Faux Nationalism

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To be good at deceiving people for many, many years, you have to be a pathological liar. Some say Alex Jones has this psychological trait, given generations of his family members involved with America’s intelligence agencies. Since inception Infowars have been primarily funded by the AshkeNAZI natural health scam, almost all of the Infowars financial sponsors have been businesses run by AshkeNAZI Jews.

Jones got his start in media with the Emmis-owned KLBJ News Radio. Emmis (the Hebrew word for “truth”) also happens to own NBC radio stations. Genesis Communications Network, which hosts the Alex Jones show, which as is an “ABC affiliate”. Jeffrey Smulyan is the Jewish Zionist founder, chairman, president, and CEO of Emmis Communications.

Alex Jones in front of same map (photo taken from Jones donation page) as global intelligence company Stratfor founder and former boss (left in 2015) George Friedman, Alex Jones admitted that he has hired several Stratfor interns as employees. A former Stratfor intern employed as editor-in-chief of Infowars magazine for over a year until the summer of 2013. Infowars and Stratfor were founded in Austin, Texas virtually at the same time in 1996

Alex Jones’ radio show has also been broadcast five days per week, Monday – Friday from 1:00pm-4:00pm, on XM Radio 158 – “America’s Talk”. Sirius Radio and XM Radio merged into a single corporation in 2008; The CEO, president, and chairman of Sirius-XM Radio are all Jewish: Mel Karmazin (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Chief Executive Officer, Scott Greenstein (AshkeNAZI Jew) – President and Chief Content Officer, Eddy W. Hartenstein (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Chairman, Board of Directors.

On March 12, 2020, Attorney General of New York Letitia James issued a desist letter to Jones for InfoWars’s sale of unapproved products that were falsely asserted to be government-approved treatments for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). On April 9, the FDA ordered InfoWars to discontinue selling products marketed as remedies for COVID-19 in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, including toothpaste, liquid, and gel containing colloidal silver

In 2014, Jones claimed that InfoWars was accumulating over $20 million in annual revenue. The New York Times attributed most of the revenue to sales of supplements, including “Super Male Vitality” and “Brain Force Plus”, which InfoWars purported would increase testosterone and mental agility, respectively. Court documents in 2014 indicate that InfoWars was successful enough for Jones and his then-wife to be planning to “build a swimming pool complex … featuring a waterfall and dining cabana with a stone fireplace”. The documents also listed Jones’s possessions, including four Rolex watches, a $40,000 saltwater aquarium, a $70,000 grand piano, $50,000 in weapons, and $70,000 in jewellery.

“Let me tell you about a story. I grew up in Dallas, Texas with my family. Let me just tell you something. I grew up in Dallas, Texas with my family doing things like, uh, helping take in East German defectors. Okay. Whenever I go to a family reunion, half the people in the room are former or retired CIA. And do you know what they tell me? They tell me I’m dead on, a hundred percent absolutely right”.

Jones life is so Jewish that he was married and had children with an AshkeNAZI Jewess named Kelly Rebecca Nichols. When Jones had an extramarital affair with an Infowar’s employee, it turned out that the interloper was also of AshkeNAZIc descent. In 2018 Facebook, Apple, YouTube, Spotify and then Twitter booted Jones from their platforms podcasts, pages, and channels. Facebook said they were shutting down several of Jones’s pages for:

“glorifying violence, which violates our graphic violence policy, and using dehumanizing language to describe people who are transgender, Muslims and immigrants, which violates our hate speech policies”.

Before the ban, Alex Jones’s YouTube channel had climaxed to roughly 2.4 million subscribers, totalling almost 17 million monthly views. Jones’ accounts have also been removed from PayPal, Google Play, Pinterest, Mailchimp and LinkedIn. Responding in protest to the accumulating of the network ban, Jones petitioned:

“The enemy wants to cut off our funding to destroy us. If you don’t fund us, we’ll be shut down”.

Alex Jones has had at least thirty-four (34) radio and website sponsors that are Jewish owned and operated.

