragesimo Anno were only theoretical interpretations of the attitude adopted by Socialism and by the liberal state-system. Christ's Church militant did not fight as ardently as it should have done. It conveniently resigned to falling back on Christ's well-known maxim, "My kingdom is not of this world", whereas Marxism stressed the conception of a physical salvation on this earth. This latter idea, of course, was entirely of Jewish origin. Jehovah himself, as well as Ezra and Nehemiah, those extollers of racial purity, had surely promised this very thing, i.e. redemption on this earth, the wealth of the world through the gates of Jerusalem, the eighteen hours' working week and welfare state. The Marxist promise was also redemption on earth, but behind the screen of promises stood Jewish nationalism, because the Marxist leaders knew that the achievement of what they called redemption meant also the establishment of the Jewish world-kingdom.

Christianity was unable to unite and so to follow up the social conception of Christ's revolution. On the other hand, Jewry remained undivided in the racial and spiritual unity of its four-thousand-year old "Nazism ”.

After the French Revolution, the secret societies, as well as certain governments themselves dominated by Jewish influence, gradually expelled Christianity from public life until its role became merely to encourage attendance at the churches. With Christianity so weak and divided, what power could have successfully opposed these pressures? The Greek Orthodox Church with its empty formalism, or Roman Catholicism with its bishops sitting complacently in the (37) possession of several hundred-thousand acres of church lands (latifundia) and preaching poverty and justice to the masses, or Protestantism which became more and more saturated with the spirit of the Old Testament? In the circumstances, could any power exist capable of influencing the masses and of bringing them over to the side of the Christian revolution? Christianity began to retain a life apart, refraining from criticising public events, from influencing public opinion or from putting into practice socialist concepts. These roles were taken over by the Press which was in the hands of Jewish nationalism, by members of the masonic lodges or by the Marxist agitator. Faced with this Marxist "heaven on earth ", Christianity was unable to vindicate the social meaning of Christ's teaching. Furthermore, it abandoned its leadership and did not stand up for the masses. With the withdrawal of Christianity from public life, there arose in its place a fanatical determination to destroy all the institutions of the Gentiles, both human and divine. Its aim was to deprive them of their leaders and thus establish the final rule of Jewry's world government.

As early as the turn of the nineteenth century, that great thinker Houston Stewart Chamberlain warned the Christian world as follows:

“The problem of the Jews living amongst us is belonging to the most difficult and most fateful questions of the present time."

At the beginning of the twentieth century all doubts concerning the success of the great plan could be put to rest. The leaders of world Jewry had only one thing more to decide, i.e. the actual means to be employed in securing world power. Was this to be achieved through gold or through the tommy-gun? Through plutocracy or through Communist terror directed by the Jewish bosses of the secret police? Should the new synagogue be the seat of the money-changers and scribes or of the terrorist Sadducees?

Or should it perhaps be open to both factions working side by side?

To this great dilemma a certain document, pronounced by the Jews to be a forgery, gives a clear answer.(38)

World Domination in Three Stages

Jewry did its utmost to disprove the authenticity of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. To-day. Any person who dares to make even the slightest reference to the Protocols is labelled an uncivilised barbarian by the Jews.

On June 26th, 1933, the Federation of Jewish Communities of Switzerland and the Berne Jewish Community brought an action against five members of the Swiss National Front, seeking a judgment that the Protocols were a forgery and a prohibition of their publication. The procedure of the Court was astounding, the provisions of the Swiss Civil Code being deliberately set aside. Sixteen witnesses called, by the plaintiffs were heard, but only one of the forty witnesses called by the defendants was allowed a hearing. The judge allowed the plaintiffs to appoint two private stenographers to keep the register of proceeding during the hearing of their witnesses, instead of entrusting the task to a Court official.

In view of these and similar irregularities, it was not surprising that, after the case had lasted just on two years, the Court pronounced the Protocols to be a forgery and demoralising literature. The decision was given on May 14th, 1935, but it was announced in the Jewish Press before it was delivered by the Court!

On November 1st, 1937, the Swiss Court of Criminal Appeal quashed this judgment in its entirety. Jewish propagandists, however, still declare that the Protocols have been "proved "to be a forgery. It is clear, however, that the original text of the Protocols of Zion was in the hands of the Jews of Odessa as early as 1890. The Protocols were published in 1905 by the Russian [Sergyei] Nilus. According to certain versions, their author was the Oriental Asher Ginsberg under the pen-name of Achad Haam, meaning "from the same people ", and his purpose was to try to arouse the Jewish national consciousness. A copy of this book published by Nilus was acquired (39) by the British Museum in 1906, where it can be found catalogued to-day.

While world-wide controversy regarding the authenticity of the Protocols continued, their genuineness was established by a higher authority than any court; world history itself. The Jewish programme outlined in 1906 bas since been literally and realistically carried out. We may, therefore, consider the Protocols from various angles; either as the world plan drawn up by the Elders of Zion of the 33rd degree of freemasonry, as the secret records of the Zionist Congress of Basle, or simply as a pamphlet written by an extreme Jewish nationalist - all this is irrelevant. The only relevant and undisputable fact is that the programme has nearly been accomplished in its entirety. Even more has been accomplished than was foreseen by the Elders of Zion.

The world-conquerors have subdued the world. Instead of pursuing in detail the purposeless controversies disputing the authenticity of the Protocols, we want to prove one thing only, i.e. that the Elders of Zion have materialised their programme. There now remains but a single step for Jewry to take before announcing only that world-power is in their grasp. For the time being, Jewry appears to be a bit obscured behind the political, economic and spiritual powers ruling mankind, but it is ready to spring into action at any moment. It is preparing to complete that single step, after which the sixth point will be added to the five-pointed star as well as to the white American pentacle, which will thus become the open symbol of the accomplished world·kingdom, i.e. the six-pointed David-star.

There remains another question in connection with the Protocols, and that is: Did there ever exist any open or secret Jewish organisation to lay down plans for a world-programme? Did a secret Jewish "Government "exist to direct world-Jewry according to the teaching of Torah and of Talmud or, perhaps, of the Protocols?

There is no doubt that inside the Jewish community, as early as before the birth of Christ, an organisation known as the Kahal or Cahilla was existent and acting as the political executive body of the theocratic Jewish state. We can therefore presume that the Jewish nation in its exile preserved something from this organisation.

We pointed out earlier that even before the dispersion, both the Alexandrian and Roman diaspora had acquired real governmental and political powers. After the dispersal, each Jewish community (40) possessed its own miniature Cahilla, the purpose of which was to arbitrate in legal disputes between Jews, especially in cases where it was undesirable to submit the matter to the Christian courts and thus expose it to publicity. In countries densely overrun by Jews, the existence of these Cahillas was well known by everybody. But doubtless there must have been a higher Jewish administrative body as well, what we might perhaps call nowadays an "Emigrational Committee "which kept the Jews together and coordinated their political ambitions.

There are documentary proofs that this supreme Jewish Cahal kept constantly appearing under different names throughout history. Once it was to be found in Constantinople under the name of the Sanhedrin, and the "Great Satrap "was the head of Jewry. Later on it was seen in various movements, in French freemasonry, as well as among the supreme commands of the great powers in the First World War. Traces can be found everywhere of the activities of this secret world-government. In 1920, returning from the unsuccessful peace·conference of Versailles, President Wilson of the United States announced openly:

“There was a secret force at work in Europe which we were unable to trace.”.

Disraeli, in 1844, in his book Coningsby, frankly states that:

“The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who arc not behind the scenes.”.

In the Wiener Freie Presse on Decemher 24th, 1921 the Jewish Walter Rathenau wrote precisely the same thing when he said:

“Three hundred men, each of whom knows all the others, govern the fate of the European continent, and they elect their successors from their entourage.”.

The functions of the Cahilla (Kahal) are well known in New York, because the Jews often give Cahilla parties. Very interesting exposures about all this is contained in the book, The Hidden Empire (1946) in which, on page 35, we find:

“The Jews of the world divide the earth into two hemispheres, the Eastern and the Western. As the United States lies in the Western Hemisphere, we will confine ourselves to that alone.

“The Cabal is understood to be constructed in the Symbol of Seven. The Sponsor for the Eastern Hemisphere is not for consequence herein; however, both Sponsors for both hemispheres are (41) alleged to be accountable only to AKA DHAM the Unknown and Uncrowned King of Jewry throughout the Earth whose identity is kept guarded secret.”.

It is undisputable, therefore, that some kind of central Jewish organisation or government existed all the time which methodically carried out the world-programme of the Elders of Zion. But whether such a government existed or not, the fact must be emphasised that the programme itself was accomplished, and this in itself presents sufficient proof of its organisation. The fact must be stressed that world Jewry has already completed the second stage planned by the Elders of Zion and everything is fully prepared to complete the rest soon, and thus to reach the third and final stage.

Fifty years ago, or during the legal proceedings at Berne. The authenticity of The Protocols might have been disputed. But the execution of the programme of the Protocols with its ardent Old Testament nationalism was forever in evidence. The existence of the Protocols was perhaps disputable, but not that of its nationalism. In the Protocols, which are most probably extracts only from the real programme, appear the methods by which Jewry is to accomplish world domination. From the somewhat mysterious text the cursory reader will gather that the Protocols sometimes talk about dictatorship, sometimes about liberalism and that they plan to achieve world-power sometimes through capitalism and by the power of the Press and sometimes by the practice of what are unmistakably Bolshevik methods. When the Protocols of Zion were in the hands of the Jews of Odessa, the teaching of Lenin was unknown. Nevertheless, in the Protocols the complete ideology of Lenin, together with the fighting tactics employed by the ruling minority, arc found. The reader may be surprised to learn that. After all, capitalism is the political method preferred by the Jews in order to obtain final domination over the world.

After a critical study of the Protocols we realise with surprise that the difference between Bolshevism and Capitalism is illusory. The Elders of Zion were clearly aware that Bolshevism is nothing else but the end-product of liberal-capitalism, i.e. both are two different forms of the same totalitarian rule, and the ideology of both essentially consists of the elements contained in materialism, minority-rule (42), the lavish use of the cheque-book and the terrorism of the tommy-gun.

A re-appraisal of historical events will provide us with the solution to the obscure parts of the Protocols. The Elders of Zion planned three stages in the establishment of the throne of King Solomon. The first stage was to secure for Jewry control over money and capitalism, to establish Jewry's exclusive control over the press and to increase its influence, while at the same time destroying and compromising the elite of non-Jewish society. Simultaneously to use the ideal of liberalism as a battering ram for the destruction of the Gentile nations, to bring about the perversion of Roman law as well as of all other legal systems, to arouse envy and discontent among the working classes and to perpetuate hatred between societies and states.

The first stage also included the spreading of dissension between Christian states, the unleashing of wars and the starting of revolutions, but all these activities were still to be pursued within the framework of liberalism.

“We must be in a position to respond to every act of opposition by war with the neighbours of that country which dares to oppose us: but if these neighbours should also venture to stand collectively together against us, then we must offer resistance by a universal war.”.

For the first stage fighters, the Protocols prescribe intrusion into the Christian family, a ceaseless struggle against religion, the monopolisation of the press, the provoking of the workers to revolution and the slow destruction of Christian societies. In the first place all kingdoms must be suppressed, after which the aristocracy must be destroyed, the landed classes pauperised and the spirit of revolution awakened in the masses.

“On the ruins of the natural and genealogical aristocracy of the Goyim we have set up the aristocracy of our educated class, headed by the aristocracy of money. The qualifications for this aristocracy we have established in wealth, which is dependent upon us, and in knowledge, for which our learned elders provide the motive force."(Protocol I.)

The last sentence of the Protocol make us think of the role now being played by Jews in the Atomic Energy Commission [AEC].(43)

The authors of the Protocols clearly see that in the age of liberal-capitalism, free competition is the surest way towards the second stage.

