Rotherham and Beyond

Massive exploitation and sexual abuse of white children is being inflicted by hundreds of Asian males throughout the United Kingdom. A report estimated 1,400 children, mostly white, within the city of Rotherham and beyond a suspected 100,000 children, were sexually exploited by Asian gangs over a duration of at least 16 years.

Grooming Gangs

Between the mid-1990s and the late-2000s, gangs of predominantly British Pakistani Muslim men raped and prostituted thousands of predominantly young, white, working-class girls in towns and cities across England. In 2018, the then home secretary, Sajid Javid (born to a British Pakistani family), promised a full-scale review into grooming gangs, in order to establish ‘the characteristics of offenders, victims and the context in which these crimes are committed’.

Home secretary, Sajid Javid, was rebuked by MPs and human rights campaigners for tweeting about “Asian paedophiles”. Javid highlighted the case of a grooming gang in Huddersfield that raped and abused girls as young as 11. The group of men were found guilty of more than 120 offences against 15 girls.

“Sajid Javid has brought a great office of state into disrepute. By singling out ‘Asians’ he not only panders to the far right but increases the risk of violence and abuse against minorities across the country. Advertisement. Whatever the underlying motives of the offenders involved, paedophilia is an abhorrent crime that affects all communities. It does no service to the victims of this evil to pin the blame on any one group.”.

There would be ‘no no-go areas of inquiry’, he said. ‘We know that in these recent high-profile cases, [the] people convicted have been disproportionately from a Pakistani background.’ Yet despite Javid promising not to ‘let cultural or political sensitivities get in the way of understanding the problem and doing something about it’, it was revealed in February that the findings of the grooming-gang review were to be withheld from the public.

West Merica Police (Telford) kneeling in front of, standing, local muslims. They even allow a local muslim leader to place his hands on their heads.

Afzal suggested that "white professionals' over-sensitivity to political correctness and fear of appearing racist may well have contributed to justice being stalled".

Shocking revelations on BBC Radio 4 by former North West Chief Crown Prosecutor Nazir Afzal, when he revealed a "Government Cover-Up” started 11 years ago in 2008 when the Labour Government under Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, sent-out a circular to all the British police forces’; stating that:

“as far as these young girls who are being exploited in towns and cities, we believe they have made an informed choice about their sexual behavior and therefore it is not for you police officers to get involved in.".

The BBC Radio 4 interview was kept under wraps, and this is why at the time it never caused much of a public outcry, as it was simply ignored by the MSM. And it was not until ex-police officer, Dionne Miller raised the matter of the circular allegedly sent by Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and Home Secretary Jacqui Smith. One of Afzal's first decisions on becoming a chief crown prosecutor was to initiate prosecutions in the case of the Rochdale sex trafficking gang, overturning an earlier decision by the CPS.

Why target our Children?

Most Asian Grooming gangs are operating within an area of Europe known as the Blue Banana (you might of noticed the blue banana shops opening in this region). This area was the expansion of the desendant legacy of Rollo of Normandy since the formation of the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte (area my family are from) in the year of 911.

“Supressed history of our people being depraved into alienating Workhouses, displaced and dispersed during our White Diaspora that has enabled migrants to enter our realm and decimate our ancestral legacy through horrific, decimating exploitation of our children's innocence.".

At present I am uncovering historical evidence that it is this legacy, of the Normans, is being attacked by the Vatican supressing generation after generation with child abuses and also our defunct monarch being beseiged by peadophiles. And now, more recently we are being subordinated with lengthy disparities via defacing acts of racially profiled miscegenation. It is our ancestral spirit they both fear, loath and supress into marginalisation.


The Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal consisted of the organised child sexual abuse that occurred in the town of Rotherham, South Yorkshire, Northern England from the late 1980s until the 2010s and the failure of local authorities to act on reports of the abuse throughout most of that period. Researcher Angie Heal, who was hired by local officials and warned them about child exploitation occurring between 2002 and 2007, has since described it as the “biggest child protection scandal in UK history”.

“From 2008 onwards the director of public prosections told the police not to prosecute Muslim rape gangs to prevent Islamophobia". That director Keir Starmer, since 2020 the leader of the Labour Party, who promoted Naz Shah to his front bench. The Communist Pakistani Muslim who thinks English children should keep quiet about being raped.”.

Labour MP (Bradford West) Naz Shah disturbing Peace Gardens, Sheffield, holds a placard “Silence is Consent”

“Those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the sake of diversity”.

The Times articles, along with the 2012 trial of the Rochdale child sex abuse ring, prompted the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee to conduct hearings. Following this and further articles from Norfolk, Rotherham Council commissioned an independent inquiry led by Professor Alexis Jay. In August 2014, the Jay report concluded that an estimated 1,400 children, most of them white British girls, had been sexually abused in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013 by predominantly British-Pakistani men (Kurdish and Kosovar men were also involved).

A “common thread” was that taxi drivers had been picking the children up for sex from care homes and schools. The abuse included gang rape, forcing children to watch rape, dousing them with petrol and threatening to set them on fire, threatening to rape their mothers and younger sisters, and trafficking them to other towns. There were pregnancies—one at age 12—terminations, miscarriages, babies raised by their mothers, and babies removed, causing further trauma.

"Very quickly he started being controlling. I wasn't allowed to do anything without his permission. He isolated me from friends and family and it became the only person in my world was him. He was very violent towards me. There were times when I thought he was going to kill me".

The failure to address the abuse was attributed to a combination of factors revolving around race, class, and gender—contemptuous and sexist attitudes toward the mostly working-class victims; fear that the perpetrators' ethnicity would trigger allegations of racism and damage community relations; the Labour council's reluctance to challenge a Labour-voting ethnic minority; lack of a child-centred focus; a desire to protect the town's reputation; and lack of training and resources.

Brothers Arshid Hussain, 40, Basharat Hussain, 39, and Bannaras Hussain, 36, and (left to right bottom) Karen MacGregor 58 (Does this woman have any connection to Jesuits / Catholic Church?), (left), Shelley Davies, 40, and Qurban Ali, 53, were sentenced to a combined 103 years in prison.

MacGregor took in girls - all of whom were white - from children's homes in the area, offering them a safe and comfortable living environment in her 'Hansel and Gretal house'. But once they were in she pimped them out as prostitutes, making them 'earn their keep' by having sex with a succession of men who were often double their age.

Rotherham Council's chief executive, its director of children's services, and the Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire Police all resigned. The Independent Police Complaints Commission and the National Crime Agency both opened inquiries, the latter expected to last eight years. The government appointed Louise Casey to conduct an inspection of Rotherham Council.

The cultural marxist BBC denounced exploited child abuse victims of grooming gangs in Rotherham as "working" prostitutes. Spirialing out of control, what kind of narrative is that? just who is controlling children prostitution?
Rotherham’s local journalists are scared to death of certain groups. They rarely publish descriptions and when they do it is not “100 men raped and abused a child” but, instead, is made to sound almost as if the girl is to blame.

In Rotherham, the girls were as young as 9 and the police and councillors called them “prostitutes”.

Published in January 2015, the Casey report concluded that the council had a bullying, sexist culture of covering up information and silencing whistleblowers, and was “not fit for purpose”. In February 2015, the government replaced the council's elected officers with a team of five commissioners. As a result of new police inquiries, 19 men and two women were convicted in 2016 and 2017 of sexual offences in the town dating back to the late 1980s; one of the ringleaders was jailed for 35 years.

Victim Laura Wilson was stabbed and thrown into a canal for bringing 'shame' on the families of two Pakistani men who had groomed her for sex. Her killer Ali Ashgar who was 18 at the time was given a life sentence after he pleaded guilty to murdering Laura in October 2010. Social services were well aware she was at risk and had recieved information about certian adults suspected of targeting her from the age of 11.

At least 54 police officers operating in and around Rotherham are accused of turning a blind eye to more than a decade of horrific child abuse by gangs of Asian men. Below are three Rotherham police officers from time of the Jay Report.

South Yorkshire PC Lee Lucas admitted making 1,400 indecent images of children was jailed for 12 months. Lucas, who has been a PC with the force since 2010 and was based at Rotherham Police Station, was found to have had "excessive and unexplained contact" with the women after an internal investigation.
Pc Hassan Ali was under investigation accused of being part of the Rotherham sex ring when he died last year. At least 54 police officers are accused of turning a blind eye to the abuse. Ali died in 2015 following a road traffic accident in Sheffield, he was told he was under investigation by the IPCC on the day he was killed.
Pc Daniel Cookson who served with the South Yorkshire force, was arrested in November 2013 after the teenager's parents found "inappropriate text messages" on her phone. He denied inciting the girl to engage in sexual activity but was found guilty at Sheffield Crown Court.

