Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King (MLK) was a fraud, alcoholic, a violent, race-mixing abuser of White prostitutes, a steered Marxist / Communist agitator, prevalent plagiarist and committed charlatan. MLK was indoctrinated with egalitarian ideology at the Highlander Folk School, the school’s philosophy was to bring together White and Black peoples.

Founded in 1932 by activist Myles Horton (influenced by observing rural adult education schools in Denmark), educator Don West, and Methodist minister James A. Dombrowski. During the 1950s, it played a critical role in the American Civil Rights Movement.

King Dossier
King, photographed at the Highlander School

The school trained civil rights leader Rosa Parks and many other movement activists, including members of the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), Septima Clark, Anne Braden, Martin Luther King, Jr., James Bevel, Hollis Watkins, Bernard Lafayette, Ralph Abernathy and John Lewis in the mid- and-late 1950s. Backlash against the school's involvement with the Civil Rights Movement led to the school's closure with the state of Tennessee revoking Highlander's charter, then confiscated and auctioned off the school's land and property.

King Dossier
1. Martin Luther King, 2. Abner Berry (future member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party), 3. Auberry Williams, 4. Miles Horton

Kings doctoral thesis taken at Boston University was reported a plagiarized sham by The Wall Street Journal; in 1991 the Journal of American History admitted that plagiarism was a general pattern evident in nearly all of his academic writings. More than fifty complete sentences in his doctoral thesis was said to have been plagiarized from Dr. Jack Boozer.

King's Plagerism
King's Plagiarism
King's Plagerism
King's Plagiarism

“If you are in any doubt about how advanced our public corruption is, just write a letter to your local paper on how MLK was a plagiarist, and see what happens”.

King Judea
Maoist and NAACP founder W.E.B Dubois with M L King and Communist Jew spy / recruiter Stanley Levison

“The most damaging allegation is that the Jewish communist Stanley Levison fed MLK all his lines and approved everything he said because he was a “slow thinker.” In the 1950s, many American communists rebranded as “civil rights activists” to push their ideas into the mainstream”.

No legal document has ever (until now) been presented in public to substantiate Michael King's legal name change to Martin Luther King. I believe the Communist handlers got King to change his name despite German Reformation leader Martin Luther, whom, historically, Jews virulently detest.

King was well known by the FBI for his sexual deviance's and sadistic pleasures, Between speeches, travelling into town, he stayed at numerous hotels where he and his accompanying miscreants had orgy parties involving illicit and often violent sex with prostitutes

“King preferred very light women, According to one friend, King “said that he was willing to fight and die for black people, but he was damned if he could see anything pretty in a black [dark-skinned] woman”.

Hosea Williams, Jesse Jackson, Michael King and Rev David Abernathy on the balcony of Lorraine Motel Memphis hotel, a day before King’s assassination. April 3, 1968

“That night, King retired to his room at the Willard Hotel. There FBI bugs reportedly picked up 14 hours of party chatter, the clinking of glasses and the sounds of illicit sex including King’s cries of “I’m fucking for God” and “I’m not a Negro tonight!”.

The Newsweek article failed to mention that Martin Luther King was having sex with three White women, one of whom he brutally beat while screaming the above-mentioned quote. King's close friend Rev. Ralph Abernathy (pictured above with King) in his 1989 book accused King of using church money to hire prostitutes and beating them.

A secret recently disclosed ‘frozen’ FBI document reveals the following statement about King's personal conduct in between years 1964 and 1968

King Dossier
A recently released FBI Dossier (hidden under controversial JFK disclosures) describes reverend King's violent, illicit sex parties.

The last two pages of this 20-page FBI dossier focus on King’s sexual activities, including relentless adultery, conceiving a child out of wedlock, and sex perversions, among them orgies both heterosexual and homosexual.

“More recently, via released documents from the FBI, it has been revealed that Martin Luther King committed over forty acts of violence against White Prostitutes, which includes an allegation that Martin Luther King watched as an associate violently raped a White Prostitute”.

In King's hotel room, the files claim they then 'discussed which women among the parishioners would be suitable for natural and unnatural sex acts'. The FBI document says: 'When one of the women protested that she did not approve, the Baptist minister immediately and forcefully raped her' as King watched. He is alleged to have 'looked on, laugh and offered advice' during the encounter.

Senior FBI officials later sent King a copy of the incriminating tape and called him an 'evil abnormal beast' and his sexual exploits would be 'on record for all time'.

Kings adviser, speechwriter, and handler was Jew Stanley David Levison. Levison was a secret member of Communist Party USA. The FBI discovered that Levison whilst working through KGB agent Victor Lessiovsky was specializing in recruiting “third world peoples” as Soviet assets.

King Levison
As Jewish Levison was King's communist comrade handler, so Jewish Slovo was Mandela's communist comrade handler.

President Kennedy warned King about Levison, but King merely pretended to break contact with him. King ultimately could not let go of the Communism that created him, so Levison continued to handle King right until his assassination. MLK was killed by the very people who controlled him; due to his overtly dubious and deviant lifestyle, he was worth more to Communism martyred than he was alive.

Martin Luther Mao

In keeping with martyrdom and Communist ideology, King's granite statue was carved by Chinese sculptor Lei Yixin who is infamous for carving giant statues of the greatest mass murderer of the twenty-first century; Mao Zedong, founder of Communist China. More than 150 granite blocks, weighing some 1,600 tons, were then shipped from Xiamen to the port of Baltimore, and reassembled by a team of 100 workmen, including ten Chinese stone masons brought over specifically for the project.

King Statue in Washington
Chairman King statue erected in Washington, DC
King Statue in Washington
Chinese sculptor at work on MLK Statue
Lei Yixin
Lei Yixin, a 57-year-old master sculptor from Changsha in Hunan province.

“Born in 1953 in China’s central Hunan Province, Lei taught himself to draw during the Cultural Revolution, when schools were closed and millions of youth were sent to work as farmers.”.

The 30ft (ca. 9 m)-tall statue, which forms the centrepiece of a $120 million (£73 million), four-acre memorial to Dr King, opened to the public on Monday on the National Mall in Washington. It is the only memorial on the Mall that does not honour a president or fallen soldiers. In case you are unfamiliar, 65 million Chinese died as a result of Mao’s repeated, merciless attempts to create a new “socialist” China. In 2007, Laogai death camp survivor Harry Wu criticized the selection of a Chinese sculptor, Lei Yixin, as the lead sculptor for the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial because Lei had also carved statues celebrating Mao Zedong.