“We will appear as alleged saviours of the worker from oppression,"the Protocols continue -- "as when we invite him to enter the ranks of our fighting forces - Socialists, Anarchists, Communists-- to whom we always give support in accordance with an alleged brotherly rule of our social masonry."(Protocol III .)

We must not forget that these Protocols first came to light as long ago as 1906, and has not this programme been fully carried out since?

During the first stage, both the tactics as well as the weapons employed are different.

“Our countersign is -- Force and Make-believe,"preach these "Pharisees "in the Protocols, adding at the same time: "Only force conquers in political affairs, especially if it he concealed in the talents essential to statesmen."(Protocol I.)

The authors of the Protocols were inflicted with no ideological inhibitions. They foresaw clearly all that has since been accomplished, namely, that the exploitation of finance-capitalism would prepare the way for Bolshevism.

“the people, blindly believing things in print, cherishes -- thanks to promptings intended to mislead and to its ignorance -- a blind hatred towards all conditions which it considers above itself, for it has no understanding of the meaning of class and condition.

“This hatred will be further magnified by the effects of an economic crisis, which will stop dealings on the exchanges and bring industry to a standstill. We shall create by all the secret subterranean methods open to us and with the aid of gold, which is all in our hands, a universal economic crisis whereby we shall throw upon the streets whole mobs of workers simultaneously in all the countries of Europe. These mobs will rush delightedly to shed the blood of those whom, in the simplicity of their ignorance, they have envied from their cradles. And whose property they will then be able to loot. Ours they will not touch because the moment of attack will be known to us, and we shall take measures to protect our own." (Protocol 111.)

It is enough to recall the last thirty or forty years of European and world history to conclude that this is indeed the beginning of the second stage.(44)

For this is Bolshevism itself. The single rebel, the proletarian masses filled with hatred and envy, led by the same commissars and agitators who at present control the banking systems, the parliaments and press of the capitalist states. They are all, of course, offspring of the same tribal alliance. They are all representatives of the same double-faced nationalism.

The real hidden face of Talmud shows up here, the distorted features of the bloodthirsty Sadducee, scheming to destroy all other nations, even by massacre if necessary, he who led the great Christian-pogroms of 1945 with as much zeal as the braves of Bar-cochba in A.D. 131 during the great Jewish revolt in the Mediterranean.

Protocol III goes on:

“The aristocracy which enjoyed by law the labour of the workers, was interested in seeing that the workers were well fed, healthy and strong. We are interested in just the opposite--in the diminution, the killing out of the Goyim. Our power is in the chronic shortness of food and physical weakness of the worker because by all that this implies he is made the slave of our will and he will not find in his own authorities either strength or energy to set against our will.”.

What else is this if not a nightmarish vision of Bolshevism? Three decades before its outbreak! What else but the programme of the former Illuminati with its Jewish characteristics : "Hunger and persuasion! "This is nothing less than a vivid description of the Russia of Stalin-Kaganovich itself, in which - according to the Prolocols - is to be found the secret police and an institution called the People's Court enforcing absolute suppression and complete exploitation of the workers.

Already we are in the second stage! In Russia, the kolkhoz-slave [collective farmer in Soviet Union] has to kneel down before the Commissar. In the Soviet, the Jewish foreman or factory-director has authority to withdraw ration cards from those workers who are unable to fulfil the prescribed norm, i.e. the ordered amount of forced labour. The six million persons starved to death in the Ukrainian famine, the sacrificed Hungarian, German, Rumanian and Italian prisoners of war who died of hunger, caused by the withdrawal of their ration cards, prove that this part of the programme is fulfilled wherever "Israel is King ”.

But the writers of the Protocols saw clearly that this was not enough.(45)

That Bolshevism is only the means of breaking, degenerating and bestialising the masses and so reducing them to a human herd. That Capitalism and Bolshevism together with the class-struggle are implements only. All these are not yet sufficient to attain absolute security and an impregnable position for Jewry.

“Remember the French Revolution, to which it was we who save the name of 'Great '; the secrets of its preparation are well known to us, for it was wholly the work of our hands. Ever since that time we have been leading the peoples from one disenchantment to another, so that in the end they should turn also from us in favour of that King-Despot of the blood of Zion, whom we are preparing for the world. "(Protocol Ill.)

This is the third stage. The last and the most important! The authors of the Protocols tell us that when this is reached, at the last minute, Jewry will annul with a single stroke of the pen every principle it had professed to the Goyim. Liberalism and Socialism will be succeeded by a complete and absolute despotism. By an outwardly patriarchal Jewish world kingdom, but one which is essentially cruel and terroristic, ruled exclusively by Jews.

Protocol III explains that it is absolutely necessary for the people to see the incarnation of power and authority in the person of their ruler. He is the God-chosen monarch whose mission is to crush those destructive forces whose origin is neither in the intellect nor in the human spirit, but in the animal-like instincts of mankind. To-day these forces are uppermost, and they will assume various forms of violence and robbery perpetrated in the name of law and order. They will disrupt the present social system in order to establish the throne of the king of Israel. But as soon as his power is achieved, the role of these forces will be over

“Then it will be necessary to sweep them away from its path, on which must be left no knot. no splinter.”.

Later we will see how prophecies which in 1890 or 1906 appeared to be far from fulfilment became reality; they were fulfilled with astonishing accuracy.

In the West at the turn of the century "storm-troops "of the world conquerors, consisting of the bourgeois, capitalist and middle-class Jewish social strata stood by ready for action, led by the "assimilated "intellectual Jewish progressive elite, i.e. by writers (46) and journalists, etc. For the Western Jew was also a pupil of Talmud. Meanwhile, in the East, more than five million members of Jewry scattered over the area between the Volga and Danube, the masses of both Russian and East Polish Jewry, were still dreaming dreams of the Jewish world-kingdom, bending over their Talmuds and Torahs in the synagogues of Belz, Brest-Litovsk. And Maramarossziget.

Lajos Feher, the Budapest-born Jewish scholar, spoke no more than the truth when he pointed out in his great work entitled Jewry that the Talmud had, in fact, reduced Jewry to a ritual slavery. The strict and detailed ritual rules prescribe some kind of religious duty at all hours of the day. Rubens in his work, Der alte und der neue Glaube (The old and new faith) comes to the conclusion that a Jew has to spend half of each day carrying out ritual. There are some 3,000 religious ceremonies prescribed by Talmud to commemorate the death of Moses alone. All these made it impossible for an orthodox Jew to undertake any productive occupation.

In such circumstances he was unable to do the fourteen hours daily work of a Polish, Russian or Hungarian peasant. But not being connected with the peasantry had its advantages. It was easy for Jewry in a comparatively short time to transform itself into a middle-class and to take its place among the intellectual social stratum. As it was not tied to the land, it was free to engage wholly in intellectual activities, such as in the reading of the holy books. If we examine the significance of this during the last 2,000 years we understand better why this race has produced so many intellectuals, writers, poets, journalists, politicians and atom-scientists.

Thus, Jewry increased fast in stature. It needed only to learn the language of a country to be able to become part of the middle-class, bourgeoisie or moneyed-aristocracy of that country. It was able to occupy more key-positions than any other nation, which naturally included working classes and peasantry as well. From this it was only a step to develop a more grandiose Messianic conception.

Why should not this race of fifteen million people form the ruling classes of every nation on earth by assuming an external English veneer, a Russian manner, an American boisterousness, or French politeness, all the time remaining imbued with the same uniform consciousness of Jewish nationalism?

Purim is the only day of national rejoicing when Jewry may get (47) drunk to commemorate the killing of the first "anti-Semite ", Haman, together with his ten sons and of the slaying of 75,000 Gentiles in the city of Shushan and the provinces. Jan and Jherome Tharaud in their pro-Jewish book In the Shadow of the Crucifix are at pains to point out that the Jewish nation never knew the meaning of the word "love". Although the saying "Love thy neighbour as thyself "was a Mosaic commandment, nevertheless, this was restricted to the members of the Jewish tribes, and even further to "the next of kin ". Meanwhile, Eastern Jewry evolved into a community forming a kind of reservoir of hatred and animosity which was directed towards all The Western Jews, the staunch Marxists, expected at first that the proletarian revolution, as prophesied by Marx, would materialise somewhere in the West

And in the meanwhile, in the West, indeed, more exactly, in Brussels, half a century ago, almost in romantic circumstances, the Russian Bolshevik party was founded. Among the founders we see a former member of the "Russian "lesser nobility, an expelled seminarist from Georgia, the daughter of a Russian captain of industry and a progressive journalist. With the exception of one or two, they were all Jews.

One-and-a-half decades later, Holy Russia was ground to the dust by Jewish nationalism, which here started directly from the second stage to carry out the plans of the Elders of Zion for the establishment of the Jewish world-kingdom.(48)

Millionaire Bankers Back Bolshevism

Before the First World War, a certain picture postcard was freely sold in the Jewish shops of Russia, Lithuania and Poland. On this postcard a rabbi was shown holding a Torah in one hand and in the other Nicholas II, the Czar of Russia, cartooned as a white pullet with the Romanoff crown on its head.

Under the picture, the following text appeared in Hebrew:

“Sa chaliphati sa temurati, sa kaporati.”.

This means:

“This sacrificial animal shall be my absolution, it will be my substitute and expiatory offering.”.

The Hebrew text is actually part of the prayer called "Kaporah ”.

The rituals relating to this sacrifice are contained in Leviticus (chap. xvi 15).:

“Then shall be kill the goat of the sin offering, that is for the people, and bring his blood within the veil, and do with that blood as be did with the blood of the bullock, and sprinkle it upon the mercy seat, and before the mercy seat.”.

Some rabbis opposed this doctrine. But wherever Cabbalists [Kabbalists] were living among Eastern Jewry, on the day of atonement a white cockerel and a white pullet were usually sacrificed in lieu of the goat.

This postcard was thus an open invitation by Jewry to murder the Czar. Hatred against Czarism was already latent in consequence of the pogroms, but it was kept at boiling point by the Mosaic commandment:

“thou mayest not set a stranger over thee (as king) which is not thy hrother.”.

When Bolshevism broke out, the Czar and his family were murdered in Ekaterinburg. The Czar's murderers were Jacob Swerdlow, who became later the President of the Soviet Union, Jacob Jurovszkij, Chajim Golocsikin and Peter Jernakow, all Jews.

But all those who schemed for fifty years to bring about the disintegration and subjugation of Russia were Jews also. Fifty per cent (49)

of the members of the first Social Democratic Party of Russia, from which the Bolshevik Party was later formed, were Jews. The Polish Social Democratic Party was at first organised as the Jewish Democratic Party, and the situation was similar in Lithuania. Kerenski himself, who became the Prime Minister of the First Republic, was a Jew by birth.

The greatest Russian novelist, Dostioevsky, whose treatise about the Jews is, even to-day, kept carefully bidden away by the so-called Western "free "publishing houses, saw as early as 1887 that the scourge of Judah was poised over the head of the Russian people and that the red shadow of Bolshevism would descend over Holy Russia.

“Their kingdom and their tyranny is coming,”.

he wrote.

“The unlimited despotism of their ideology is now only beginning. Under this tyranny human kindness and neighbourliness as well as the longing for justice will fade away; all Christian and patriotic ideals will perish for ever!”.

Bolshevism won. And in the moment of its victory, the Jewish intellectuals, the young revolutionaries as well as those poverty-stricken Jews at the bottom of the capitalistic ladder, turned their faces towards Russia. Whether Bolsheviks or not, they were, nevertheless, as Jews becoming aware that those succeeding the Czarist regime were almost all Jews too.