Not a single police officer has been sacked over widespread failures that let down victims of Asian grooming gangs in Rotherham. A report released 13th November 2021 by the Independent Office for Police Conduct said urgent action was needed to deal with problems that ‘still exist’ in handling child sex abuse cases. Operation Linden probed 47 South Yorkshire Police officers after 44 white girls were abused between 1997 and 2013. But after six years of work, and with only one misconduct hearing outstanding, no officer has been fired for mistakes made.

Baron Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham, was created a life peer in 1998 on the recommendation of Prime Minister Tony Blair. Baron Ahmed of Rotherham stopped Geert Wilders entering the UK in 2009 by threatening to mobilise 10.000 Muslims if he'd visit Britain’s Parliament to show movie Fitna about Islam.

Peer and former politician Lord Nazir Ahmed has been jailed for five years and six months for the attempted rape of a young girl and sexually assaulting a boy under 11 in the 1970s. The 64-year-old, who has resigned from the House of Lords but retains the title Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, was found guilty at Sheffield Crown Court in January of two counts of attempted rape and one of buggery. The court heard how the repeated abuse happened in Rotherham when he was a teenager in the 1970s. On Friday 4th February 2022 a judge, Mr Justice Lavender, jailed Ahmed for five years and six months.

“An overwhelming feeling of shame remained with me throughout my childhood and early adult years. It was a burden I was made to carry, and it silenced me for many years. It is now time for me to pass that burden to him – the paedophile who I know feels no personal shame.”.

Ahmed’s two older brothers Mohammed Farouq, 71, and Mohammed Tariq, 66, were also charged with indecent assault in relation to the same boy that Ahmed abused. Both men were deemed unfit to stand trial, but a jury found that they did the acts alleged. Farouq and Tariq were both given absolute discharges after the judge said the only other two options – a hospital order or a supervision order – would not be appropriate in this case. The judge said that according to legal guidelines, the sentence must be in line with the one that would have been imposed at the time the offence was committed. He jailed Ahmed for three and a half years for the offence of buggery, and imposed two concurrent sentences of two years for each of the attempted rapes.


The Rochdale child sex abuse ring involved underage teenage girls in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England. Nine men were convicted of sex-trafficking and other offences including rape, trafficking girls for sex and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child in May 2012. This resulted in Greater Manchester Police launching Operation Doublet to investigate further claims of abuse with 19 men so far being convicted. Forty-seven girls were identified as victims of child sexual exploitation during the police investigation.

The men were British Pakistanis, which led to discussion on whether the failure to investigate them was linked to the authorities' fear of being accused of racial prejudice. The girls were mainly White British. In March 2015, Greater Manchester Police apologized for its failure to investigate the child sexual exploitation allegations more thoroughly between 2008–10.

Burton and Burton lawyers acted for four of the Rochdale sex gang as they fought deportation to Pakistan: Shabir Ahmed, Adil Khan, Abdul Aziz and Qari Abdul Rauf.

Some gang members told the court the girls were willing participants and happy having sex with the men. The ringleader, 59-year-old Shabir Ahmed, claimed the girls were "prostitutes" who had been running a "business empire" and it was all "white lies". He shouted in court, "Where are the white people? You have only got my kind here." Shabir Ahmed's threatening behaviour and calling Judge Gerald Clifton a "racist bastard" resulted in him being banned from the court for the sentencing hearing.

"Attempts by Rochdale Crisis Intervention Team co-ordinator for the NHS, Sara Rowbotham, to alert police and authorities to "patterns of sexual abuse" were ignored. Between 2003 and 2014, Rowbotham made more than 180 attempts to alert police and social services but was told the witnesses were not reliable.".

Sara Rowbotham, the sexual health worker who first recognized patterns of child abuse in the community and fought to bring these crimes to police attention, was made redundant in 2014. A former Detective Constable who was investigating the grooming gangs, Margaret Oliver, resigned in 2012 in disgust of the handling of the cases by the police force and spoke out as a whistleblower to inform the public.

"The victims, vulnerable teenagers from deprived, dysfunctional backgrounds, were targeted in "honeypot locations" where young people congregated, such as takeaway food shops. One victim, a 15-year-old known as the Honey Monster, acted as a recruiter, procuring girls as young as 13 for the gang. The victims were coerced and bribed into keeping quiet about the abuse by a combination of alcohol and drugs, food, small sums of money and other gifts".

Operation Exmoor, has identified ten new victims in Rochdale aged nine to 16 who were sexually abused between 2008 and and 2013. A wide range of alleged offences committed against them includes rape and sexual assault. It was begun after a review of Operation Span, an investigation into an infamous child sex grooming gang led by Shabir Ahmed, known as "Daddy". Ahmed and eight others were convicted and jailed for a series of sex crimes committed against five girls who were abused and then 'shared' at sex parties across the north west between 2005 and 2008, although details of their crimes only emerged in 2012.

"Operation Exmoor is an investigation instigated at the end of 2019/2020. What I asked for was that all victims that had been seen as a result of Operation Span had received the level of service that we would expect today from Greater Manchester Police. From that we identified ten victims who provided further investigative opportunities. We have identified 142 offenders linked to the victims and 46 of then have been recognised as suspects. But there is a lot of work to do with the victims."

A victim (under a sudo name of Daisy) of Rochdale grooming gangs has told the BBC that convictions she received as a teenager - for offences linked to the abuse she was suffering - have destroyed her hopes of a career. The convictions she received as a teen continue to hold her back to this day. She had ambitions to become a social worker, to use her painful past to help others in the future.

"I got picked up so many times by the police... and it was always when I was out with adult men. Even though I was kicking and screaming in the back [of the police van] saying 'he's hit me or he's raped me', I was always the one that got arrested. I was like, 'why are you not listening? What about them? I'm only a kid - why is it always me?".

But because of an obligation to disclose criminal convictions, she has been prevented from pursuing her chosen career. The men who abused her have never been prosecuted Harriet Wistrich, director of the Centre for Women's Justice, as supported her in a civil action against Greater Manchester Police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

"Victims were physically assaulted and raped by as many as five men at a time, or obliged to have sex with "several men in a day, several times a week and taken to various locations in the north of England, including Rochdale, Oldham, Nelson, Bradford and Leeds.".

Since release the trio Qari Abdul Rauf, Abdul Aziz and Adil Khan have been facing deportation since 2018 after losing an appeal to retain their British citizenship. MP Tony Lloyd said the government had shown "grossly unacceptable inaction". Former police detective Maggie Oliver, who resigned over the way the cases were handled by Greater Manchester Police, said news of the sighting of Rauf had made her "blood boil".

Seven years after being told they face deportation two of the men are still appealing using Article 8 of the ECHR - their right to a private and family life. The legacy of Rochdale grooming gangs legal fees have drawn £2,025,363 from assistance of legal aid.


A gang of nine Asian men who groomed white girls as young as 13 with drink and drugs have been sentenced on the 9th of May 2012. The men were convicted on the 8th of May of conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with children under the age of 16 and other offences. Judge Clifton said the men had been convicted for their “grave” sexual offences, which involved “grooming and sexually exploiting” several young girls.

The man seen as the ringleader, a 59-year-old who cannot be named for legal reasons, was jailed for a total of 19 years for conspiracy, two counts of rape, aiding and abetting a rape, sexual assault and a count of trafficking within the UK for sexual exploitation. The defendant was previously banned from court because of his threatening behaviour and for calling the judge a “racist bastard”.

Summing up, Judge Gerald Clifton said:

“In some cases those girls were raped callously, viciously and violently. Most of you were many years older than they were. They were going through a period in their lives full of difficulty and misery. One had left her parents' home, another had been in care for many years. You attracted them to your company by flattery, free food, and alcohol. Some of you acted to satiate your lust, some to make money out of them. All of you treated them as though they were worthless and beyond all respect.”.

Two girls were abducted from social services care by older men, who plied them with ecstasy and alcohol and had sex with them. The first lived at a children's home in Lancashire and the second had been placed with foster parents but - because of her persistent truancy - she was moved to a children's home in Wales. The girls were given ecstasy tablets throughout the night by the two men, along with alcohol, the court was told.

Hussain and Naveed admitted abducting a child, sexual activity with the same child and supplying the youngsters with ecstasy. They were ordered to sign the sex offender's register for life and banned for life from associating with girls aged under 16 for life. The court heard that the immigration authorities were currently making efforts to deport Naveed, but not in relation to the current case. After the hearing, Chief Inspector Alice Knowles said: "These girls were vulnerable and more susceptible to their grooming techniques of offering them drugs and alcohol.".