Youngevity: Corey Gold (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Co-Owner / Operator, Ben Fuchs (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Co-Owner / Operator, Joel Wallach (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Co-Owner / Operator. Survival Shield: Edward Group (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Founder / CEO. Propur Propur is owned by Lincoln-Remi Group: Steve Steinway (AshkeNAZI Jew) – CEO, Rick Olshansky (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Chairman. Efoods Direct: Steve Shenk (AshkeNAZI Jew) – President / Co-Founder. Atlas Survival Shelters: Ron Hubbard (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Founder / President / CEO Solutions From Science: Bill Heid (AshkeNAZI Jew) – CEO. Cal Ben Soap: Marty Schachter (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Owner / Spokesman. EcoloBlue: Henri-James Tieleman(AshkeNAZI Jew) – CEO / Co-Founder. Oxy Silver: Leonard G. Horowitz (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Owner / Operator. Super Natural Silver: William Moeller (AshkeNAZI Jew) – President, Keith Moeller (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Vice President. Clifton Mining Company: Ken Friedman (AshkeNAZI Jew) – President, Keith Moeller (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Vice President. The International Forecaster: Bob Chapman (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Owner / Editor [deceased June, 2012]. Strategic Patent Law: Russ Weinzimmer (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Founding Attorney. SimpliSafe: Chad Laurans (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Founder and CEO. GBG (“Guided By God”) Stuart Finger (AshkeNAZI Jew) – CEO. S.O.S. System: Herb Kay (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Owner / Operator. Power Swabs: Martin Giniger (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Founder and Owner. Chef Minute Meals: Barry Sendel (AshkeNAZI Jew) – President. Tru Chocolate: Joel Wallach (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Owner / Operator. Raw Organic Vegan Superfoods: David Wolfe (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Owner / Operator. Cocoon Nutrition: Stephen Heuer (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Owner / Operator. Natural Cellular Defense: Rik Deitsch (AshkeNAZI Jew) – CEO / Chairman. Chews-4-Health: David R. Friedman (AshkeNAZI Jew) – CEO / President. Life Change Tea: Dr. Bill Miller (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Owner / Operator. Heart And Body Extract: Sharon Harris (AshkeNAZI Jew) – President. Sex Research Labs: Richard Geller (AshkeNAZI Jew) – CEO. Reboot Marketing: Allen Baler (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Partner. Anti-Christ Identity Report: Mel Sanger (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Owner / Operator. Cancer Truth: Ty Bollinger (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Owner / Operator. Self Defense Company: Damian Ross (AshkeNAZI Jew) – CEO. J & L Self Defense Products: Irv Miller (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Owner. Carnivora: Richard Ostrow (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Owner / CEO. Blue Tax: Todd Lewis (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Vice President. PepperSpray.com: Carl Engler (AshkeNAZI Jew) – President. Pre-Paid Legal Services: Allen L. Schultz (AshkeNAZI Jew) – Owner/Operator.

Paul Joseph Watson

Watson is an English YouTube personality, radio host and writer hired as Infowars editor-at-large in 2016. As late as July 2016 he called himself alt-right, he no longer accepts that label and considers himself part of the ‘New Right’.


In an Infowars interview (above video) Watson addresses the “Jew Question” by stating “people who claim Jews are controlling the world never seem to present any evidence” claiming through exploring the narrative he “doesn’t see a big Jewish influence” and that “Jewish people aren’t really that present”.

Jared Taylor

Samuel Jared Taylor (born September 15, 1951) is editor of American Renaissance, an online magazine espousing right leaning opinions, which was founded by Taylor in 1990. He is also the president of American Renaissance’s parent organization, New Century Foundation, through which many of his books have been published. He is a former member of the advisory board of The Occidental Quarterly and a former director of the National Policy Institute (Richard B. Spencer is current president), a Virginia-based Bolshevik nationalist think tank. Jared “Jews look White to me” Taylor has been shilling for Jews from the start, so this is really nothing new.


Jared is big pals with Dan Roodt in South Africa who is deeply in with the Jews, and he has Jewish friends like the lying Jewess Ilana Mercer from South Africa. Jared is also big pals with Simon Roche of the Suidlanders. So, Jared also has had links to the ADL. Below is an except from Michael Collins Piper who later died under mysterious circumstances:

Jared attended Yale University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy in 1973. Jared Taylor is a long-time friend of Mark Weber of IHR and Don Black of Stormfront. Claims of Jared being married to a Jewess have been refuted in a published statement written by his wife.