A member of Hungarian middle-class Jewry, Laszlo Lakatos-Kellner, had greeted Lenin in a poem by writing:


The official gazette of Hungarian Jewry The Egyenloseg (Equality) read mostly by well·to·do citizens, published the following in an article praising Trotsky (Bronstein):

“Jewish intellect and knowledge, Jewish courage and love of peace saved Russia and perhaps the whole world. Never has the world historical mission of Jewry shone so brightly as in Russia. Trotsky's words prove that the Biblical and prophetic Jewish spirit of Isaiah and Micah, the great peace·makers, with that of the Talmudic Elders, is inspiring the leaders of Russia to-day.”.

The American banker, Jacob Schiff, the Kuhn Loeb banking house and American financiers supported the Bolsheviks from the very (50) beginning with huge loans and innumerable large donations. These bankers knew the leaders of Russia just as well as they knew the prophecy of Amschel Mayer, the founder of the House of Rothschild. Over the Rothschild house in Frankfurt, a red flag was displayed on a shield. Jean Drault, the French writer, remembered old Amschel Mayer saying to customers in his shop:

“One day this flag will rule the world!”.

Karl Marx, grandson of the rabbi of Trier, must have known this flag very well too. He, as well as anybody, was well aware that Jewish capitalism and Jewish Marxism are but two different forms of the same Judaism, of that same world-conquering nationalism. Rothschild's red flag is just as cheerful and bracing a sight for Morgenthau as it is for Kaganovich.

While it is interesting to learn that Bolshevism adopted its red flag from a Jewish banker, it is also noteworthy that the Bolshevik revolutionary greeting, i.e. the raised clenched fist, is a symbol of Jewish origin too. The paper entitled The Key to the Mystery, on page 21 of the number dated August 7th, 1939, describes how, on the feast of Purim, held in commemoration of the slaying of 75,000 Gentiles, the Jews still greet each other - with a raised clenched fist.

But the Christian world still asks, how could collusion be possible between two "deadly "enemies like Capitalism and Bolshevism?

This question was definitively answered in 1918 by the report of the United Secret Service (2nd Army Bureau) naming the persons who financed the Bolshevik revolution in 1916. Under Jewish pressure, this report was destroyed hy the State Department, but it was too late then. The Rev. Denis Fahey, Professor of Theology, in his book The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World, and Mgr. Jouin, in his work I.e. Peril Judeo Maconnique, both quote the complete report. We here briefly refer to it, but the full text is available. According to the American counter·intelligence and news service, the following big American bankers gave money to Lenin and his comrades for the Bolshevik revolution:

the banking house of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., the directors of which were at that time Jacob Schiff, Felix Warburg, Otto Kahn, Mortimer Schiff, and S. H. Hanauer. As the report remarks: "All Jews.”.

The report quotes articles in the Daily Forward, the Bolshevik (51)

Jewish paper of New York, describing in detail how large sums of money in dollars were transferred to the Bolsheviks from the assets of the Westphalian-Rhineland Syndicate, a large Jewish business concern. How the Parisian Jewish banking house of Lazare Brothers, the Gunsbourg Bank of St. Petersburg with affiliations in Tokio and Paris, the London banking house of Speyer & Co., and the Nya Banken of Stockholm all sent money to the Bolsheviks.

The statement of the American military counter-espionage and intelligence service established the fact that Jacob Schiff gave twelve million dollars towards the financing of the Bolshevik revolution. As for the Parisian banking house of Lazare, they not only played a considerable role in the unleashing of the Second World War, but their former director Mr. [Frank] Altschul is to-day [1958] on the Board of Executives of Free Europe Inc., and is at present occupied with the reorganisation of Europe.

This peculiar ganging up, this conspiracy of Bolsheviks and bankers, can only be plausibly explained by Jewish nationalism. Though the prostration of Russia, the land of pogroms, as well as the extermination of. The Czar's family, were all criminal Bolshevik perpetrations; nevertheless in the eyes of Jewish nationalism these appeared to be the acts of Jews, the triumph of Jewry, the glorious liberation struggle of religious irredentism. Absolute political power in Russia had fallen openly into the hands of Jewry.

At first, perhaps, Lenin's teachings were not fully understood by the Jewish masses. Nevertheless, they saw that nearly all the leaders and rulers of the new Russian states system were descendants of Abraham. Lenin himself was Ulyanov formally only. His father was a member of the Russian lesser nobility. But his mother was the daughter of a German-Jew doctor called Berg. Lenin inherited his mania for destruction and his desperate lust for power from his mother; both characteristics being equally Judaistic. Victor Marsden, the English journalist who was engaged as a correspondent during the First World War in Russia, describes Lenin as follows:

“Lenin, a Calmyc Jew, married to a Jewess, whose children spoke Yiddish.”.

Herbert Fitsch, a Scotland Yard detective, who, in the guise of a valet, penetrated the entourage of Lenin and reported him to be a "typical Jew ".(52)

The Morning Post at the same time published a list of the names, pseudonyms and racial origin of the founders of the Secret Government, together with its fifty most important key-functionaries. They were about ninety-eight per cent Jewish.

The London Jewish Chronicle of April 4th, 1919 boldly states :"The conceptions of Bolshevism are in harmony in most points with the ideas of Judaism.”.

Victor Marsden, the Morning Post reporter in Russia; states that among the 545 leading Bolshevik officials, there were 477 Jews at the birth of Bolshevism.

But the point of view of Jewish nationalism was appreciably different. The Jews paid scant attention to the exterminated bishops, to the slain priests and to the starved or massacred Russian masses in their hundreds of thousands. They appreciated the Jewish success only.

The gruesome events in Russia surpass all imagination. Statistics compiled from the early days of Bolshevism and quoted also in the American Congressional Records confirm that during the first years

were murdered together with the Emperor and his family.

After considering these gruesome statistics, one might expect that Jewry, which has been advertised in the Jewish-dominated press all over the world as a humanitarian people, would expel these Bolshevik Jews from its ranks with loathing and contempt. But World Jewry and its great organisations at the best remain silent. And in the meanwhile, there is probably not a single country in the whole world where the Communist Party is not under the exclusive direction of Jews.

In Argentina, as early as 1918, Solomon Haselman and his wife Julia Fitz began to organise Communism. The Argentine revolution broke out in January 1919, and its victims in Buenos Aires alone included 800 dead and 4,000 injured. The leader of the revolt was Pedro Wald, alias Naleskovskij, and its Minister of War was Macaro (53) Ziazin, both Eastern Jews. After the Suppression of the revolt, other movements were organised by Jews. There were many Jews and Communists amongst the teachers and university professors. Siskin Aisenberg initiated Bolshevik education of the Argentine youth. Amongst Yiddish newspapers, Roiter Stern, Roiter Hilfe, Der Poer and Chivolt were all engaged in spreading dangerous Bolshevik propaganda.

The Chilean Bolshevik uprising of 1931 and the Uruguayan Bolshevik rebellion of 1932 were engineered and led by the descendants of the seed of Abraham almost exclusively.

When the short-lived Brazilian revolution was suppressed in 1935, it came to light that the actual leaders were all Jews, with the exception of a nominal leader called l.ouis Carlos Perestes. The Braccor, an Eastern Jewish association, organised the dockworkers, and the leader of this revolt known as Ewert was, in fact, called Harry Bergner. This uprising was directed from the Soviet Embassy of Montevideo by a Jewish leather merchant called Minikin. Amongst the leaders of this Brazilian uprising there were many members of the Organizacao Revolutionaria Israelila Brazor, and amongst others we mention the following names: Baruch Zell, Zatis Janovisai, Rubens Goldberg, Moyses Kava, Waldemar Roterburg, Abrahao Rosemberg, Nicolao Martinoff, Yayme Gandelsman, Moisi Lipes, Carlos Garfunkel, Waldemar Gutinik, Henrique Jvilaski, Jose Weiss, Armando Gusiman, Joseph Friedman, and so on.

Of the South American revolutions the Mexican one is particularly interesting for here again a Jewish millionaire leads the Bolsheviks. The Dictator of the Mexican Bolshevik revolution, Plutarco Elias Calles, is the son of a Syrian Jew and an Indian woman. Calles is a freemason of the 33rd degree, and his personal fortune amounts to eighty million pesos. His friend, Aron Saez, who played an important role as his lieutenant, and who had a fortune of forty million pesos, is a Jew as well. Their persecution of the Church resulted in 20,000 Catholic martyrs. Amongst these were 300 Roman Catholic priests and 200 devoted Catholic youth.

But the American Bolshevik movement was the most typical and characteristic of all. In the U.S.A. the Communist Party was set up on September 1st, 1919, William Z. Foster being its first general secretary. The Daily Worker, the Communist New York daily, began (54) its first publication about the same time. The bulk of the followers of the American Communist Party consisted almost entirely of those Jews who had immigrated to the United States from Russia, Poland and those countries lying to-day behind the Iron Curtain. The U.S.A. gave them everything a great and free democracy can give - security from pogroms, prosperity, often wealth and new homes as well as decent wages. Nevertheless, at the earliest opportunity, they began to plot for the overthrow of American freedom and for the total subjugation of Washington's household.

The Communist movement originated from the union formed by the employees of the clothing industry. Even to-day this union is almost entirely in Jewish hands and their first question to a prospective new member is: "Do you speak Yiddish?" It is interesting to note that, as in Russia and Poland. Where the Marxist parties were organised by Jews, in America the Jewish organisations became the champions of Communist principles. The Jewish Workers Club, the Jewish Workers Union, the ICOR (a company for settlers), the ARTEY (Arbeiter Theater Yerband) and the John Reed Club for Jewish writers, were all Jewish and Communistic organisations.

The number of Jewish radical and Communist papers as well as Jewish periodicals edited in the U.S.A. reached 600 by 1936, and as early as 1933 the total membership of the Communist Party was estimated by Earl Browder ·to be about 1,200,000. In the preparatory work of organising American Bolshevism, the National Textile Workers Union and the Worker's International Relief played important roles. The leaders of both these great associations were Jews, Charles Steinmetz, Upton Sinclair, Helen Keller, Albert Einstein, Bishop William M. Brown. The International Labour Defence was ·a very powerful organisation led by millionaires or by very wealthy lawyers, despite the fact that it was typically Communist. All these groups. Unions and associations hoped to capture America for Bolshevism during the great economic crisis. When, in 1930, the Communists of New York tried to ·besiege the City Hall, the Communist papers reported with open enthusiasm: "The Jewish women were fighting like tigresses."(Weltbolshevism, page 265.) All the above-mentioned associations belonged to the non-secret or exoteric Bolshevistic formations of America.

None of these open (55) types of Bolshevistic associations presented any real peril. Surely the American worker -- be he either a descendant of an early settler from the Maypower or of an eastern refugee -- would never tum into a Communist. Consequently, soon after their party was established the American Bolsheviks tried to persuade American youth to join them and serve as the hard core of the world conquerors' stonntroops. They knew only too well that it would be extremely difficult to repeat in America the tricks employed in Russia. They were well aware that the American worker is neither Bolshevist nor Marxist. Therefore, their aim was concentrated on American youth; they strove to gain the support of a deluded second generation. Therefore, well before Roosevelt came to power, they organised the Young Communist League, the National Student League (formed from the universities) and the Young Pioneers for children between eight and nine years of age. The undermining of America, of course, was not only brought about by the Communists.

There also existed more peaceful cover-associations and workers' unions which, under the pretext of Marxism or socialism, really served the supranational aims of Jewish tribal nationalism. But the key positions even in those organisations which were not directly Jewish were captured by Jews. The C.I.O., the largest labour organisation was under the leadership of Sidney Hillman, while the American Federation of Labour was founded by Samuel Gompers, an immigrant Jew from England.

After all these facts the reader will not be surprised that when Eugen Dennis was arrested on May 16th, 1950, the famous Jewish writer Albert Kahan commented as follows in Jewish Life, the monthly supplement of the New York Zionist paper Freiheit:

“When, on May 15th, Eugen Oennis, the leader of the Communist Party, was sent to prison, a shadow fell on the life of every American Jewish man and woman.”.