A Carlisle takeaway boss was jailed for 15 years in May, 2012 for attempting to recruit four girls aged between 12 and 16 into prostitution. Azad Miah, 44, was also found guilty of running a brothel from his business and paying two teenagers for sex. The married father-of-two was owner of the former Spice of India restaurant. Judge Peter Hughes, QC, said the case at Carlisle Crown Court showed "the seedier side" of UK towns and called for more protection for children. Det Insp Geoff Huddlestone of Cumbria Police, said Miah had got the sentence he deserved and that he had "committed heinous crimes".

Azah Miah "hounded and stalked" his victims.

The hearing heard that one girl was encouraged to have sex with him out of desperation for cash when she was 15, while he had a sexual relationship with the other, a heroin addict, when she was aged between 15 and 17. The jury also heard that the Bangladeshi national had targeted "desperate and vulnerable" victims and treated them in a "cold and clinical way". The court heard the 12-year-old girl had complained to police three times about Miah persistently harassing her in 2008, three years before his arrest. She said she eventually gave up complaining because nothing was done, although Miah's legal team said there was no official record of her complaints.

Judge Hughes said: "Over a number of years, behind the veil of a seemingly respectable business, you preyed on the immaturity and vulnerability of young girls from troubled and chaotic home backgrounds. You sought to draw them into a life of drug dependency and sleazy sex for money. When you did not desire their sexual services for yourself you made them available to others. Your conduct corrodes the foundations of decency and respect by which all right-thinking people live their lives whatever their ethnic or religious background." The hearing also heard that up to 30 potential victims of Miah were approached as part of the investigation but many were reluctant to come forward and give evidence.


The Newcastle sex abuse ring were a gang of seventeen men and a woman who sexually abused adolescent girls and young women from 2010 to 2014 in Newcastle upon Tyne after plying them with alcohol and drugs. The men were of Albanian, Kurdish, Bangladeshi, Turkish, Iranian, Iraqi, Eastern European and Pakistani heritage who were aged between 27 and 44.

A total of 17 men and one woman have been convicted of offences including rape, sexual abuse, supplying drugs and trafficking for sexual exploitation in a series of trials over the Newcastle case.

The woman was a 22-year-old white British woman. A British man of Indian heritage was charged for conspiracy to incite prostitution and supplying drugs to a victim. The victims ranged in age from 13 to 25.

The 18 gang members were convicted of nearly 100 offences:

“What the perpetrators have in common is their proclaimed faith. They are Muslims, and many of them would claim to be practising. It is not Islamophobic to point this out.”.

The British Labour politician Sarah Champion claimed regarding media news about this and previous trials, that there is a need to “acknowledge” that in all of the towns where similar cases have occurred “the majority of the perpetrators have been British Pakistani”. She said: “We have got now, hundreds of Pakistani men who have been convicted of this crime, why are we not commissioning research to see what is going on and how we need to change what is going on. (…) I genuinely think that it’s because more people are afraid to be called a racist than they are afraid to be wrong about calling out child abuse.”

Gallon (pictured at Newcastle Magistrates' Court) told police the girls she lured to a sex gang deserved it

The facilitator of this asian sex gang who found young white girls for them to sexually exploit told police they deserved it. Carolann Gallon, 22, the only woman convicted as part of the gang, trafficked girls as young as 13-years-old across the north of England and was jailed for six years and three months.

“Gallon was initially held at Low Newton’s women’s prison in Durham but became a target of constant taunting from other women prisoners. She has since been moved almost 150 miles to HMP Styal, in Cheshire, Gallon’s problems have continued at her new prison, where she was assaulted.”.

The mother-of-two once took a young girl to a flat where was forced alcohol and drugs and only woke up while she was being raped, Newcastle Crown Court heard. The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, described how Abdulhamid Minoyee, 34, abused her and then “grinned” after the violent sex attack After Gallon’s arrest she said the abuse the girls’ were given was “self-inflicted” and insisted they weren’t children despite some being under 16.


The Telford child sexual exploitation scandal is an ongoing scandal in the United Kingdom. Originally, a group of men were convicted of grooming local children for sex between 2007 and 2009 in Telford in the English county of Shropshire.

While media reports had suggested 100 or more girls had been affected and around 200 perpetrators were suspected, the Sunday Mirror reported in March 2018 that up to 1,000 girls may have been abused, with some even murdered, in incidents dating back to the 1970s. The gang is now assumed to have been operating over a 40 year period.

2012 convictions
2019 convictions
2020 convictions

A fourth man from Telford has been convicted of sexually abusing a vulnerable young girl who was "passed around like a piece of meat". Three defendants were on Tuesday found guilty of abusing the girl, who said she was forced to perform sex acts in a churchyard and was raped above a shop. The offences took place in the Telford area some time between 2000 and 2003, which prosecutors opening the case started when the girl was 12 years old.

Mohammed Ali Sultan, Mohammad Rizwan and Amjad Hussain were convicted by a jury.

The victim said she was assaulted by other as-yet unidentified males, with the abuse continuing until she was in her mid-teens. Opening the trial, Michelle Heeley QC had said: "This case involves the sexual exploitation of a young girl, a girl passed around like a piece of meat for the sexual gratification of several young men, some of whom are in the dock."

In a series of trials stretching over two years and concluding in May 2013, seven men were convicted of sexual offences against four girls aged 13 to 16. The offences included rape, controlling child prostitution, causing child prostitution, and trafficking for prostitution.

Ahdel Ali, 25, Mubarek Ali, 29, Mohammed Ali Sultan, 26, Tanveer Ahmed, 40, Mohammed Younis, 60, and Mohammed Islam Choudhrey, 53.

In 2018, investigations by the Sunday Mirror alleged that the extent of the Telford grooming gang was far more vast than had previously been believed, with claims of up to 1,000 girls, most of them white, having been victims of trafficking, drugging, beating, rape and even murder. Similar with other grooming gang cases, it was alleged that the authorities failed to keep details of abusers from Asian communities for fear of being seen as racist, with police having known about gang activities since the early 1980s.

As many as 1,000 children are feared to have been drugged and abused by perverts in Telford, Shrops, since the 1980s — but their hell went on for decades as authorities repeatedly failed to stamp out a network of paedophiles in the town. The number of victims estimated by child abuse experts means there could have been more per head of population than in the scandals that rocked Rochdale and Rotherham in recent years. Social workers were said to have known about the offending as far back as the 1990s, but it took cops a decade to launch a probe. And it is claimed files show council staff regarded children who were abused and trafficked as prostitutes rather than victims.

Lucy Lowe and the aftermath of the fire in which she lost her life.

Vulnerable Lucy Lowe was 16 when abuser Azhar Ali Mehmood, 26, set fire to her house, killing her, her mum Eileen and sister Sarah, 17, in 2000. The taxi driver first targeted her in 1997. She was 14 when she gave birth to his daughter. He was jailed for killing the teen, along with her mum Eileen and her sister Sarah, 17 – but was never arrested or charged over sex abuse. Another victim, who was drugged and gang-raped, said Lucy's killing was a warning to others who might speak out.

Telford's Conservative MP, Lucy Allan, has previously called for a Rotherham-style inquiry into the allegations and called the latest reports 'extremely serious and shocking'. There must now be an independent inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Telford so that our community can have absolute confidence in the authorities,' she told the paper.

“Girls like Becky were treated like criminals. I was crying out for help but it felt like I had nowhere to turn. If Becky's abuse had been properly investigated by the authorities more girls could have been saved from going through this hell.”.


Dino Nocivelli, a specialist child abuse solicitor, said: 'These children were treated as sexual commodities by men who inflicted despicable acts of abuse. The survivors deserve an inquiry. 'They need to know how abuse took place for so long and why so many perpetrators have never been brought to justice.'.

Telford child abuse gang ringleader freed

Sex gang leader Ahdel Ali has been released from prison after serving eight years of a 26-year sentence.

He was one of two ringleaders of a sexual grooming gang that preyed on girls as young as 13 in Telford, resulting in the Operation Chalice investigation and an independent child sexual exploitation inquiry. MP Lucy Allan confirmed that Ali, now aged 32, was released on Wednesday, 16th December 2020.

Since 2020 dozens of probes into child sex exploitation in Telford have collapsed – with NO convictions. Over the past decade 37 investigations into child sex crimes involving more than one alleged attacker failed to bring anyone to justice. The new figures sparked outrage just days after it emerged predator Ahdel Ali, 33, was released halfway through an 18-year jail term. Victims – who gave police at least 267 names – fear some of the worst sexual offenders are still at large in the Shropshire town.