The term “alt-right” is a neologism first used in November 2008 by self-described paleoconservative philosopher and Jew Paul Gottfried, addressing the H. L. Mencken Club about what he called “the alternative right”. This talk published in December 2008 under the title “The Decline and Rise of the Alternative Right” in the conservative Taki’s Magazine, becoming the earliest published usage of the phrase in its current context, according to Slate. Since 2016, the term has been commonly attributed to Richard Spencer, president of the National Policy Institute and founder of Alternative Right.

Daniel Friberg

Daniel Friberg (born 1978) is a Swedish businessman, publisher, and writer, described as a leading figure of the Swedish new right and global alt-right movements. He is the CEO and co-founder of Arktos Media, and co-founder of the AltRight Corporation in partnership with Richard Spencer. He is also the European editor of the corporation’s website, AltRight.com.

Many Alt-righters have sort to defuse Friberg’s Jewish roots describing him as a Viking but Ancestry dot com seems to put rest to refutations of Friberg’s true heritage.

Scandinavian: either an ornamental name composed of fri ‘free’ + berg ‘hill’, ‘mountain’ or a habitational name from a place so named. German and Jewish (AshkeNAZIc): variant spelling of Freiberg

It is also known that Friberg Zig Zags both the far left and the far right as he instigates National Bolshevikism, pictured below accompanying Richard Spencer and then with Mathias Wåg, Leader of ANTIFA Sweden.

Daniel Friberg and Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute
Friberg poses with a doxing Mathias Wåg, the main organizer of Sweden ANTIFA

Aleksandr Dugin

Aleksandr Dugin has close ties with the Kremlin and the Russian military, having served as an advisor to State Duma speaker Gennadiy Seleznyov and a leading member of the ruling United Russia party, Sergei Naryshkin. Dugin was the main organizer of the National Bolshevik Party, National Bolshevik Front, and Eurasia Party. He is the author of more than 30 books, among them Foundations of Geopolitics (1997) and The Fourth Political Theory (2009).

Dugin leader, National Bolshevik
National Bolshevik salute Fists

Durgin seeks to Balkanise Asia and Europe, an Eurasitic ideology which seeks to unite all Russian-speaking peoples into a single country through the forced territorial dismemberment of the former republics of the Soviet Union. he is reborn Russia, according to Dugin’s concept, is said by Charles Clover of the Financial Times to be a slightly remade version of the Soviet Union with echoes of Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, where Eurasia was one of three continent-sized super states including Eastasia and Oceania as the other two and was participating in endless war between them.

David Duke (ADAMANT) with Aleksandr Dugin
Jewess Lauren Simonsen with Aleksandr Dugin

In the early 1990s, Dugin’s work at the National Bolshevik Front included research into the roots of national movements and the activities of supporting esoteric groups in the first half of the 20th century. Dugin’s Co-founder Avigdor Eskin is incidentally also described as Zionist and Kahanist.

Richard B. Spencer

In 2007 Spencer had dropped out of his PhD programme at Duke University to take up a position at The American Conservative magazine. Spencer claimed he coined the term “alternative right” for the lecture’s title, although Jew Gottfried maintained that they were its joint creators. As “alternative right” became associated increasingly with white nationalism in subsequent years, Jew Gottfried distanced himself from it. Richard Spencer’s wife (Nina Kouprianova) is connected to Dugin having previously worked as the Bolshevik author’s translator.

Richard Spencer turns and Communist fists the America Nation
Richard Spencer with paleoconservative philosopher and alt-right originator Paul Gottfried.
Richard Spencer and ‘Third Position’ proponent also say Ukrainians deserved the Holodomor.

"We are a kind of revolutionary movement that is analogous to the Bolsheviks"

Matthew Heimbach

The Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN) was established in May 2013 by Matthew Heimbach with Matt Parrott as an offshoot of a “White Student Union” which was active on the Towson University campus. In January 2015, the TYN established the Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP) as its political party before the 2016 elections, and a small group of candidates from the far-right ran under its banner.

Matt Heimbach using the Alt-right's Nazbol "Hero" symbol.
From left: Mike Enoch, Matt Heimbach and Richard Spencer.
Banner for Aleksandr Dugin’s Eurasia political movement.

The party stated that it stood against “economic exploitation, federal tyranny, and anti-Christian degeneracy”. In 2016 Heimbach was excommunicated from the Eastern Orthodox Church. The Southern Poverty Law Center has commented that Heimbach is “considered by many to be the face of a new generation of white nationalists”. In April 2020, Heimbach published an open letter saying he was “pulling back” from the white nationalist movement.