Let us now have a look at Europe (omitting Russia), the old continent where chorales and psalms were composed and written, and where during the Christian Middle Ages, Jewry was confined to the ghetto.

In England, the Communist Party, though of negligible strength, is directed by Jews, as are also those organisations called anti-Fascist Leagues or Anti-War Movements, where we can find such names as :(56)

Lord Marley, Ivor Montagu, Hannen Swaffer, Gerald Barry, Bernhard Baron, Nathan Birch, Morris Isaacs and Harold Laski. The noble Lords, Baronets and Knights of Jewish descent have all suddenly taken sides with Bolshevism, which in Russia, allegedly, intends to destroy capitalism.

In France, the control of Marxism is and was almost entirely in Jewish hands. Zay, Leon Blum, Denains, Zyrowszky, Mandel-Bloch and the rest, are leading the same revolutionary nationalism which ruined Holy Russia.

In England, the Communist Party was represented in Parliament at one time by a Jew called [Phil] Piratin.

Those principally concerned in organising the French Communist Party were Henri Barbusse, Andre Gide, Romain Roland and Andre Malraux. In France. The Jews enjoy the benefits of the French petty Bourgeoisie, were dazzled by the powerful position of Jewry in Soviet Russia, and hurried to join French Communist organisations. These carried on their activities under various cover names, such as the "International League against Anti-Semitism "or the "Cultural Association of Jewish Proletarians ", etc. The Jewish-Communist organisation known as Gezerd can also be mentioned in this context.

The Writers' International Congress held at Paris in 1935 was entirely Communistic. Here it became clear from the first that the authors who were the greatest exponents of the Jewish "humanitarian"spirit also fervently supported the masters of Russian Bolshevism. The signboard of this Congress displayed the word "International ", but it was in reality a great tribal gathering of nationalists dazzled by successes in Russia, the participants of which came from various lands and spoke different languages but belonged to the same race.

In Belgium, a Jew called Charles Balthasar is the organiser of the Bolshevik Party. the mainstay of which is the association called the Gezerd.

In Sweden, similar forces are working for Bolshevism. The Swedish Communist Party was supported by one of the greatest capitalists--Ivar Krueger, the match·king, reports the paper Der Weltbolshevism, from information received from Swedish sources. The various publishing houses and lending libraries in the hands of Jews have also greatly helped to promote Bolshevism.(57)

Neither is the situation much different in Norway where Major Quisling, in the light of experience gained in Soviet Russia, started to organise an anti-Bolshevik national party, for he realised that the same people who destroyed Russia were preparing to annihilate Norway.

In Denmark, at this time, Jewish students as well as the Jewish professors Georg Brandes and Davidsohn of the University of Copenhagen directed Communist activities. Their main organisation is the Jewish culture association, the I.K.O.R. Axel Larsen, the Jewish administrative leader, confidently announced at a mass-meeting that:

“The Danish Communist Party will not rest until it has succeeded in hanging all priests and gendarmes.”.

In 1932 the Bolsheviks in Switzerland called themselves left-wing Socialists. Leon Nicole was their leader and his assistant, a Russian Jew called Dicker, instigated the uprising of November 9th, 1932, which resulted in thirteen dead and 100 injured.

In Austria, Austro-Marxism is at work, and it would be difficult to distinguish between its democratic and communistic shades of thought, although both are inspired by Jews. Friedrich Adler was, from the outset, the chief organiser. He was the first Secretary of the Second Internationale and also the murderer of Sturgh, the Austrian ex-Premier.

In Rumania, Anna Pauker-Rabinovich and other Jews were the champions of Bolshevism. It was they who forced the workers into a bloody railway strike. Their influence was quite terrifying in a corrupt and liberal government like that of Rumania. The paper Weltbolshevism concludes an article as follows:

“It is noteworthy how strong the participation of Jewry is in the Communist movement. The most dangerous activities are observed in those areas where the great masses of Jews live.”.

Czechoslovakia, the aircraft-carrier of the Soviet Union, was completely undermined by Communist organizations from the very beginning of her national independence. One of the Communist leaders was Slansky-Salzman. The Communist literature and control of all the organizing activities are in the hands of Jews.

In Bulgaria, the Communist movements were headed by Jews also. When two hundred officers and civilians fell victims to the plot against (58)

Sveta Nedelja, it came to light that the plot, organised by Dimitrov, was carried out by the Jews Jack and Prima Friedman.

In Greece, the papers Avanti and El Tsoweno are the official organs of the Communist Party, the latter being the organ of the Communist-Jewish association in Salonica as well.

And if one looks at the Far East, it is clear that here. Too, the same bands are setting ablaze the fires of Bolshevism. The leaders of the Chinese Communist Party, Barodin and Crusenherg, were also of the seed of Abraham.

We have deliberately left Spain to the end, as Jewish organisations can be distinctly recognised in the Spanish Civil War, When the fight broke out, the leaders; Zamorra, Azara, Rosenberg and the notorious La Passionaria, whose real name was Dolores Ibauri, were all Jews too. And those who flooded into Spain from all sides to render more unbearable the bloody plight of the Spanish people, were all emissaries of the same racial nationalism already victorious over Russia. Ilja Ehrenburg, Bela Kun, Gero Erno, Zalka Mate, the leaders and members of the notorious Rakosi-Roth brigade, all belonged, almost without exception, to the emissaries of this deranged racial "Nazism”.

When the hour strikes, the mask falls! Christian churches and centuries-old art treasures go up in flames, drunken terrorists shoot at Christ's cross and the same "experts "again expertly crucify priests as they had done in Russia before. They scuttle prison ships with anti-revolutionaries locked up in the hold, they shoot tens of thousands of captured Christian hostages in the bullfight arena. The dead bodies of one and a half million victims and martyrs cover the battlefield of a stricken Spain. Behind all the mass misery and behind the miners of Asturias looms the same mystic power that induced the Russian sailors to revolt at Kronstadt. While the "Pink "intellectuals begin to regard this bloodbath in the light of a Passion Play spectacle, progressive bankers provide it with gold and arms. Old Testamental "Nazism "thereby paid back Ferdinand's Catholic Spain for the expulsion of the Jews, and two decades later the American Jewish Congress had the impudence to declare that: "Up to the present day Jewry has not forgiven the Spanish nation for their expulsion.”.

It was fortunate that at that critical time there were heroic (59)

Spaniards on the spot and also European powers ready to send effective help. With the aid of the German Condor Legion and the Italian Blue Arrow Division, the Spanish people defeated these fanatics, thus proving emphatically that the Soviet revolution could likewise have been brought under control had Russia not been deserted in her hour of need by the European powers.

The massacres in Russia perpetrated by the Communists had a horrifying effect on the Christian world. But these crimes appeared as heroic, attractive feats in the eyes of Jewry. In their eyes only one thing mattered, i.e. that over a vast empire, over practically one-fifth of the globe, power was seized by their nationals. During the interventional war, the English trade unions were brought into action by a "hidden "hand to hinder the campaign against Bolshevism. When Poland was overrun by Bolshevism Grand Orient Freemasonry had, with the help of Czechoslovak Freemasons, prevented ammunition deliveries to the Poles. Eventually Hungary's last ammunition reserves were sent to the Vistula front and with this help Marshal Pilsudski won the Battle of Warsaw.

What interest had Western capitalist Jewry in the survival and spreading of Bolshevism? After all, the Western Jew is a capitalist.· and Bolshevism proclaims the abolition of capitalism. The Western Jew consistently propagated all the various humanitarian slogans in the lodges, apparently ignoring that the whole system of Bolshevism was an outrage against humanity. The Western Jew appeared to remain faithful to bis own religion, while Bolshevism was proclaiming atheism. What, then, had Bolshevism in common with Western capitalism? How was it possible for Zionist organisations in New York to bail Bolshevism, and for Jacob H. Schiff to give it money?

Since then, history has supplied us with the answer.

What Bolshevism and Capitalism have in common is the ghastly fact that both of them are equally Jewish.

The Western capitalist Jew saw no enemy of Capitalism in the Soviet leaders; he saw only Jews. He was able to excuse the Bolshevik's barbarities, for they were committed mostly by Jews. According to the strangest beliefs of Jewish nationalism, the Jew is a superman! Jewry is a supemation. The Jew is at liberty to act as he pleases against other races. This is the teaching of Torah and Talmud. The Jew's standing is "beyond good and evil ". In (60)

the beginning some Jews condemned Bolshevism for conventional reasons, but later they realized that the only thing to do was to remain silent about it since Bolshevism, too, was led by Jews.

High Finance in the West was agreed on the maintenance of Jewish leadership in the Soviet Union, whatever the cost. Henry Ford's book The International Jew was published at this time, revealing in shocking disclosures how far the Judaisation of American life had progressed. Though the Jewish boycott obliged Henry Ford to apologize for his book, he never denied the truth of its contents. After the First World War, the Jewish question in America became more and more acute. Through the monopolisation of commerce and banking, the control of the turnover of public commodities, their despotic rule over the press and the poisoning of public education, the encroaching Jewish power began to threaten the American way of life.

The peril was foreseen earlier by great Americans such as Benjamin Franklin who, on one occasion, said:

“There is a great danger for the United States of America, this great danger is the Jew. If they are not excluded from the United States by the Constitution, within less than 100 years they will stream into this country in such numbers they will rule and destroy us and change our form of Government for which we Americans shed our blood and sacrificed life, property and personal freedom. If the Jews are not excluded, within 200 years our children will be working in the fields to feed the Jews while they remain in the counting-house gleefully rubbing their hands.”.

It would make an interesting bestseller to describe how certain mysterious hands spirited, away his diary. It can be stated with certainty that at the time when the Bolshevik revolution broke out in Russia, American Jewry was already standing at the first stage of the great plan. During the operational attack to secure the first stage, the control over finance and the press was achieved and influence over public life firmly established. Jewish nationalism in the Western World clearly realised that, despite its ostensibly hostile ideology, Bolshevism must be kept alive, because the way to the second stage in America led by way of Bolshevism -- the great Eastern ally -- which would help to conquer America and to establish Jewish (61) world power. It is understandable, therefore, that after the Russian Revolution the leaders of the 217 American Zionist organisations decided to give every possible financial help to Bolshevism.

“Bolshevism will be devoured by the vermin!"Trotsky-Bronstein exclaims in distress. But American Jewish Capitalism took every care to sustain, rear and industrialise this world menace. So "anti-capitalistic "Bolshevism was soon supported by loans from Loeb, as well as by other long-term credits, by scientists, by contributions and by deliveries of arms. Those giving the money were no Bolsheviks. but they were Jews! They were the representatives of a supranational racial solidarity. They gave substantial help to Bolshevism because they bad the foresight to realise that if by any chance Bolshevism should collapse, this would discredit the reliability of Jewish planning and leadership. Besides, this mishap would bring to light the massacres perpetrated by Jewry in the name of Bolshevism. So to prevent losing the subjected territories of Russia, regarded by now as an actually established part of the planned future Jewish world empire, Jewry gave Bolshevism every possible help. For the Christian nations, Bolshevism represented an ideology. But for Jewry it was a Jewish national problem of superlative importance.

But the firm establishment of Bolshevism in Russia was not in it itself enough. To ensure its survival and development as a power, it was necessary to weaken the European Christian peoples so that they would not be able to smother the Bolshevik Hydra later on. For Jewish tribal nationalism, the period of the peace conferences following the First World War meant yet one more triumph for dreams of Jewish world domination.

Wilson himself stated on his return home from the Peace Conference at Versailles:

“There was a secret force at work in Europe which was untraceable.”.

At the Versailles Peace Conference, the German delegation contained two Jews. Its advisors included Max Warburg, Dr. von Strauss, Oscar Oppenheimer, Dr. Jaffe, Deutsch, Brentano, Struck, Wassermann and Mendelsohn Bartholdi.