One, whose case collapsed after she gave police the names of 68 men, told the Sunday Mirror: “It’s really wrong. These men are getting away with it and their abuse ruins lives.” Many of her claims were backed up by diary entries but the Crown Prosecution Service said there was no realistic prospect of a conviction. Another victim added: “The system is stacked against us. So many people report abuse but nothing happens and when perpetrators do get jailed they get out early. It’s a slap in the face. Sex offenders should be made to serve their full sentence.”.

Police REFUSED to act as Shahzad Khan pimped out under-age white girl earning £2k a night

POLICE were tipped off about Muslim Groomer Shahzad “Keith” Khan, as far back as 1996 but he was allowed to run his “Rape House” for years -The Sunday Mirror reports. He even picked up one sex slave outside a local police station, on multiple occasions. They missed the chance to nail him and a string of other men went begging in 2013 when a police case collapsed. Khan was the head of a family of abusers who subjected dozens of youngsters to a terrifying ordeal.

He operated his child sex ring from an empty ex-council property and sold one girl for sex at up to £2,000 a night. The girl said of her ordeal at Khan’s hands: “I felt numb, dead inside.” Yet Khan operated under the noses of authorities in the area and was even featured in his local paper as a pillar of the community. He was described as a “generous” bird lover who fed pigeons to help him get over a cancer ordeal. Our investigators discovered Khan was reported to police over sex abuse fears in the mid-1990s. Officers were tipped off by a female neighbour who believed he was selling young girls in the town for sex. She had seen him take a 12-year-old girl from a children’s home into a car.

Nonce Shahzad Khan

The neighbour said: “I told a police officer at Donnington Police Station what Khan was doing. I even told them that he’d offered my brother sex with an underage girl. “Nothing was done. They told me they couldn’t prosecute him as they’d never have enough evidence. I got the feeling they were brushing me off.” He was later reported to officers by a child sex victim whose police case files have been seen by our team. But no charges were brought against Khan. Victims who were forced to provide sex at Khan’s drab terraced property dubbed it “The Rape House”.

According to police statements and the victim’s testimony, Khan took the virginity of one 14-year-old girl and then made up to £2,000 a night selling her for sex with scores of men. She was even sexually abused within hours of having an abortion. The victim told us how she first fell into Khan’s clutches. She said: “I was already being abused and I didn’t understand what was happening to me. No one talked about grooming back then, or showed us how to spot the signs. “I first met Keith in the street and he told me because I had a reputation anyway I might as well get paid for it. “He told me about all of these older girls I knew from school and how they were doing it too and making loads of money.”

It was the beginning of a three-year ordeal which left the young victim suicidal and broken. She described being forced to have sex with multiple men in restaurants, houses and fast food joints and even being trafficked to Birmingham for more abuse. The girl, now in her 30s, said: “One night, I was taken to a takeaway and forced to have sex with nine men in a row. I just switched off. “As one man raped me, the next one would be queueing up on the stairs. “The next day, I went to school like nothing had happened.” She told how Khan would loiter in betting shops looking for men who had won cash before offering his teenage sex slave to them for money.

He charged “clients” up to £200 for sex but, after taking his cut and charging expenses like petrol, would leave his victim with £30. Khan would punish her if the men did not finish quickly while he waited outside in his black Mercedes. Eventually, when she was 18, the girl escaped to Birmingham after she overdosed in an unsuccessful suicide bid. Another victim we spoke to said she was lured by Khan when she developed a heroin problem after being abused by other Pakistani men. “I come from a respectable family and they have good jobs but soon I was going missing and committing petty crimes because I’d become caught up in this sick world. It nearly tore my mum apart. “My family still hasn’t really recovered,” she added. The woman, also now in her 30s, eventually got clean and escaped but is still haunted by the memories of her abuse.

Both victims describe a den of horrors where Khan’s teenage son Shahmeel would watch porn and perform a sex act in the living room in front of his victims. Shahmeel was later jailed for raping an A-level student and for armed robbery. Another victim we spoke to was lured into the Khan family circle by nephew Mohammed Ali Sultan. She later discovered Sultan had sold her phone number to other men in Telford. She said: “I was getting calls at all hours of the day from older men. Some could barely speak English, but they knew my name and where to find me.” Sultan was jailed for seven years in 2012 after admitting abusing two girls, one just 13. He was locked up for another six years in 2015 when he was convicted of two rapes and one attempted rape. Khan died in 2015 aged 61 without ever having faced justice over the sex abuse ring.


A SERVING officer with Greater Manchester Police in Tameside has been jailed for two years for sexually assaulting a young girl. Farooq Ahmed targeted the girl when she was still at primary school by touching her private parts on three occasions. Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court heard on the first occasion the girl woke up to discover her clothing had been removed. On the next two occasions he touched and licked her private parts and on the last occasion filmed himself doing so but quickly deleted it. He also made sure her hand was touching his genitalia.

Ahemd admitted three counts of sexual assault and one of making an indecent image of a child in December, and appeared in court yesterday (January 5th 2021) to be sentenced. Imposing a sentence, Judge Clarke said: “My first thoughts are with the young girl, who was still at primary school when she suffered sexual abuse.” He jailed the 37-year-old for two years and made him subject to the sex offenders’ register and imposed a sexual harm prevention order for five years. Impact statement from the mother of the young girl, which showed the devastating impact of the incidents on her and her daughter. It said when she found out what had happened, “her world fell apart”


The Halifax child sex abuse ring was a group of men who committed serious sexual offences against under-aged girls in the English town of Halifax and city of Bradford, West Yorkshire. It was the largest child sexual exploitation investigation in the United Kingdom. In 2016, the perpetrators were found guilty of rape and other crimes in several trials at Leeds Crown Court. In total, as many as a hundred men may have been involved in child abuse. Twenty-five suspects were charged by West Yorkshire Police and the Crown Prosecution Service and 18 of these were found guilty, totalling over 175 years of prison time.

Those found guilty (all of them Muslim Asian men) in June 2016 and their sentences were as follows:

The principal victim was identified as “Jeanette” in government reports. The prosecution said that the girl, who was 13 when the abuse began, came from a troubled family background and was “lonely [and] needy”. The gang exploited her desire for friendship and love, deliberately giving her drink and drugs to turn her into an addict and make her more easily controlled. In interviews with the police, she described being raped and abused in many locations, including private homes in Halifax, Bradford and Manchester, and hotels in Bradford, Leeds, and London. The abuse took place between 2006 and 2011.

“Jeanette” believed that she was abused by at least a hundred men, often more than once a day, and once by nineteen men over a short time. She was infected with gonorrhoea as a result of the abuse and suffered permanent psychological harm. Although she knew many of the men only by their nicknames, the police were able to identify them using CCTV footage from the hotels in which she was abused and by analysing male DNA in stains found on her clothing. Police said it was the largest child sexual exploitation investigation in the country — “bigger than high-profile cases in Rochdale and Rotherham.”.

Ditta, who was attached to West Yorkshire Police's Protective Services Operations

20/2/2020 - A trial relating to the alleged non-recent sexual exploitation of children in Halifax has been delayed by a year. Armed Police Officer Amjad Hussain, also known as Amjad Ditta, is among 16 men charged in relation to the alleged abuse of three teenage girls in Halifax between 2006 and 2009.

The charges include rape, supplying drugs, trafficking, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and making threats to kill. Ditta, 35, is a police constable based within West Yorkshire Police's protective services team but he is currently suspended from duty. He is accused of sexually touching one of the girls at a time when he was a serving police officer.

His co-accused are:

The men were due to go on trial at Bradford Crown Court on September 14 this 2021. However, the trial did not go ahead due to the coronavirus pandemic. The 15 other defendants are on bail with conditions, including to live and sleep at their home address and inform police of any plans to travel outside the UK.


Twenty-seven people have been arrested in connection with online child sexual exploitation in Bradford. The boys and men, aged 16 to 57, were questioned after being arrested at addresses across the city. More than 60 devices were seized and safeguarding measures put in place for 26 children, police said. Warrants were executed after claims that people had been contacting children online and were in possession of indecent images of children. The 27 people were questioned and released under investigation or bailed while further inquiries take place, West Yorkshire Police said. Police said parents and carers must monitor their children's devices and report concerns during the coronavirus lockdown.

Nine men were given prison sentences of up to 20 years for the depraved abuse of two young girls. Their crimes took place in the Bradford and Kirklees districts between 2008 and 2009, although the men were only charged after an investigation was launched five years later in 2014 when the brave victims came forward. They were convicted by a jury of a total of 21 charges, including rape and sexual assault.

In 2014 five men, including four from Bradford, have been jailed for a total of more than 28 years for trafficking a 13-year-old girl for sex. During the trial at Sheffield Crown Court, the jury heard the offences took place in Bradford over a period of eight days in August 2013.