Commie Kunt.

"With a newly heightened awareness of the economic struggles plaguing every community, I no longer saw myself fitting in anywhere in the movement at all. I drafted my resignation to the NSM. The same day, I was publicly fired for being “a communist.” The shoe fit, I guess"

On an episode of the “One Struggle” podcast in September 2020 Heimbach stated that he was now a “pro-white Leftist” and described himself as a National Bolshevik.


“After my arrest, antifascists, and Leftists had reached out to me, often expressing more love and support than I’d ever received from the white nationalist movement, despite having sacrificed nearly everything for it. I began reading books they suggested, about Marxism, anarchism, and socialism. The influence from people outside of the closed off community that is white nationalism in America were planting seeds, both intellectually and personally, that were beginning to take root”.

Heimbach once made a statement that he views “Christian Blacks are his brothers in Christ, and he favours them over White Pagans”. As early as his entrance to college, Towson University, he had begun to take in the writings of Jared Taylor. Heimbach met his former wife Brooke at an American Renaissance conference.

Michael Isaac Peinovich

Peinovich, alias Mike Enoch founded the alt-right media network The Right Stuff and podcast The Daily Shoah. Peinovich first drew media attention for his use of the “Sieg Heil” salute at a conference organized by Richard B. Spencer to celebrate Donald Trump’s election as President; in response to Spencer’s cry of “hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!,” Peinovich led the audience in a series of NSDAP salutes.

White Nationalist Husband
Jewish LGBT Wife

In January 2017, users of the image board website 8chan leaked the identities of several of its key contributors, including Peinovich, and revealed that his wife was Jewish. After initially attempting to deny the reports, Peinovich later admitted that the allegations were true. In an audio statement released on their podcast, Daily Shoah co-host Seventh Son announced that Peinovich and his wife were separating.

Enoch with mulatto half brother (Matt Joshua Thomas) and Jewish ex-Wife
Mike Enoch with David Duke
Mike Enoch’s Bogus “White Lives Matter” Propaganda featuring Matthew Heimbach

Rufus: “We’ve had people who’ve been removed from the forums because they were Jewish or had partial Jewish ancestry, who had renounced their ancestry in the past… that’s an obvious conflict… is that something that can be addressed?”
Mike: “UMM I think that in these cases, in cases like this, there’s an absolute purist stance which is like they’re simply not allowed, in which case I have to go”.

But later on in the show, Enoch explains his privilege of being a crypto-Jew masquerading as a white person (white face):

Mike: “But in terms of whose going to be part of this movement I would say yeah like, you know, it’s gotta be White people and really Jews should be excluded and if you are going to let in a mixed Jewish person, they really have to have done something to earn that. And I think in my case I did”.

Britain First

Britain First is an anti-Islamic Christian group was founded in 2010 by Jim Dowson (ex Orange Order member and described by the Times newspaper as “the invisible man of Britain’s far right”) and formed in 2011 by additional ex members of the British National Party (BNP).

Paul Golding a BNP councillor for Seven Oaks
Paul Golding with cut out of Jim Dowson
Britain First Paul Besser with Zionist Federation Jonathan Hoffman counter demonstrating a London Palestinian demonstration.
Britain First hands out leaflets to Jewish residents of Golders Green during a North London ‘Solidarity Patrol’.

The organization’s current leader is Jew Paul Golding (Lithuain Jewish), the deputy leader is Jayda Fransen (Dutch Jewish). The success of the group’s recruitment drive is believed to have benefited from the fragmentation of the English Defence League.

Perhaps less known is Britain First activist Paul Besser, Besser’s position is described by Britain First as its “intelligence officer” and “commanding officer for London”. Besser describes himself as Jewish and has attended anti-Palestine demonstrations held by Johnathan Hoffman’s Zionist Federation. Britain First was known for its solidarity patrols around Golders Green, where they claimed “they didn’t want the Jewish people being forced to leave” whilst filming themselves handing out anti-Muslim and anti-Nazism leaflets.

Knights Templar International

Knights Templar is a progression of Britain First established by Britain First found and orange man Jim Dowson, later joined by redundant and washed out ex-BNP leader Nick Griffin.