During this period the Christian world failed to notice that the artificially deepened rifts dividing the nations, together with the injustices promoted by the peace treaties, only served to further (62)

Jewish aspirations to world power. In starving Germany, rebellious Spartacus groups, together with Socialist and Bolshevik revolutionaries, were splitting up society. Across the Rhine. New nationalisms emerge to fly at each other's throats. In the place of the Hapsburg Monarchy and the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, many small opposing nationalisms prepare to payoff old scores. While the fires of the Bolshevik revolution still smoulder in Italy, the new flames of the Fascist revolution begin to flare up.

Meanwhile, more to the East, due to the support of Jewish Finance, Bolshevism grows stronger and stronger so that the Jews of the Kremlin as well as those of the Loeb directorate, may well chant the credo of their nationalism over distracted Europe.

“Our men are progressing rapidly in Paris, New York and Moscow. We are advancing towards the second stage of the battle. We have divided Christian Europe, and from the soil of the injustice sown by us will spring the seeds of a new war. You will see that the seeds will bear fruit in the next twenty years,”.

As the great Lenin said:

“The First World War gave us Russia, while the Second World War will hand Europe to us!”.

Oh, Europe, heart-land of civilisation, do you not yet understand? Can you not perceive where Jewish national unity coupled with your own internal conflicts lead? Can you not see the abyss towards which you are being driven by forces imbued with the cruelty and purposefulness of a supranational people. Alas ! There are so few who see it even now.

An unknown friar, Sziliczei-Varady Gyula, once wrote prophecies that were soon forgotten in a book called From the Ghetto to the Throne, and herein is Nemesis:

“The Western Jew will equip an army of twenty million men in the East to destroy Christianity and human culture and to establish the Jewish world kingdom!”.

A Movement Maligned

As a result of the suppression of spiritual freedom all over the world, we live in a kind of thieves' kitchen, concocting a flash hypocritical series of slogans in the place of free speech. There are certain taboo-like problems to which one is not supposed to refer. There are certain persons one should not name. There are also certain matters not to be mentioned in the language of Western civilised man. Speaking the truth means facing either the gallows of Nuremberg or the loss of one's daily bread.

Nevertheless, we must say a few words about National Socialism.

Christian Resistance should have followed at the moment when Bolshevism broke out in Russia and when the work of Jewry became visible through the Versailles Treaty. The message of Christendom should have been the restoration of unity in disorganised Europe, the instruction of the nations and the elevating of the Christian conception of hierarchy, thus guarding the individual against being reduced to herd-level. Bolshevism as well as soulless liberal capitalism should have been effectively mastered by their only real adversary -- by Christian resistance all the time pointing the way upwards toward Heaven. Perhaps Christ Himself might have come with His scourge to drive the money-changers out of the House of God, thus restoring justice, goodwill and social peace and once more He might have addressed His Christian people with Peter's forthright words "... Save yourselves from this untoward generation ”.

But Christianity was reluctant to adopt revolutionary methods in order to wrench world power out of the hands of those whom Christ, the founder of Christianity. Attacked on Maundy Thursday. The spirit of Christianity should have impressed itself upon public life, upon government and upon the press and trade unions but it failed miserably to fulfil its mission. Germany became a stage for the rootless "fellow-traveller"of the Weimar-Democracy. The leaders of Hungarian and Polish Catholicism tried to preach Christianity to the poverty-stricken masses from the shelter of their large estates. The Italian and Spanish clergy remained in the enjoyment of their worldly wealth. Protestantism, as seen by Axel Munthe, was unable to give faith, or to follow in Luther's footsteps, who, taking his stand with the people, exclaimed; "Here I stand, and I cannot do anything else! ”.

But history will not tolerate unfulfilled duties and unsolved problems. In the East Bolshevism was established, while in the West reigned the atheistic speculative power of gold. The Socialism of Christ was unable to find its wings. Therefore, National Socialism had to come.

Opinions may differ as to whether National Socialism was a "neo-pagan"movement from the beginning, or whether certain mistakes crept in later. But it is indisputable that National Socialism, after coming to power, undertook to fulfil, under various slogans, the tasks that ought to have been performed by Christianity. No doubt it would have been much better had the Christian Churches in the turbulent hours of the upheaval of 1919 declared war on Bolshevistic atheism, on the immorality infesting European societies and on corruption, defeatism, capitalist exploitations and Marxist class-liberation.

But the Christian Churches had developed a glass-house Christianity. Unlike Christ, who, though unarmed and "sitting upon an ass, and a colt the foal of an ass "immediately made his presence felt by both word and deed, when he rode into Jerusalem, an anaemic incapacitated Christianity restricted to empty prayers, proved itself to be only a passive witness of historic events.

The fatal mistake of the Churches was in not supporting the social aspirations of the masses, but rather in backing on every occasion the actual holder of state power. During the period between the two World Wars prayers were said from both Catholic and Protestant pulpits not so much for the living members of the Church community, i.e. for the masses, as for the welfare of the ruling power. Thus, in England, they prayed for the King, in France for the Republic, in Hungary for the Regent, in Italy for Mussolini, later, in Austria for Hitler, just as "pacifist priests "are ready to say prayers, to-day even for Kruschev.

In any case, one accusation has to be deleted from the charges, rightly or wrongly brought against National Socialism. In spite of what occurred later, it was not in its early days a movement of the "masses ". It stirred the masses, but not with any intent to gratify the needs of the masses. The elite of the German intellectuals who were not necessarily identical with the actual leaders of National Socialism came to recognise that the most dangerous point in the scheme of both Bolsheviks and Jews to obtain power consisted in their intention to reduce free and intelligent men to the berd-level, to transform them into a malleable formless mass, which could easily be kept under control by the tommy-gun. Against this, the early years of National Socialism saw the development of lofty aspirations, as well as the growth of the concept of the elite.

It campaigned not for the class struggle but for higher national morality, for freedom, for social order and justice and for national culture which would not be offensive to others. National Socialism could never have arisen had it not been for the fact, for instance, that learned Jewish professors in Germany set up experimental brothels for children with boys and girls of twelve to thirteen years of age. Could such a national disgrace ever have been perpetrated had the way not been prepared by a series of financial swindles with public funds and by Communist plots?

Hans Grimm, the greatest champion of the German spirit in Europe, the great German writer who later fell out with Hitler, even after 1945 described the conditions that gave rise to the National Socialist revolution as follows:

“An unyielding predilection for an ethnic community and a striving towards national integrity, coupled with a passionate eagerness for Anglo-German co-operation. There was general anxiety for reform in a changing world; this mass movement recognised new values -- both spiritual and physical, as was demonstrated by basing the currency upon production instead of upon gold. Furthermore, the claim that quality must be protected against quantity was also upheld and the whole of this great experiment set out to prove that the spirit of Versailles must be abolished for everybody's benefit.”.

German National Socialism not only proclaimed certain principles but, in its initial stage, at any rate, endeavoured to put them into practice. The promotion of intellectual elite, the suppression of the class-struggle, the establishment of peace between capital and labour, the building of homes, the raising of the working classes' living standards, the cultivation of family ties, the well-planned settlement of the proletarian masses and the securing of a peaceful old age through the creation of social insurance, were all constructive forces of indisputable value.

Doubtless they still play a basic role in present-day German life and make possible the rebuilding of "democratic "Western Germany, although since the German economic and monetary system is now closely geared to the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank network, and so to the power of gold and usury, these constructive forces are to some extent being warped by an unsuitable framework. For it was a tremendous achievement on the .part of National Socialism to have established a currency system covered by the value of the nation's work and by the volume of the national production, which at the same time brought about the overthrow of the omnipotence of money as a commodity and also that of the domination of gold.

Although its leaders were not necessarily frequent churchgoers, the National Socialist state accepted and carried out Christian principles by establishing order and social justice. It is clear that for this to be accomplished, destructive social forces had to be eliminated. It was inevitable, therefore, that National Socialism had to stand up against the relic of "1918 defeatism "as well as against the subversive activities of the Jewish spirit. It had to make a stand against the Jewish Bolshevik and the Jewish Capitalist, being aware that the unrestricted autocracy of the Golden Calf only engenders discontent, envy and class-warfare.

It makes little difference whether the Jewish question was "over-emphasised"by National Socialism. It is of no importance either that National Socialism actually adopted the racial theory of the Old Testament as one of its instrumental devices; for even had it forsworn these, it would still inevitably have clashed with world Jewry, which could not tolerate The existence of any other nationalism on earth. The National Socialists might have treated Jewry as humanely as possible, but this would not have altered the fact that the secret power exercised by Jews over the German Reich was being taken out of their hand, which was absolutely intolerable for them. Besides, they could not afford to contemplate such creative energy, such striving towards national unity, such influence wielded (67) by an elite, all of which were things bearing irreconcilable hostility towards the power aspirations of world Jewry. They could not bear the fact that by the elimination of the power of gold, not only were state power and the means of influencing public affairs wrenched out of their bands, but the secret power as well. In any case, from the moment world Jewry realised that Germany was being ruled by a conscious elite, it would have promptly turned against National Socialism with just as much hatred as it actually did when "antiSemitism" gave an excuse for it.

In loosing Germany, Jewry lost a territory from which it had exerted power. Therefore, it was determined to re-conquer it_ For a century. World Jewry, Marxism and liberal capitalism had been adopting mass-production methods to transform the people into unthinking masses, the free individual into the proletarian. They had realised, of course, that only unthinking herds could accept and endure the yoke of Judah.

In Germany, National Socialism at least arrested this process. In spite of his liberalism, the Spanish author Ortega y Gassett in his work The Uprising of the Masses, long ago drew attention to the danger inherent in people being reduced to herd-like masses. Lothrop Stoddard, professor of Harvard University, also insisted that an uprising of the masses must be prevented. By its accomplishments German National Socialism clashed most violently with Jewry's plans, since the role of the mob is clearly laid down in the Protocols which speak of:

“that same blind slave of ours-the majority of the mob. "(Protocol X.) And again: "From all this you will see that in securing the opinion of the mob we are only facilitating the working of our machinery .. .. "(Protocol XlII.)

To achieve world power, auxiliary troops are needed, And these consist first and foremost of the masses themselves. To secure the independence of a nation, men of outstanding quality are required. While destruction is the basis of Jewry's world domination, constructive work is the foundation of real freedom.

Thus, to ask whether the Hitlerian regime was really bent on war is beside the question. There is no point in assuming that Hitler and the German leaders were madmen. We might, with more justice, admit that National Socialism had war declared upon it from the very moment of its birth, It was condemned to war because it was (68)

a system which inevitably made enemies of Bolshevism and world capitalism, i.e, of those forces forever looming in the background! Without making a single "anti·Semitic "manifestation or the slightest unfriendly pronouncement, National Socialism would still have made enemies of Jewry on account of the successful completion of the "levelling up"process.

In this connection we will once more quote Hans Grimm, who states fairly and concisely in his book The Answer of a German:

“Between 1933 and 1939 more was done (or public health, for the mother and child, as well as for the promotion of social welfare than before and, perhaps we might admit, than ever before!”.

At this time even Winston Churchill had a different opinion of National Socialism from that which he professed later, Churchill wrote of Hitler in Step by Step:

“If our country were defeated, I hope we should find a champion as indomitable to restore our courage and lead us back to our place among the nations,”.

But National Socialism was condemned to war for this very reason, At the moment when Hitler took power with the determination of abolishing the system of Versailles and of raising his own people, then somewhere in the veiled secrecy of the lodges and in the mystic inner shrines of Jewish nationalism a declaration of war was immediately decided upon, One problem only remained, i.e. whose nerves would prove the stronger. Who would be able to take up best an appearance of peaceful intentions, and who would be hanged later as war criminals?