From top left: Shakeal Rehman, Yaseen Amini, Mohammed Shapal; from below left: Usman Ali and Bekir Rasheed.

The girl, who had just turned 13, was moved to several different addresses by the group, including a city centre hotel where she was raped by Rehman before she was abandoned and found by police in the centre of Bradford.

After the case, Detective Inspector Helen Tate, who led the investigation, described the offences as vile and criticised the men for putting the girl through the ordeal of a trial by deny the charges against them. "What happened to the victim has had a huge and profound impact on her life and the lives of her family," said Det Insp Tate. “I cannot put into words what this child experienced at the hands of these men.


The Keighley child sex abuse ring was a group of twelve men who committed serious sexual offences against two under-aged girls in the English town of Keighley and city of Bradford, West Yorkshire. In December 2015, they were found guilty of rape and other forms of sexual abuse by a unanimous jury verdict at Bradford Crown Court. They were sentenced in February 2016 to a total of 130 years in jail. The main victim, who had been targeted by ten of the men, was aged between 13 and 14 at the time of the attacks between 2011 and 2012. The alleged ringleader of the gang was named as local drug-dealer Ahmed Al-Arif Choudhury (also spelled Choudry), who was not among those found guilty in court and is believed to have fled abroad.

Mohammed Akram, 33, and his friend Usman Khalid, 31, were two of the men who abused Girl N between 2004 and 2011. Akram had his prison sentence increased from 17 years to 22 years and his friend Khalid was locked up for five years. The pair's sentencing marked the end of the first phase of West Yorkshire Police's Operation Tendersea - a long-running and ongoing investigation into child sexual exploitation. Girl N was groomed at the age of 11 and passed around members of the gang, who even went so far as to abduct her from a care home.

The main victim was groomed with gifts and apparent displays of affection before being coerced into abusive sexual relationships. She was raped in various locations in Keighley, including parks, churchyards, and an underground car-park. The rapists had designated part of the car-park “X's corner” with graffiti and added their own names. During one sustained rape, she was attacked by five men in succession. In an interview with police, she said that Choudhury had employed her as a drugs-courier and that when she tried to stop working for him, he called her a “little white slag” and a “little white bastard”. He then physically restrained her and raped her, according to her testimony. One of those found guilty, a 63-year-old taxi driver called Mohammed Akram, had sex with one of the victims in his taxi.

Kris Hopkins, Conservative MP for Keighley, condemned what he called the “sick model of organised groups of Asian men grooming young white girls” and claimed that more women were still suffering abuse in the same way. In a statement issued by his office, he said the convictions were vindication of controversial comments he had made in parliament in 2012, when he said that organised groups of Asian men were raping white girls. He claimed to have been criticized for these claims.

From Left to Right: Nasir Khan, Saqib Younis, Hussain Sardar; bottom row from left: Zain Ali, Faisal Khan and Mohammed Akram.
From Left to Right: Khalid Raja Mahmood, Tauqeer Hussain,Yasser Kabir; bottom row from left: Sufyan Ziarab, Bilal Ziarab and Israr Ali.

Some defendants had previous convictions for drug-dealing, dangerous driving, assault, public disorder, stealing and handling stolen goods. Arif Chowdhury, the alleged ringleader of the gang, is believed to have travelled to Bangladesh to escape prosecution following his arrest and release on bail. He had begun pimping the girl in Keighley when he was only 15 and was described in court as an evil and violent individual who had first employed the girl as a drugs-courier before subjecting her to repeated rapes, beatings and racial abuse.

In Febuary a grooming gang that systematically raped a 14-year-old girl and 'robbed her of her childhood' in West Yorkshire was jailed. The woman was raped by multiple men in the Keighley area of West Yorkshire over a period between 2008 and 2009, when she was aged between 14 and 16. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said eight men were found guilty of 23 counts of rape and two of conspiracy to rape in two separate trials at Bradford Crown Court last year. The CPS said two were sentenced last year and four more were jailed on Friday.

From top left: Nazir Khan, Kamran Hussain, Hassan Basharat, Omar Safdar, Barber Hussain and Imran Sabir.

Eight men were found guilty of 23 counts of rape and two of conspiracy to rape:

Two others are yet to be sentenced.

Prosecutors said the girl was driven to parks, flats and isolated places where she was raped by the men. In a statement issued through West Yorkshire Police on Friday, the woman said:

“The driving force for me to keep going through all of this was so that it prevents it from happening to other people, and also it might help other people come forward.”.

Ed Hulbert, from the CPS, said:

“These eight men cynically manipulated and ruthlessly exploited a young and vulnerable girl They plied her with drugs and alcohol and abused her systematically and repeatedly. They raped her when she was alone and unprotected.”.

Detective Chief Inspector Alan Weekes said: 'I would like to take this opportunity to praise the victim for coming forward and reporting these offences to the police, for her patience whilst the criminal investigation has been ongoing and her courage in giving evidence in court. 'The abuse she endured robbed her of her childhood and I hope seeing all of these men sent to prison today for these horrendous offences she was subjected to will allow her to start to look forward to the future.'


The Huddersfield grooming gang was a group of men who were convicted of sexual offences against girls in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. It was the largest gang ever convicted for sex abuse in the United Kingdom. The offences took place between 2004 and 2011, and the men were charged following the Operation Tendersea inquiry by the police.

Banaris Hussain aged 36; conivcted and imprisoned for 10 years
Zahid Hassan aged 29; conivcted and imprisoned for 18 years

The trials began in April 2017 and 20 men were convicted in 2018 in three separate trials. Since then, further men have been convicted in a series of trials, bringing the total number of men convicted to 35 by April 2020 for a total of 380 years. A report released in June 2019 indicated that 15 of the 22 females involved were known to children's services. Although there was “sufficient evidence” that two girls were being sexually exploited, one as early as 2007, no action was taken by the Kirklees Children's services.

The first 20 men convicted are all of Asian — mainly Pakistani — origin. Their ringleader was Amere Singh Dhaliwal, a British Indian, who converted to Sikhism in 2013. One of the grooming gang members, Sajid Hussain, fled during the trial and was sentenced in his absence. Two more men were sentenced in June 2019. Mohammed Akram was previously convicted and had his sentenced increased, whilst Usman Khalid was sentenced to five years.

20 men were jailed for a total of more than 250 years for abuse in Huddersfield

“The more I talked to experts in the field, the more convinced I became that there was no dominant ethnicity among the perpetrators. They came from different ethnic backgrounds in different towns and could be white, black or Asian. Some, such as the British National Party, have tried to make this a racial issue. I do not believe that it is.”.

A further five men were jailed in November 2019 under Operation Tendersea. Three of the men were not named for legal reasons whilst Umar Zaman fled to Pakistan and was sentenced in his absence. Seven more men were convicted in February 2020. A man was convicted in April 2020 along with another previously unnamed man, Shaqeel Hussai, who was sentenced to a further 12 months.

Report just in (Monday November 29, 2021) that Thirty nine men and three women have been charged with offences as part of a Kirklees Police operation into child sexual offending. The men and women, who are largely from the Kirklees area, have been charged with a variety of mainly sexual offences as part of an investigation into non-recent child sexual exploitation. The allegations against the defendants involve offences committed against six female victims, who were children at the time the alleged offending began. Those alleged offences occurred between 1995 and 2015, largely in the Dewsbury and Batley areas of Kirklees.

Those charged are:

Update 2nd March 2022: A teenage girl was groomed and abused by up to 300 men in Yorkshire by the time she was 17. Leeds Crown Court heard her family contacted social services after she returned home, often under the influence of drinks and drugs, and dishevelled. During one incident she returned to her family home naked from the waist down. The court heard the girl was forced into sexual activity with the men who would prey on her. One terrifying incident saw a man hold a knife to her throat while he assaulted her.

Nasarat Hussain Jailed was for a further two years on 2nd March 2022.

Prosecutor Kate Batty told the court the girl's parents was told by social services on one occasion that "she must love it if she keeps going back.". One of the men that abused the girl was Nasarat Hussain. Hussain was 17 at the time he tried to rape the girl in a bathroom at a house in Moorbottom Road, Huddersfield. The house was regularly used by a grooming gang to abuse vulnerable teenage girls from the area. Hussain, who is now 33, was known to the girl as "nurse" and attempted to rape her in a bathroom.

Judge Marson jailed Hussain for a further two years and added that his victim was:

“particularly vulnerable and everybody knew that and at the time you abused her you played your part in her psychological harm.”.

Ms Batty said the girl was "ragged about" and Hussain "pulled at her arms and head" before she told him she needed a glass of water. In a statement to the court the woman said the abuse she suffered as a teenager has led to her suffering depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. She has also been diagnosed with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Street Disorder) and bulimia.


