108 Directions

by Leonie Blaire-Cooper

The following 108 DIRECTIONS are an awareness expansion in hindsight of the 88 PRECEPTS.

  1. The Vatican's Society of Jesus created Communism, and slaughtered a billion people through the direction of an unholy Roman Empire subordinating Judaism.
  2. The false white saviour will arrive, reborn amalgamated from crucifixion of another race, birthed as a replacement, through the soul, fleeced from another.
  3. Insidious meddling of esoteric Martinism will reveal the false white saviour, as through esoteric Martinism the false saviour endeavoured, concealed by compartmentalisation, forwarded through deception, to rebirth.
  4. The solar priesthood controls and prearranges the use of colour, through symbolism displayed in logos, often worn upon apparel of those advancing, knowing or unknowingly, the solar priesthoods directive.
  5. The good NEWS, North East West South, is of the resurrection of the Sun, motioning the directions of the winter solstice cross. The resurrection of light and life, parodied by the Christian church as Jesus Christ the warring and wandering Jew.
  6. World has been reset and reanimated as a disinheritance, against the true direction of our nurturing white ancestors. Unlucky become those who walk the true path, in the direction of their ancestors.
  7. The dying soul is revealed incursion of darkness impressing against light, disembodied and manipulated via disturbia as the all seeing eye, maligned by the evil axis of freemasonry, symbolised by a rite of passage, over equilibrium of the chequerboard.
  8. Hated of our people's existence is unreconcilable and appeasable only if we are being defaced unrecognisable from everything we have been, to take away everything we came to be. Envious greed of our loathing detractors has no bounds through their fears.
  9. There are many types of predator combatants, physical, mental and spiritual are the main three, others include historical, territorial etc. Their toxic endeavours, side stepping through partisan tollerance, must be halted, or the soul of our people will die.
  10. The crucifix is the sickest idol of them all. A personifaction of suffering, a man, crowned with thorns, nailed down and stretched out as a menstration sacrifice; bled out into the destinties of those who despised him.