“Can we be sure that America will also come to heel?"was the question the Jews must have been asking themselves at this time,"We can be sure that the Soviet Union will be on our side when the great war comes, We can also rely confidently upon the France of Leon Blum, of Reynaud-Mandel, of Lazarus' Bank of the Grand Orient and the Rothschilds. We can be certain that when the time comes the England of the Sassoons, of Rufus Isaacs, of Hore-Belisha, of the Gallachers, Stracheys and Laskis will fight to further our ends. But suppose the people of the American democracy draw upon the results of experiences gained in the First World War -- what then? What will happen if, at a critical moment isolationism, represented by the Mayflower Yankees, gets the upper band, saying that the (69)

United States have nothing to do with a war between German and Jewish nationalisms?

“Perhaps the Americans will have no interest in fighting for Danzig. But we Jews will! For Hitler is standing on the balcony of his Chancelry supported by eighty million people singing the Horst Wessel song, "Die Fahne hoch! "(Let's raise high the flag!)

The people are marching through the Brandenburg Arch in dense columns of eight after liberating themselves from our domination. The fist of the German worker, previously clenched in hatred and envy now unclenches in the friendly salute of the open palm. One of these two nationalisms must perish !

“We shall respond with the guns of America or China or Japan!" is written in Protocol VII. "Therefore, we must first conquer America to ensure the conquest of the world. We must bolshevise or socialise America from above without it being noticed.”.

For America's constitutional form is democracy. This is the best constitutional system when the true will of the people prevails, and the worst where secret hands falsify the national will. In America, the people are proud of their freedom and of their democratic education. The American worker is as proud of the industrial revolution as the capitalist himself. In America, everybody is equal before the law. Both the descendants of the early pioneers whose fathers came on the Mayflower, and those of the little Jew from Galicia, can declare with equal pride: "Civis Americanus sum! "Democracy is the most ideal way of life, provided there is no individual group, party, race or sect successfully fulfilling in secret aspirations detrimental to the rest of the nation. As soon as such a parasitic force develops inside democracy, democracy itself is reduced to nothing. It is transformed into a minority-ruled herd. The right of the vote becomes a myth, since public opinion is being shaped by the press of this alien nationalism. The parliamentary system is debased to that of a theatrical act, for senators will be influenced by an artificially created and therefore false public opinion. The government will be run no longer on the lines originally contemplated, as laid down by the legislature, because the government itself will be manned by the members of this secret force, enforcing (70)

a minority will, dictating by their "power of the purse "and directed by the advice of their brains trust.

“We Jews,"as the spokesman of this clannish nationalism might put it, "are well aware that in America, England, France and the Soviet Union, as well as in every other part of the world, the rule is: Judah must come first! As long as the interests of America are identical with the interests of Old Testament ' Nazism ', we will be good Americans, but as soon as our interests begin to conflict with the interests of America, we shall betray her too. Generally speaking, democracy suits us if and when it is led by as many Jews as possible. The so-called freedom of the press is good for us, provided the descendants of the seed of Abraham above all can avail themselves of it. Yes, this freedom is a valuable thing, but only when we Jews are at liberty to do anything we like!

“Oh, you faint-hearted ones, who listen terror-stricken to the marching S.A. and S.S. troops; be not afraid! By now, we are experts in undermining and capturing democracies. We are familiar with the methods of imposing our particular interests on the masses. America, the richest state of the Goyim is being shaken by a mortal economic crisis. The time is ripe to start our all-out offensive, which will also give political power into our hands. And ours will be a take-over of a more permanent character than that of Hitler. We are going to conquer America neither by arms nor by theories. We possess a more reliable prescription to call down Nemesis on America. The fate of America was prescribed by our own Fuhrer - Moses! Torah is our Mein Kampf!”.

According to Leviticus, chapter 25 (the Third Book of Moses), all estates and properties in Israel were to be re-distributed every fifty years. All mortgaged lands and all slaves were to be redeemed. Every half-century, there was to be a great social reform in Israel. Old debts were to be cancelled and the poor were to be given a share out of the assets of the rich, or, as we might say to-day, "prosperity "was to be restored, i.e. money, property and land were to be distributed again in equal shares. Every fifty years this was to be heralded by trumpets.

“ This social reform."the spokesman for Jewry might continue, "was called the new distribution! In America, it will be called the New Deal! These words translated literally into English mean our (71) great social reform, the new distribution, But this time we will not be distributing the assets of the Israelites but of the Americans and, of course, in such a manner as to ensure that the Americans will be left with as little as possible, and our own people with as much as possible,

[American taxpayers have already been committed to pay 3.1 Billion yearly in military "aid"to Israel until 2018. How many homeless Americans receive any sort of subsidy or aid from its own government? K.A.]

“This will be the year for sounding the trumpets in America, where in Washington's time the total number of Jews was a mere four thousand, But now our bankers, our socialists and our journalists will be blowing trumpets, and our brains trust will execute the New Deal at the expense of the American pioneer-population, Thereafter the only remaining question will be; Whom are we going to put in the Presidential Chair at Washington?

“Those of you living in despair in your palatial residences in Wall Street or in 13th Street, as well as in the ghettoes of Brooklyn and Bronx, must not doubt that we shall find our man, the real match of Hitler who will, at the same time, place political power over America into our hands, You need only read our directions in the 'forged' Protocols:

“Liberalism produced constitutional status, which took the place of what was the only safeguard of the Goyim, namely despotism (autocracy-editor), then it was that we replaced the ruler by a caricature of a government -- by a president, taken from the mob, from the midst of our puppet overture, our slaves. In the near future, we shall establish the responsibility of presidents ! (Protocol X)

“We shall arrange elections,' "this Protocol continues, "' in favour of such presidents as have in their past some dark undiscovered strain, some "Panama "or other [blackmail scandals waiting in the wings for any national politician who dares buck the Zionist agenda]- then they will be trustworthy agents for the accomplishment of our plans out of fear of revelations...'

“Who shall, therefore, be the new President, who will place America in our hands and who will execute our orders?

“ His name is Franklin Delano Roosevelt!”.

But who is this Franklin D. Roosevelt?

Robert Edward Edmondson, under the heading Famous Sons of Famous Fathers--- The Roosevelts, answers this question in his book, I Testify,

On March 7th, 1934, the Carnegie Institute compiled the family tree of the Roosevelts, from which it is evident that the President (72) of the United States is of Jewish descent. His ancestors came to America about 1682: they were Claes Martenszen Van Rosenvelt, and on the distaff side Janette Samuel. They were originally of Spanish sephardim decent Jews who had escaped from Catholic Ferdinand's persecution in 1492 and who had gone to England. From the time of their arrival in America, the Roosevelt family tree is studded with Jacobs, Isaacs and Samuels.

The New York Times of March 14th, 1935, quotes the President as saying:

“In the distant past, my ancestors may have been Jews. All I know about the origin of the Roosevelt family is that they are apparently the descendants of Claes Martenszen van Roosevelt, who came from Holland.”.

But according to the Carnegie Institute, Mr. Claes Martenszen Rosenvelt was a Jew. Furthermore, Roosevelt's well-known wife is herself a Jewess.

Europe. or to be more precise, Germany, lies between the two jaws of the pincers. Here, from the Jewish point of view, dreadful events were taking place. The collaboration of German capitalists and workers, as well as the solidarity of the middle-classes and farmers, demonstrated that the class-struggle is far from inevitable. Marx's theory of destruction was being disproved, whilst the golden calf had well-nigh lost its prestige when it was seen that production and not gold was to be the true basis of the new world. All that has been taught and eulogised for more than a century as world progress has now been destroyed -- oh, of course, not by a German corporal, but by the spirit of the modern age. Against the tide of world domination surging from the Eastern Hemisphere, the symbolic flag of the swastika was arising. This could not be tolerated by world Jewry.

“Yet, fear not! "Declares the spokesman. "Around the puppet, Roosevelt, our advisors are now gathering in conference --- Felix Frankfurter from Vienna, [Henry] Morgenthau from Mannheim, Bernard Baruch from Konigsberg, and Albert Einstein from Berlin. Samuel Roseman who writes Roosevelt's presidential speeches is there. So are our labour leaders; amongst them our compatriot Sidney Hillman who controls American labour in the administration of our puppet, F.D.R. There is Mr. David Dubinsky, also a fellow-immigrant from Russia, who will transform the Christian American workers into (73) taxpayers for Zionism.

The entourage of our President will consist exclusively of trustworthy men, such as La Guardia, Mayor of New York, a Jew from Fiume, and Alger Hiss, the protégé of Frankfurter and of Senator Lehman, etc. Bernard Baruch will control the 351 most important branches of American industry and will equip the American boys who are going to fight against Hitler. On behalf of America, Alger Hiss will conduct the talks with Stalin. Einstein, Oppenheimer and David Lillenthal will produce the atomic bomb.

As managers of UNRRA, La Guardia and Herbert H. ehman will help the future Jewish victims of the coming war. Henry Morgenthau. jr., the Secretary of the Treasury, will prepare a splendid plan for the extermination of the German people. Our Mortiz Gomberg will see to it that eighteen million people from the countries of our enemies will become stateless in Europe. Our men will be distributing cheques of eleven million dollars to provide the Soviet with arms.

“What a magnificent dream. Americans will sail across the ocean to punish our enemies. In the lodges of B'nai B'rith the Moscow· New York axis is ready to function."'Do not worry! Roosevelt will provide the armaments for Russia!' ”.

Well, did not a little·heeded prophet write twenty years ago:

“The Western Jew will equip an army of twenty million on the East to destroy Christianity and human culture and to establish Jewish world kingdom!"(74)

The Real War Criminals

Hitlerism was not the only thing that world Jewry hated. They dreaded even more those movements paving the way for a new understanding amongst the nations of Europe. Jewry's main aim was to discredit these new trends, as well as to make them disliked by the rest of the world. While campaigning on one side for full cooperation, they tried to strangle on the other side all those who were collaborating with their enemies ~ the Germans.

“They unhesitatingly opposed even the slightest thought of making peace!" writes Maurice Bardèche.

But today we have definite proof that the Germans tried most earnestly to establish cooperation and partnership amongst the European elite. They were not looking for "Quislings"but for those who were considered good patriots in their own country, people dedicated to the cause of their own native land. An almost exaggerated idealism pervaded the elite of the National Socialist Revolution. In their own country, they stated what they believed to be the truth. They recognised that the individual has social rights. They demonstrated that this is the only satisfactory solution on a national basis, if Bolshevism is to be avoided.

They believed with revolutionary fervour that if they could succeed in liberating the European masses from Capitalist exploitation, then peace might be secured for a long time. They had seen how Jewish "Nazism"interposed itself to disrupt the unity of the German people by means of its money power and its control of the press in order to secure exclusive domination over the entire nation. Having successfully done away with all this by their National Socialist revolution they had high hopes of securing peace and also the cooperation of neighbouring peoples, once the influence of that supranational Old Testament "Nazism"was eliminated in these countries too.

This was "New Europe"in the making, And this was the very thing world Jewry had to prevent at any cost, even if it entailed (75) reducing the Christian culture of Europe to the dust. Because, should this plan succeed, more and more states would be released from the grip of Jewish domination.

Therefore the mere thought of European unity, or of any possible cooperation, had to be discredited. And because more than the sixty percent of the press of the Western world is in Jewish hands, and according to American statistics, eighty-five percent of the American press and 100 percent of American films, this campaign was conducted on a larger scale than any other propaganda operation in the history of the world.

By misinterpreting the racial concept, the Jews pretended that the Germans were claiming sole supremacy for the German nation over all other nations. Thus, they succeeded in estranging the other nations from Germany. They distorted the racial theory by insinuating that Germany wanted to conquer the world and on the basis of this theory was claiming world supremacy.

The Nineteenth Century magazine in its issue of September, 1943, during the height of the war, admitted on the contrary that: "The general belief that Germany started this war to achieve world power is, in our view, a mistake. Germany wanted to become a first-rate power, but to be a first-rate power and to achieve world domination are two different things. Great Britain is also a world power, but she does not rule the world.”.