A gang of "devious and manipulative" men who raped, trafficked and groomed two teenage girls were jailed in September 2016. The four abused a 13 year old and a 15 year old at a flat in Dewsbury in 2014. sWest Yorkshire Police said the gang had preyed on "the most vulnerable people in our communities".

Ismail Haji, his brother Imran and factory workers Ibrahim Kola and Mohammed Chothia.

The prosecutions came after the 13-year-old victim told a school welfare officer she had been seriously sexually assaulted. She first met Chothia, a factory worker of Hirstlands Road, Batley, and Ismail Haji, a former taxi driver of Rotary Close, Dewsbury, in August in Thornes Park, Wakefield, along with a 15-year-old girl.

The pair were later introduced to shop assistant Imran Haji, of Manor Way, Batley, and Kola, a factory worker of School Crescent, Dewsbury. The girls were subjected to sexual assaults at the property in Dewsbury. The 13-year-old was also abused at another address. Det Insp Lis Walker of West Yorkshire Police said: "These men took advantage of young and vulnerable victims for the sole purpose of sexually abusing them. "They were devious and manipulative in order to achieve their vile objectives." Ch Supt Mabs Hussain said the gang "behaved in a reprehensible fashion and targeted some of the most vulnerable people in our communities".

In 2020 police began probing an alleged grooming gang have charged 32 men with almost 200 offences against girls as young as 13. The alleged offences date from 1999 to 2012 against eight girls in Kirklees, Bradford and Wakefield. Police say the men are charged with a number of offences - including rape, sexual activity with a child, trafficking and false imprisonment.

There are 196 counts among the defendants in total against eight girls aged between 13 and 16. They were held by cops probing non-recent child sexual exploitation in parts of West Yorkshire as part of Operation Tourway. Cops say some of the victims were also subjected to offences when they were young adults.


The Derby child sex abuse ring was a group of men who sexually abused up to a hundred girls in Derby, England. In 2010, after an undercover investigation by Derbyshire police, members of the ring were charged with 75 offences relating to 26 girls. Nine of the 13 accused were convicted of grooming and raping girls between 12 and 18 years old. The attacks provoked fierce discussion about race and sexual exploitation. The thirteen men lived throughout Derby, and the police believed they met through a shared attraction for young girls.

The leaders were Abid Mohammed Saddique and Mohammed Romaan Liaqat, both married men with young children. They would cruise around the streets of Derby, targeting young girls. CCTV footage showed the gang leaders making repeated efforts to entice a pair of girls standing by the side of the road into their car. The police later discovered vodka and plastic cups under the car seats. Saddique was accused of having sexual activity with a 12-year-old in Darley Park, and Liaqat had sex with a 14-year-old in their vehicle.

The victims, aged between 12 and 18, were predominantly vulnerable girls from troubled backgrounds, and some of them were in care and known to social services. The men would target girls at railway stations, on estates, and walking home from school. The gang would first befriend the girls, inviting them out for a drive or a drink and supplied them with alcohol and drugs. The grooming process was then intensified, the girls were invited to parties, and further meetings were arranged. The girls were then driven to secluded areas and were sexually abused and raped.

From left to right: Mohammed Liaqat · Abid Saddique · Akshay Kumar · Graham Blackham · Mohammed Imran Rehman · Ziafat Yasin .

The abuse took place in houses and hotels across the Midlands, parks and even the victims' own homes. Two victims were threatened with hammers, while another was locked up before being raped. Sometimes, up to six men would be involved in the often violent assaults, which the gang would film on their mobile phones. Three gang members were filmed having sex with a 14-year-old girl in a hotel room to the sound of noisy cheering.

“Mohammed Shafiq, the director of the Ramadhan Foundation, said that an abhorrent form of racism in parts of the British Pakistani community fuelled the abuse, and that some young men did not see white girls as equal to their own daughters or sisters.”.

Some of the girls were locked up to prevent them from escaping. A 16-year-old victim stated: “I will never ever understand what has made them so evil and ignorant that still to this day they think they've not done anything wrong. The Derby case was one of several cases which prompted investigations looking into the claim that "the majority of the perpetrators have been British Pakistani"; the first was by Quilliam in December 2017, which released a report entitled "Group Based Child Sexual Exploitation – Dissecting Grooming Gangs", which claimed 84% of offenders were of South Asian heritage.


The Banbury child sex abuse ring was a group of six men who committed serious sexual offences against under-aged girls in the English town of Banbury, Oxfordshire. In March 2015, they were found guilty of offences including rape and sexual activity with a child over a period extending from 2009 to 2014. Police in Banbury had drawn on the lessons of Operation Bullfinch, which targeted sexual abuse in nearby Oxford.

“It gradually started to become more people. He asked me if I would work for him and I said 'No' and I just laughed it off but, as I realise now, I did it without even knowing - [I did] sex work. I thought it was okay, because I was brainwashed. They made me think it was my decision but it wasn't.”.

The men targeted vulnerable girls, using social media to organize parties at which the girls were groomed. The men used gifts and apparent displays of affection towards the girls, winning their trust before initiating abusive sexual relationships. Offences took place in cars, woods and in the men's private homes. Charges concerning seven victims aged from 13 to 15 were included in the prosecution case. The offences were rape, sexual activity with a child and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

The six men were named as:

In March 2017, several others were arrested in connection with raping young girls.

Detective Inspector Steve Raffield of Banbury police was quoted as saying that the offenders “abused the trust of the vulnerable young victims for the purpose of their own sexual gratification”. He described the offences as “horrific” crimes that would “have a lasting impact upon the victims’ lives.” He condemned the offenders for pleading not guilty and forcing the victims “to relive their experiences by giving evidence in court.” He concluded by thanking the victims for the courage they showed in giving evidence, which had helped secure convictions of the accused men.

Ahmed Hassan-Sule, Kagiso Manase, Takudzwa Hova, Mohamed Saleh, Said Saleh, and Zsolt Szaltoni

The Banbury MP Sir Tony Baldry was disturbed by tactics used by the defence during the trial, writing to the Lord Chancellor to express his concern at reference to the victims as willing participants who were falsely claiming abuse because “it is better to be a victim than a slag”. Defence counsel also alleged the case had been “manufactured” by the police and that the victims had been “brainwashed by social workers”.


The Manchester child sex abuse ring was a group of men who committed serious sexual offences against under-aged girls in Manchester, England, between 2016 and 2018. Four members were jailed in September 2019, while others evaded arrest by fleeing the country. The gang repeatedly raped underage girls in Manchester between 2016 and 2018. Greater Manchester Police said the abuse was perpetrated by a “sophisticated grooming operation by males operating in that area”. Three victims aged 12 to 15 were identified.

Cousins Parizian Calin (L) and Adrian Calin were jailed

The men groomed the victims by inundating them with Facebook messages asking them to meet them. Then the men brought the girls away to be raped. One 12-year-old girl was raped by at least four men. Another girl, aged 13, was groomed and made to have sex with a gang member three times. One of those times, she was kidnapped. Superintendent Rebecca Boyce said the perpetrators, who are all Romanian, are “not representative of their wider [Romanian] community — they are four individuals within that community”.

Brothers Ilie Daniel Baltatu (L) and Sebastian Balatu (R) were among those jailed

In September 2019, Judge Suzanne Goddard QC jailed four of the abusers for a total of 25 years for their “appalling” crimes, which she condemned as “heartless, immoral and illegal”. The four men were also placed on the sexual offenders register, three of them permanently. Three received sexual harm prevention orders of varying lengths. One had previously been jailed for dangerous driving.

The impact on the victims was severe and prolonged. All the known victims were forced to move out of Manchester to escape the abuse. One said: “No words can explain what I was put through. […] Now I can't even go in my corner shop without being anxious or scared any more. The impact this has had on my life has been unbelievable.” Another said: “I feel sick when I think about what these people were doing. I think there might be even more victims that we don't know about.”.


A report commissioned by the Mayor of Greater Manchester found that police systematically overlooked crimes committed by an “Asian” grooming gang for fear of appearing racist. In the early 2000s, a grooming gang comprised of 97 men from South Asian backgrounds was able to roam free in Manchester, abusing at least 57 young girls, as members of the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) were told to focus on apprehending offenders of “other ethnicities”.

The report, commissioned by Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham, found:

Members of the “Asian” paedophile ring sexually abused young girls, using drugs to make their victims compliant, leading to the death of a 15-year-old girl, Victoria Agoglia, who was injected with heroin by a 50-year-old man, leading to an overdose which killed her in 2003.