The Jews also falsely interpreted the theory of "Blut and Boden"(blood and soil), i.e. the theory that a man belongs to his native soil; the concept of a unity between a country and its inhabitants was so twisted as to suggest that the Germans claimed all those territories in which any inhabitants of German origin happened to be living. By this means they aroused the jealousy of all independent European nations where German minorities were to be found. Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Bohemia, Rumania, and other neighbouring states began to regard with distrust the German Reich.

They tried to explain away Germany's steadily growing export trade as a preparation for war, and attempted to make the world forget that Hermann Goering's slogan of "guns or butter"had a precedent in the boycott by American Jewry. They ridiculed the sincerely pro-British parts of Mein Kampf, at the same time working on the fears of both (76) East and West by quoting certain passages of this book out of their context.

This poisoning of the mind was thus stimulated on a gigantic scale throughout the world. When the German administration tried to stop this trouble-mongering at home, it was promptly accused of dictatorial tyranny. As a background to all these forms of anti-German propaganda there was, of course, the undeniable fact that the abolition of the reign of gold together with the establishment of peaceful cooperation between capital and labour was a real shock for Jewry. World opinion was induced to believe that the German worker's living standard was rising only because of rearmament. But, in fact, they knew very well that large workers' settlements were everywhere under construction, and that the existence of the workers and satisfied families was a living refutation of those things taught by Jewry for over a century.

“What can have happened?" they asked one another in fear. "Have these hated Nazis really wrecked the splendid theory of the Marxist class-struggle which was serving our ends so well?"as Bettelheim expressed it. Can great cities such as Berlin, Vienna and Budapest get along without Jews? Can a nation really live without exploitation, without a Jewish nationalist press, without the films, theatre and Jewish "mercenary spirit"? After all, we have kept the whole world under our influence for centuries by suggesting that without our cultural activities, our business sense and supercilious intellect all nations would perish and all "progress"would cease. And now Germany prospers without us ~ with a prosperity which is the living negation of our arrogant nationalism.

Anybody looking at these steadily growing garden cities, at the satisfied and happy people and at the prospering intellectual and economic activities can see that our great nationalist writer, Bettelheim, was wrong when he predicted that world civilisation would perish without the Jews. So far, these Christians are becoming more and more satisfied, while we Jews are losing more and more ground. If the rest of the world learns about this on an international level, and if the foreign tourists and the world's proletariat see that all this is possible without us, indeed, even against us, they will realise that we have lied to them. Our politicians, journalists, trade union leaders, capitalists and labour leaders will all become liars! Therefore, we must destroy the proofs! (77)

Therefore, these nice homes with their gardens, together with the new factories, day nurseries, youth camps and hospitals must be wiped off the face of the earth. For we have at our disposal our secret nationalist weapon ~ the same one used with such effect at the siege of Jericho. Let us, therefore, sound the trumpets for our world propaganda.

World Jewry must be regarded as the sole war criminal of the Second World War because, in the first place, it prevented reconciliation between the nations and the possibility of cooperation, destroying even the prerequisites to these aims. With the help of untruthful propaganda and falsehood, and by use of radio and press, it projected a totally false world picture before the eyes of mankind. It created a general world atmosphere in which the mere utterance of the truth in connection with the German question might entail danger to life or loss of livelihood, or suspicion of high treason.

All peace offers made by the German statesmen were labelled sheer lies. It derided all sober and honest plans. It made all social achievements in Germany appear as reactionary red tape, all the progress as an anti-progressive obstacle, every manifestation of the elite concept as barbarism and all forms of anti-Bolshevism as anti-democratic. Colonel Charles Lindbergh, the national hero of America, became suspected of high treason when he dared to state his honest opinion about National Socialism, based on his own personal experience.

Meanwhile, in 1938, Roosevelt, who can only be regarded as a puppet of the Jewish brains trust, sent the following gaily worded wire to Churchill for the promotion of war preparations: "You and I can rule the world!”.

World Jewry declared war on Europe and on Christianity at the very moment Hitler came to power, or perhaps even before. The anti-German boycott movement flared up in America as early as 1932. Jewish organisations published full-page advertisements in the New York Times reading: "Let us boycott anti-Semitic Germany." Seeing that this did not have much result, they began to prepare the New York-Moscow axis.

Forest Davis in his book What Really Happened in Teheran, the contents of which were reviewed and published in the Saturday Evening Post of May 13th and May 20th, 1944, reveals that as early as 1933 Morgenthau was preparing for the resumption of American-Soviet (78) diplomatic relations. And the first Soviet Ambassador in Washington's land was nobody else but the bloodthirsty Soviet Commissar, Litvinov Finkelstein.

Before President Roosevelt, the direct descendant of the Rosenvelt family, came to power, all this would have been unthinkable. The common denominator that actually brought together American democracy and Soviet tyranny was ~ Jewry.

James Whiteside in an article, Mr. Roosevelt and Communism, describes with appalling vividness in the columns of the St. Louis Despatch how as soon as Litvinov appeared on the American scene, a fearful procession of Communists (i.e. of Jews) began its march towards the White House. Roosevelt gave special permission) for the installation of a very powerful Soviet broadcasting station in the Pentagon (the American War Office) thus infecting the high command of the American forces with the most pernicious propaganda.

As early as 1933, the editor of the New York Morning Freiheit, a Yiddish paper with a circulation reaching several hundred thousand copies, called upon American and world Jewry to unite all Jews in the war against Nazism. The American Jewish Congress, led by Rabbi Stephen Wise, joined the movement with avidity. In 1933, also, Rabbi S. Wise, on Hitler's advent to power, announced a "Holy War"on the part of Jewry as follows: "I am for war!" This memorable announcement was made on May 8th, 1933 (Edmonson, I Testify, p. 195). It is evident that at this time not even the outlines of the German General Staff's plans for 1940 were drawn up, for which Rabbi Wise and Co. hanged the German military leaders.

A speech had previously been delivered by Morgenthau on February 11th, 1933, declaring war on Hitler: "The U.S. has entered the phase of a second war!"announced this prominent leader of Jewish Nazism. (Portland Journal, February 12th, 1933.)

In the meanwhile, various Jewish and Communist boycott organisations were springing up like mushrooms in the United States, scheming to ruin Hitler's economy. A Joint Anti-Nazi Boycott Committee was already fully active in 1936, while Hitler, even in his wildest dreams, could not guess the exact time when the clock would strike and he (79) would have to try to free himself from the mortal embrace of the Hydra whose coils entwined the world.

It can now be proved historically that the youthful National Socialism was right in fearing that Jewish nationalism would make a fatal ring round the Third Reich from which it would be impossible to break out, even with the help of arms. But was this fear really justified? Who held power in the United States, Great Britain, France and Soviet Russia?

Concerning the question of war guilt and warmongering, the same motive remains for our consideration which constituted the principle problem of Roman law as well as of any legal system throughout the ages: cui prodest? Who will profit from the war? Whose interests are promoted by it? The only interest of German National Socialism was the maintenance of peace.

Regarding Britain, it was evident that although war had been decided on, it was still possible to make peace, Hitler in a speech lasting four hours declared: "Do not think, gentlemen, that I am an idiot and will let myself be forced into war because of the question of the Polish Corridor!”.

But at this moment, an invisible hand reached out to take an active part in directing the flow of events ~ the same intriguing hand which consistently embroiled matters in the background. After the Godesberg meeting of the General Staff, Soviet Russia signed the non-aggression pact with Germany. This was closely followed by the Bromberg massacre engineered by another invisible hand.

This real war crime, recorded in detail, together with the relevant proofs, in the German White Paper published in the autumn of 1939, was later hushed up in Nuremberg. Although the artificially constructed horror scenes of the "Todesmuhle"(Mill of Death), for the shooting of which wax figures were used in the various scenes, (80) were shown in the cinemas, the film of these horrors which had really happened, as published in the White Paper, were never shown in any cinema. Women with truncated breasts, mangled male corpses with the sexual organs cut off, bodies of German babies and four- to five-year-old children impaled on butchers' skewers. Thousands and thousands of slaughtered innocent people about whom the "humanitarian"world remains silent.

These were German victims in Poland, whose population was saturated with three million Jews, and where the Jewish-dominated press had by then whipped up hatred and the desire for war. By this time, the German and Polish divisions were standing face to face on the frontiers. It was no longer a question of the Corridor, but a flaming brand had been thrown right into the gunpowder barrel. Whose hand and money was in this massacre? Was it brought about by the extreme patriotism of the Polish people, or was it coldly calculated and satanic planning? Was it a Soviet or an English hand? Such a thing is hard to conceive. Nevertheless, this is the decisive question in determining war guilt.

To see hecatombs of massacred victims well before war had even started was a thing National Socialist Germany could not tolerate. This situation was forced upon her in order that Britain and France could begin a preventive war against Germany.

And so, on September 1st, the next day, the German divisions were really marching. "Since dawn today we are shooting back!"said Hitler in the Reichstag.*

* Late at night on Thursday, August 31st, 1939, the Editor was listening in to Gleiwitz, a radio station on the German-Polish frontier but just inside Germany. Suddenly, after midnight, the musical programme stopped and excited German voices announced that the town of Gleiwitz had been invaded by Polish irregular formations marching towards the emitting station. Then the station "went dead". When received again at about 2 a.m. (Friday) Polish was being spoken. Cologne radio gave out that German police were repelling the attackers of Gleiwitz. At 6 a.m. (Friday, September 1st) the German Army invaded Poland.

A few days after the outbreak of war, the Editor saw a small paragraph in the English press to the effect that the Germans claimed, among other things, that the Poles had started the war by invading Gleiwitz early on Friday morning. (81)

“We will, of course, be told tomorrow morning,"writes Maurice Bardeche, a French Professor, "that Hitler has attacked Poland. Certain people have been waiting and longing for this moment. They were expecting this attack, having been hankering and praying for it. These men are called Mandel, Churchill, Hore-Belisha and Paul Reynaud. The great league of Jewish reaction was determined to have its own war. This was its holy war. They knew very well that only such an attack could give them a chance to capture public opinion. It will not be very difficult to find the necessary proofs in the German archives that certain gentlemen in cold blood prepared the conditions which made this attack inevitable. Woe betide them should the true history of the war ever be written.”.

Though the first part of the great world plan succeeded, and on September 3rd, 1939, Great Britain and France declared war on Hitler, nevertheless the two most important partners, America and the Soviet Union, were still missing.

The greatest secret of the Second World War is still due to come to light and shock the world. Perhaps it will be laid only after the fall of Bolshevism, when the archives of the Kremlin will be available. What promises were made by the western world conquerors to the eastern? The Soviet Union showed another face towards the German Empire. This face was cool, sedate and sometimes a little mystically Asiatic or patriotic but had no Jewish features. The most horrible blunder made by the leaders of National Socialism was when they believed this change to be genuine. Ribbentrop during his conversation with Sven Hedin said that Bolshevism had changed for the better and that Stalin was a great man. (Sven Hedin, Without Commission in Berlin.)

Stalin, the cunning Georgian, however, did not believe the same of National Socialism. Before signing the pact with Ribbentrop, he suddenly demanded another Baltic port. Hitler agreed to this, sending his approval by telegram. On learning this news, Stalin remarked shrewdly to Molotov: "Germany has just declared war on us! My only reason for asking for this port was to test the Germans. I knew all along that if they let us have this port they intend taking it back from us later."(Plevier, Moscow.)

Despite this, both parties were scrupulously observing the full text of the pact, including the division of Poland and the question of oil deliveries. Hitler, Ribbentrop, Goering and even Goebbels were all taking meticulous care not to hurt the sensitive Russian Bear. Stalin bids farewell to Krebbs, the German military attaché, with a kiss. All the signs seem to show that this alliance of fire and water is genuine.*

Then one day Molotov, Soviet Commissar, husband of the beautiful (82) Bolshevik Jewess, Karpovszkaja, and brother-in-law of Mr. Carp (Karp), one of the greatest war industrialists in America, appears in Berlin. The date shown by the calendar is November 10th, 1940. France is lying prostrate, while over the British Isles the great air battle is raging. The German Army is taking a rest. Then Molotov places on the table the Soviet demands. They contain claims to the Dardanelles, the occupation of Finland and hte conquest of the Far East. Everything they contain is unacceptable to Germany. These demands can hardly have originated anywhere else but from the Anglo-American opponents of Germany.

The leaders of Berlin were now confronted with the consequences of their greatest error.

Bolshevism, after all, had not changed; it was only wearing a different mask. The power in the Kremlin remained Jewish, only its real character remained invisible until it succeeded in involving Germany in the Second World War. By this time, the Kremlin must have had guarantees in hand that the "arsenal of democracy"would help the Soviet with money and arms against Germany.

As we all know, Felix Frankfurter, one of the most influential men of the U.S., had by now prepared the Lend-Lease Act, and it was approved by Congress as well. But will this war prove to have been in the interests of America? No, it will not! The war will not be in the interest of the American people but in the interest of American Jewry exclusively, i.e. in the interest of persons like Manuilsky, Beria, Morgenthau and Bernard Baruch, as well as of the emigrants from Germany and of the refugees from France. Asis shown by statistics of the Gallup Poll (also in Jewish hands) on June 3rd, 1941, 83 percent of the American population was against entering the war.

What real interest had America in re-crossing the ocean once more? The German admirals, Raeder and Dönitz, had clearly stated that invasion of America was as impossible as an invasion of the moon. Senator Barkley pointed out on March 31st, 1941, that had Germany wanted to attack America the deliveries of arms to Great Britain would already have provided a good reason for this.

Sober American people could see no reason why they should be involved in the war. Charles Lindbergh said: "The entry of America into the war would lead to chaos lasting several generations."Mr. Ickes, the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, himself of Jewish descent, (83) replied to this by accusing Charles Lindberg of being the Quisling of America. Eighty-three percent of the American people, including Republicans and Isolationists, are Quislings too, just because they did not want to march behind Morgenthau!

Roosevelt himself, impelled as he was by the brain trust towards war, was obliged to admit that the Americans did not want to intervene. America cannot even be suspected of having any commercial interest in the war through the arms traffic, for this was an ideological war. Therefore, world Jewry began shouting the command of the Protocols as the Christian armies approached Moscow: "We will answer you with American and Chinese guns.”.

If mankind were capable of serious thought, it would have asked itself: "What was the point in America's entering the war, and especially on the side of the Soviet?”.

The responsible German leaders issued the following statement: "It is quite certain that the peace which will follow the German victories will not be of the Versailles type, but will be a peace for the benefit of all nations. The people of those countries occupied today will regain their freedom, but in the common interests of all nations they will have to compromise with certain legalities and conditions.”.

At the same time, Roosevelt sent the following message to Congress:

“A peace treaty at this time, which would give control over the occupied countries to Hitler, would amount to the recognition of Nazism and to the likelihood of a new war. We want to secure freedom, including religious freedom, for all nations and for each individual.”.

“Religious freedom! "says this neat slogan. But freedom of which religion? By this time the Christian armies invading Russia could see for themselves the closed churches by the ruins of Christianity which had been destroyed by Bolshevik Jews, as well as, perhaps, the statue of Judas erected by Bolshevism in commemoration of Christ's betrayer. But from the cataclysm of war, from the surge of blood and fire, from the smouldering ruins of destroyed cities, from the thunder of bombs dropped on innocent children, Roosevelt, the most fateful figure of the 20th century, now emerges!

“This war will be Roosevelt's war!" the right-wing Republicans (84) were saying. But people like Morgenthau, Baruch, Frankfurter, Einstein and Oppenheimer, knew better: "This war will be our war! World Jewry's war!”.

For Roosevelt, this late descendant of the Spanish Sephardim, was the prototype of the 20th-century politician. In him was to be found the personification of the Protocols, although he was world deliverer and puppet at the same time. Standing behind were the real masters of America. Freemasonry and the Elders of Zion, Zionist leaders and bankers and the Galician-born trade union Bolsheviks. "He is our President!"they said, "and his war will be our war!”.

We have substituted a caricature for the "real government", say the Protocols, with the President elected by our creatures and slaves ~ the mob.

It is obvious that by now nearly the whole of the American legislative and executive power was in the hands of Jewry. The "anti-Semites"could only see the little Jews crowded in Galician ghettos or the small grocer of Brooklyn. Jews stood also behind the chair of Roosevelt, beside the successor of Washington!

At this time when Roosevelt was trying to involve the United States in war against the expressed wish of 83 percent of the American population, Jewish power in the U.S. Government was to be seen by the following appointments:

(The Hidden Empire. p. 12.)

A hidden power, able to keep under its control a country of 150 million people, governing from key positions through its brains trust and from behind the Presidential chair, is a terrible thing to contemplate. But Roosevelt required the help of this far-reaching and omnipotent power in order to involve America in the Second World War.

From American sources no secret had been made of the fact that, after trying in vain to drag America into the war against the expressed will of public opinion, Roosevelt carried on provoking the Japanese with various scheming and plottings [e.g. the Roosevelt administration prevented oil and rubber, vital resources for Japanese industry, from going into Japan which Cordell Hull, Secretary of State, knew would provoke Japan into declaring war against the US] until they were left with no other choice but to attack Pearl Harbour. During the German assault against the eastern half of the world kingdom, Japan, the other potential enemy of Bolshevism had to be neutralised, even if it meant the entry of the U.S. herself into the war.

But under no circumstances did Roosevelt want to enter the war (86) before securing his re-election as President for a third term of office. This is the reason why he said in 1940 at Philadelphia in his pre-election speech: "I say to you fathers and mothers again… again, and again, your sons shall not be sent to die on foreign soil unless attacked.”.

Rear Admiral Robert A. Theobald, ex-commandant of the American torpedo flotilla stationed at Pearl Harbour, in his book published under the title The Real Secret of Pearl Harbour, exposes how Roosevelt prepared and provoked this attack against the U.S. With a series of irrefutable proofs Rear-Admiral Theobald establishes that Roosevelt himself brought about the catastrophe of Pearl Harbour. On November 26th, 1941, he sent such an insulting note to Japan that she was left with no other choice but to attack. "With the help of the note of November 26th,"states Admiral Theobald, "President Roosevelt purposely and irrevocably unleashed the war for the United States. Japan's attempt to avoid the stranglehold was without success. She had either to surrender or to fight, and there was no doubt about her choice.”.

Despite the fact that American Intelligence had acquired the secret code of the Japanese fleet several months earlier, so that the American High Command knew in advance of every movement of this fleet, the Commandant of Pearl Harbour received no message at all, informing him that, due to the outcome of diplomatic negotiations, a Japanese attack was imminent. As much as four weeks earlier, the chiefs-of-staff knew very well that the Japanese intended to overrun Pearl Harbour. They even knew the exact hour the Japanese warships and carriers left their home ports to attack Pearl Harbour. They succeeded even in intercepting the secret Japanese telegram containing the text of the declaration of war and commanding at the same time that this declaration was to be handed over to the White House at the exact time the first bombs were falling on Pearl Harbour.

This catastrophe could have been averted easily, but President Roosevelt eagerly awaited the attack. He expressly forbade the American fleet to leave Pearl Harbour. Four thousand, five hundred and seventy-five unprotected American soldiers died, eighteen ships, amongst them four great American warships, were destroyed. But Roosevelt and those standing behind him attained their aim!

“I say to you fathers and mothers again… again, and again, (87) your sons shall not be sent to die on foreign soil unless attacked!"booms the promise of "our President"amid the thunder of the bombs falling on Pearl Harbour. And now he stands on the deck of the Potomac with the same hypocritical face, surrounded by other Pharisees heartily singing "Onward, Christian Soldiers", the well-known Anglican hymn. All the time, he knows very well that he will scrap the recently signed Atlantic Charter in much the same way as he broke his promise to American fathers and mothers. To the Pope, Roosevelt writes that the Russian form of dictatorship is not as dangerous to Christianity as the German type of despotism.

Roosevelt, who was a well-informed politician, knew very well that this was not true. So did the advisors standing behind him. Nevertheless, they declared it to the Pope and to the nations of the world. Those advising him and compelling him to make hypocritical promises were well aware that through exploiting his vanity, they could lead this "democratic"dictator into any venture.

“… and ye shall possess greater nations and mightier than yourselves"sounds the eternal promise. The fact that Roosevelt "progressed"from peace to war, from the New Deal to the firm of Dupont Nemours, from the Atlantic Charter to the Yalta Agreement, from the promise given to the Pope of establishing and maintaining a just peace to the principle of unconditional surrender, from free masonic humanism to the Morgenthau Plan and from democracy to friendship with Bolshevism is the tragedy of mankind. All this is an appalling example of a statesman corrupted by Jewry. He is the "philanthropist"who causes the bombing of women and children, the "champion of peace"who prepares war, the "great democrat"who is a much greater dictator than Hitler himself, and the leading "American"who by his actions turns out to be ~ a Jew. (88)

The most calamitous figure of the 20th century is neither Hitler nor Stalin ~ it is Roosevelt.

And in those days when Christian armies were so near to the Soviet capital that they could see the spires and turrets of Moscow, and when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour, it was only appropriate that Churchill should go to the telephone and say to Roosevelt: "Now we are all in the same boat!”.

Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill! Behind them, the Eastern and Western Jews ~ Kaganovich and Baruch!

“The emblem of our nation, the symbolic serpent, has closed its ring"say the Protocols.

Not long after these events, a photograph appeared in Life. Harry Hopkins, one of Roosevelt's closest advisers and administrator of Lend-Lease, stands in the middle of a group. On his right, Litvinov Finkelstein presents a greasy grin to La Guardia, who is handing over in accordance with the Lend-Lease Act the first American cheque to the Soviet Union.

It is a sum of eleven thousand million dollars, contributed by the hard work of American fathers and mothers to aid Soviet barbarism and to help the Bolshevik dictator.

Well, had not a visionary written in his ignored prophecy: "The Western Jew will equip an army of twenty million men in the East to destroy Christianity and civilisation and to establish the Jewish world kingdom!"? The prophecy of Cassandra has come true, and the evidence to prove the identity of the real war criminals has also been established.

Forrestal, who became American Secretary of War during Truman's Presidency, and who was probably killed by the sinister power that dominates the world, records his conversation with Joseph P. Kennedy in his well-known diary under the date of December 7th, 1945. Kennedy had been Roosevelt's Ambassador in Great Britain at the beginning of the last war. The entry in question reads: "I played golf with Joe Kennedy today. I asked him about his consultations he had in 1938 with Roosevelt and with Neville Chamberlain. He thinks Chamberlain was convinced that Britain had no means to enable her to fight against Hitler.

Therefore, Chamberlain was not entertaining the idea of going to war against the Hitler regime. Kennedy's own view at that time was that Hitler's (89) Germany will be fighting against Russia without being later involved in war with Britain. William C. Bullitt. (also of Jewish descent), Roosevelt's Ambassador to France in 1939, was pressing Roosevelt persistently to take the firmest possible stand against the Germans in the Polish question.

Were it not for the ceaseless encouragements given from Washington, the English and French would never have made a casus belli out of the Polish question. Bullitt maintained emphatically, said Kennedy, that the Germans will not fight. Contrary to this view, Kennedy was of the opinion that the Germans will go to war promptly and that they might even overrun Europe. Chamberlain came to the conclusion ~ said Kennedy ~ that America and world Jewry had driven Britain into the war!"