Victoria Agoglia, who died in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, aged just 15 in 2003

At the time of her death, Agoglia was under the care of Manchester City Council, which the report claims was privy to “multiple threats, sexual assaults and serious sexual exploitation”. The report admits the council did nothing to prevent her death and that her murderer remains unpunished to this day.

Case Files

Girl, 12, went to police station to report sexual assault — but officers sent her away with OTHER abusers who went on to rape her 15 times


In 2021 a new police unit to investigate child sex grooming gangs in Greater Manchester identified more than 800 offenders. Across the force there are now 70 investigations which involve multiple victims of child sexual exploitation. A total of 468 victims have been discovered of whom 332 have been identified. Police say there are 809 offenders of whom 540 are known. In addition there are "hundreds of cases" where a single victim is involved.


After the death of Victoria Agoglia, aged 15, in 2003, Augusta, was set up to see if there was a wider issue of child sexual exploitation in south Manchester. Victoria was sexually abused and injected with heroin. Officers managed to identify a network of nearly 100 men potentially involved in the abuse of scores of girls via takeaways in and around Rusholme, but Augusta was shut down shortly afterwards due to resources, ‘rather than a sound understanding’ of whether lines of inquiry had been exhausted.

Hardly any charges were made against the men identified by the operation. Eight of them later went on to commit serious sexual crimes, including the rape of a child, the rape of a young woman, sexual assault and sexual activity with a child.


Four men from Leeds have been jailed for a total of 51 years after a ‘shocking catalogue of child sexual exploitation’ was uncovered. A jury at Leeds Crown Court were told earlier this month how a group of up to ten men had systematically groomed a 13-year-old victim by plying her with ‘cigarettes, alcohol and drugs’. Sentencing the four Leeds men, Judge Geoffrey Marson, QC said none of the defendants had shown any type of remorse for their actions during the six-week trial.

Andrew Penhale, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor, CPS Yorkshire and Humberside said there was a severe ‘breaching of trust’ from all the men convicted. “Ten individuals have been convicted of offences which involve a shocking catalogue of child sexual exploitation,” he said. “The victim was targeted by older men precisely because of her youth and vulnerability”.

Zafar Iqbal, Tariq Islam, Amir Zaman and Nasir Sultan

“The offences involved an appalling breach of trust – the victim was groomed and plied with cigarettes, alcohol and drugs to make her compliant. The defendants then showed a complete lack of remorse for their actions, with ten of them claiming throughout the contested trial that the allegations were fabricated, or that they believed the victim to be over 16.”


Five girls groomed on the streets of a North-East town are still being “tortured” by supporters of the men who abused them, their families said tonight. The mother of one of the teenage victims spoke out after two men and a 17-year-old youth were jailed for a total of 19 years for sexually exploiting the girls in Middlesbrough. Passing sentence, Judge John Walford told Shakil Munir, 32, 19-year-old Sakib Ahmed and Ateeq Latif, 17, that they had regarded the girls — all aged between 13 and 15 — as objects for their own sexual pleasure.

The court heard that the girls had been taunted and insulted by friends and family of the defendants since coming forward, including being bombarded by obscene messages, called sluts and accused of being racist. Judge Walford described the girls' treatment as “appalling”, adding that it revealed a “profoundly worrying attitude about the offending”. Speaking outside court after the sentencing, the mother of one of the victims said: “The girls are still being tortured by these people — they are painting them as sluts when they are the victims.”.

Judge John Walford told the three: "It is quite clear from all the evidence that you regarded these girls between the ages of 13 and 15 as objects for your sexual pleasure. "In reality they were children who lacked the maturity or experience to cope with your manipulative ways." The court heard how the girls were massively affected by the sexual crimes, and were subjected to a "horrifying" amount of pressure and abuse. They were called names like "white trash", goaded at school and bombarded by abusive messages on Facebook.


The Peterborough sex abuse case involved 10 men who committed sexual offences against under-aged girls, some as young as 12, in the English city of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. In a series of trials in 2014 and 2015, they were found guilty of rape, child prostitution and trafficking for sexual exploitation.

The victims were of Czech, Slovak and English origin and typically vulnerable girls, some in local authority care, who were groomed with gifts of tobacco, free meals and apparent displays of affection and friendship by the older males who were targeting them. They were then persuaded to drink vodka or other strong alcoholic drinks and coerced into sexual acts. Some were subsequently trafficked as child prostitutes.

The man whose activity prompted the police operation, Mohammed Khubaib, a 43-year-old restaurant-owner of Pakistani heritage, was described during his trial at the Old Bailey as having a “'persistent and almost predatory interest' in teenage girls”. Khubaib also owned a lettings agency and took under-aged girls to flats under his control, where he and his friends would give them alcohol and play them sexually explicit music videos as part of the sexual grooming.

The gang congregated at a fried chicken takeaway
One of the victims was tied up and raped by a number of men in a playhouse

“The abusers called themselves the Peterborough Mally Gang, they befriended vulnerable girls, gave them gifts, money, drugs and alcohol and used violence and intimidation to control them, subjecting them to "appalling" abuse in places such as children's playgrounds.”.

One of Khubaib's victims said in a victim impact statement: “It was disgusting what he did to me. Before that happened, I was a typical 13-year-old who didn't know any better and thought that Mohammed was my friend who I had under my thumb. Now I know that he was the one with the control.”.


The Aylesbury child sex abuse ring was a group of five men who committed serious sexual offences against two under-aged girls in the English town of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. In July 2015, they were found guilty of offences including rape and child prostitution over a period extending from 2006 to 2012. The child protection charity Barnardo's stated that it had worked with the two girls in 2008 and referred one of them to Buckinghamshire County Council as in danger of child sex exploitation. The council did not respond adequately and, following the convictions, apologized to the two girls for its failure to protect them. It has now instituted a Serious Case Review to examine those failures.

Those investigated, prosecuted (all of them Asian) are…

The gang used gifts of food, alcohol, drugs and DVDs to win the girls' trust before initiating abusive sexual relationships. The girls, referred to in court as Girl A and Girl B, were subsequently trafficked as child prostitutes in Aylesbury. One girl gave evidence that she had had sex with 60 men, almost all of Asian heritage, when she was only 12 or 13, having been “conditioned to think it was normal behaviour”. Sex took place in various locations in Aylesbury, including the girls' own homes. The men were friends living in the area, some married with children, some working in the market and some as taxi drivers.

From left to right: Vikram Singh, 45, of Cannock Road, Aylesbury · Asif Hussain, 33, of Hodge Lea, Milton Keynes · Arshad Jani, 33, of Cousins Drive, Aylesbury · Mohammed Imran, 38, of Springcliffe Street, Bradford · Akbari Khan, 36, of Mandeville Road, Aylesbury · Taimoor Khan, 29, of Highbridge Road, Aylesbury.

Following conviction in July 2015, the men were sentenced in September to jail terms ranging from three to nineteen-and-a-half years totalling 82 years and six months. Judge John Bevan QC said that “for the price of a McDonald's, a milkshake and cinema ticket”, Girl A was sexually exploited by “stallholders in Aylesbury market, taxi, and bus drivers”. He said he could not explain why the criminals “focused their attention on white under-age girls”, but believed their “vulnerability” played a major role.

“It is without doubt that if social services had done more to protect the victims and spotted the crucial signs that something was wrong, we wouldn’t be here today.”.

He said that if the criminals had targeted “Asian under-age girls, they would have paid a heavy price in their community.” Girl A herself made a statement speaking of the effects of her exploitation by up to 60 Asian men, describing her feelings of “worthlessness” and her battles with depression and alcohol addiction. She added that she felt that her “teenage years were taken away”. In her statement, Girl B said that the sentences were “academic” because “no sentence could ever put right what happened”.


Pizza takeaway staff groomed a 13-year-old girl with free food and got her hooked on cocaine before selling her to other men for sex. Mohammad Rostami, 37, lure the teenager into beginning a sexual relationship with him after they met in a pizza shop in Chelmsford, Essex, before farming her out to other abusers. After his interest in her fizzled out, she was exploited by Mehdi Zare, 32, who arranged for her to have sex with others in return for drugs and money.

From Left: Mohammad Rostami, Mehdi Zare and Amin Kaveh.

Their crimes came to light after the victim, now a young woman, contacted Essex Police in April 2014 to report she had been abused when she was 13 or 14. After seeing her abusers jailed she told how they had left her feeling "dirty and disgusting" and said she now struggled to trust people.

Speaking after the case concluded, the brave victim said: "I finally feel free. I have spent the last few years thinking they wouldn't pay for what they have done to me and others. I never thought anyone would believe me. I now feel a huge weight has been finally lifted from my shoulders. What happened has affected me in so many ways, not just physically but mentally and emotionally too. I have been on self-destruct mode most of my life.

The squalid room above CM Pizza, where two of the men worked, where the girl was abused.
Police found Rostami had been supplying methadrone, the amount ceased had a street value of around £10,000.
CM Pizza in Chelmsford, now closed, where the men worked when they targeted the girls.

I felt dirty and disgusting, like I did something wrong, and still do. I have lost friends and I nearly lost my relationship with my family. I lost relationships as I found it hard to trust not just men but anyone. But I am learning day by day that I can't let them beat me. I have now moved away and started afresh and am just getting on with my life the best I can, with the love and support from my amazing boyfriend and my family".

High Wycombe

Three men involved in an Asian child sex gang who preyed on a schoolgirl they had drugged with cannabis and heroin, started jail terms on Saturday after being convicted of crimes carried out in High Wycombe, Aylesbury and Wendover, years previously. A judge jailed them for up to 19 years after hearing a heart-rending victim impact statement from the victim who is now a 32-year-old who suffers from alcohol addiction and depression. The jury had convicted one man of grooming and two other men of raping and giving heroin to a girl in her teenage years. They were each sentenced to serve up to 19 years in prison.

Mohammad Aslam, top right: Berkley John, bottom right: Saeed Ahmed

The now adult child, who the court heard was “desperate for love” after being alienated from her family, was introduced to hard drugs and convinced to have sex with strangers in High Wycombe, Wendover and Aylesbury, as payment. Over the course of one year or more, a taxi driver would pick the 15-year-old girl up at her school and take her to a rented flat, where her body would be sold to up to eight adult men almost every night. When she approached the police in fear that her life was in danger, she was turned away and told she “needed more evidence” and said she felt like officers were asking her to be sexually assaulted again to get proof.

Judge Johanna Cutts, sitting at Reading Crown Court, heard that the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was first introduced to the perpetrators at the early age of 13 years, when taxi driver Berkley John picked her up and preyed on her vulnerability. The court was told that defendant John, from Aylesbury, who was aged in his late 50s at the time and was a stranger to the victim, told her he loved her and said he wanted to marry her when she turned 16.

He then took her to his friend Saeed Ahmed’s flat in Aylesbury where they introduced her to cannabis and, as she became addicted over time, John started making her perform oral sex on him as payment. The abuse became more serious when John started giving her heroin and forced her to have sex with him and others in Ahmed’s flat. While Ahmed, aged 51, was aware of the purpose for which his flat was being used, he did not partake in the sexual activities, the court heard.


Four men from south Buckinghamshire have been found guilty of sexually abusing a vulnerable schoolgirl over an eight-month period. Nazakat Mahmood, Ghulfaraz Nawaz, Haroon Rauf and Omar Sharif were convicted of committing a string of sexual offences against the girl between December 2011 and July 2012.

Haroon Rauf · Nazakat Mahmood · Ghulfaraz Nawaz · Omar Sharif

She was just 14 years old at the time of the abuse. Mahmood, Nawaz and Rauf forced the girl, who was often plied with alcohol, to perform sex acts on them and pressured her into having full sex on several occasions in the Chesham area, Reading Crown Court heard.

After the trio were arrested, Sharif blackmailed her into having sex with him — including in her pyjamas in a graveyard in the middle of the night, jurors were told. Prosecutors said all the men had denied having any sexual activity with the girl or inciting it, and they believed she was at least 17 years old. Yet jurors were told all of the men, then aged in their 20s, had known how young their victim really was. On Tuesday, jurors returned guilty verdicts on 20 counts against the four men to bring an end to the three-week trial.


The Oxford child sex abuse ring was a group of 22 men who were convicted of various sexual offences against underage girls in the English city of Oxford between 1998 and 2012. Thames Valley Police launched Operation Bullfinch in May 2011 to investigate allegations of historical sexual abuse, leading to ten men being convicted. Upon further allegations in 2015, Thames Valley Police then launched Operation Silk, resulting in ten more different men being convicted and Operation Spur which resulted in two more convictions.

In March 2015, a report revealed that more than 300 children, mostly girls from the city of Oxford, could have been groomed and sexually exploited in the area. It accused the Thames Valley Police, then led by Chief Constable Sara Thornton, of disbelieving the girls and failing to act on repeated calls for help, and Oxfordshire Social Services of failing to protect them despite compelling evidence they were in danger. The report also called for research into why a significant number of perpetrators of child grooming are of “Pakistani and/or Muslim heritage”.

The first seven men included two pairs of brothers with three other men in June 2013. One of the gang was further convicted in June 2014 along with two other men. Three of the men were further convicted in another trial in January 2019 under another operation named Operation Silk. There were two further groups of men convicted under Operation Silk, eight men in June 2018 and a further two men in February 2020, along with a man who was further convicted. A man was convicted in March 2015 and two cousins convicted in July 2016.

Police Interview of Bilal Ahmed

From 2004 to 2012, the men groomed children from 11-15 years-old from dysfunctional backgrounds who were unlikely to be believed by others living in care homes. They were given presents, plied with alcohol, and introduced to crack cocaine and heroin. After the girls became dependent on the men, they were guarded, so they could not escape and threatened that they and their families would be harmed if they tried to leave. The girls were raped vaginally, orally, and anally, sometimes by several men, the abuse occasionally lasting for several days at a time.

“For nearly a year detectives have been receiving reports of girls disappearing, some as young as 13, only to return days later, refusing to tell anyone where they had been. Sometimes they would be bruised, bleeding and half-naked”.

Some girls were groomed to be prostitutes and taken to guest houses in Bradford, Leeds, London, Slough, and Bournemouth where men paid to have sex with them. The girls were subjected to extreme sexual violence, biting, suffocating, and burning. They were tortured with knives, baseball bats, and meat cleavers and were occasionally urinated upon. One 14-year-old girl was burned with a lighter when she tried to resist having sex. The mother of another girl said that “she had begged social services staff to rescue her [daughter] from the gang”, who had “threatened to cut the girl's face off” and “slit the throats” of members of the girl's family. One girl aged 12 was forced into prostitution. She was abused in various places around Oxford, including a flat, the Nanford Guest House, Travelodge and in Shotover Woods. She frequently contracted chlamydia and was covered in burns from where men had stubbed out their cigarettes. She began to self-harm and described her experiences as “living hell”.

“The scale of the abuse was not reflected in the cases that came to court — a serious case review published in 2015 found as many as 373 children, including 50 boys, might have been targeted in Oxfordshire over a 16-year period.”.

She said that the men sometimes seemed to be aroused by her crying.[ Mohammed Karrar, the ringleader of the gang, was “brazen in his exploitation”. According to the Guardian, he “acted in the belief that the authorities would never challenge him—something that for years proved to be true.” He branded the buttocks of one under-aged victim with his initial, “M”, marking her as his property, and charged men between £400 and £600 to have sex with her. Karrar visited the girl at her house, where she was a carer for her deaf and ill parents. He performed an illegal abortion on the same girl. He regularly had sex with her when she was the age of 12. His brother had a parallel relationship with her, although she did not see him as often. Before she reached her teens, she was pregnant.

Police Interview of Mustafa Ahmed

When Mohammed Karrar found out, he was “fucking fuming” with her for allowing it to happen and told her, “You should have been more responsible.” He went into a rage and grabbed her by the throat. Soon after, he gave her drugs and took her to Reading, where a backstreet abortion was performed with a hooked instrument. A 14-year-old girl was threatened with a gun into having sex with a member of the sex ring. She said the gang members were aware she lived in a children's home and that Akhtar Dogar, a gang member, waited around the corner from the children's home in Henley-on-Thames where she lived. She described being transported around flats, guest houses and parks where she was then raped.

One of the premises used by the gang to abuse girls was the Nanford Guest House in Oxford

The Daily Telegraph reported Dr Taj Hargey, imam of the Oxford Islamic Congregation, as saying that “race and religion were inextricably linked to the recent spate of grooming rings in which Muslim men have targeted under-age white girls”:

“The view of some Islamic preachers towards white women can be appalling. They encourage their followers to believe that these women are habitually promiscuous, decadent, and sleazy—sins which are made all the worse by the fact that they are kaffurs or non-believers. Their dress code, from miniskirts to sleeveless tops, is deemed to reflect their impure and immoral outlook. According to this mentality, these white women deserve to be punished for their behaviour by being exploited and degraded.”.

Hargey blames the agencies of the state, including the police, social services and the care system, who seemed eager to ignore the sickening exploitation that was happening before their eyes. Terrified of accusations of racism, desperate not to undermine the official creed of cultural diversity, they took no action against obvious abuse