These false flag bearers are often involved with Freemasonry, a Jesuit / Solomonic control mechanism established that subordinated the Norman Church and established Egalitarian "common wealth" in 1717. Knights Templar goal is to realign control of the Christian Church through establishing a White working-class crusade against Islam, in foolish allegiance and unison with the Zionism.

Nicks Father Edgar Griffin with his free-masonic brothers.
Nick Griffin, Daniel Friberg, Jim Downson

The exposure of Edgar Griffin, father of BNP Chairman Nick Griffin, as a long-standing Freemason, we have now received confirmation that Peter Silver (of Chartered Accountants Silver & Co) is a Lodge Grand Master and is based at Bridgenorth, Shropshire. Clearly such a position of masonic authority conveys considerable power within the masonic community and the non-masonic world where fellow masons would be expected to work within the rules of the fraternity where it concerns mutual aid to fellow brothers.

It seems perfectly justified to assume therefore that Nick Griffin’s father, Edgar Griffin (a long-standing lodge member) would have chosen the accountancy of Silver & Co to carry out the auditing work of the British National Party. Edgar Griffin’s lodge is at Welshpool, in close geographical proximity to Bridgenorth, Shropshire, where Silver & Co have the second of their two offices (the other one being in Cannock, Staffordshire).

The reasonable inference is that Silver & Co were selected on the basis of masonic connections between Edgar Griffin and Peter Silver. Edgar Griffin manages the BNP’s Trafalgar Fund and essentially administers the BNP Treasury, the actual Treasurers of the BNP seemingly frontmen for what is primarily a family-run business for the Griffins. This brings into question just what is happening within the BNP Treasury and the central matter of financial transparency. Why was an accountant chosen to audit the BNP finances who are a masonic lodge Grand Master, which is also close to the Griffin’s family domain of Welshpool? How deep do the masonic connections go?

Colin Robertson aka Millennial Woes

Colin Robertson known as Millennial Woes (or simply Woes), is a Scottish YouTube personality, “white nationalist” a vocalized and published proponent of the white genocide conspiracy theory. In November 2016 Robertson delivered a speech at the National Policy Institute Conference, in Washington, DC. Shortly after, in January 2017, Robertson began receiving coverage from BBC News and national newspapers. Robertson is well known throughout the European alt-right having given speeches at various conferences including The London Forum in Kensington 4 February 2017, conference in Stockholm organized by Motpol 25 February 2017 and Scandza Forum in Oslo 1 July 2017; During August due to the attendance his YouTube platform rapidly grew alongside Red Ice, Vdare and the Rebel Media.


“Interestingly, this is quite apt because about a year ago now I did a video pacifically about this, well, I did several videos about this and also, there was another one about bestiality and err, don't be scared, but that is a subject that fascinates me because you can't, you can't explain and this is kinda difficult, you can't explain why bestiality is wrong; can anyone? I'll shoot your answers down if you do because I have gone through them all”.

Definition of bestiality

In 2016, following his appearance at Richard Spencer's notorious 2016 NPI “Heil gate” Conference, the Scottish antifa and media (Daily Record: Unmasked) made a big push to dox him, even tracking him down to his family home (where he lives with his dad as a bedroom keyboard warrior) in Linlithgow, West Lothian.

“I’ve seen him once or twice, coming or going. His views are absolutely ­despicable, and it’s worrying that someone like that lives here. I value free speech, but this crosses all sorts of boundaries that I’m not happy about at all”.

On 10 December 2017, he began an interview series named Millenniyule 2017, inviting various internet personalities from the alt-right movement, including an appearance from Faith Goldy. In April 2020, Robertson was banned from future speaking events held by Mark Collett (Patriotic Alternative), following sexual harassment allegations. As a result of this, Robertson announced his withdrawal from politics in a Telegram post, stating that he needs to “deal with the character flaws that he has neglected” and may need to seek professional therapy.

Daily Stormer

Daily Stormer’s secular attacks on White women and its secular and attacks on Traditional Marriage and support for the secular “MGTOW” Movement, which is in reality feminism for men who are not capable of having a healthy relationship with the opposite sex. There is only one so-called “White Nationalist” website that refers to White women as “whores”, sluts” and “worse than Jews”, that website is the Daily Stormer.

Andrew Anglin

According to a video published by Israel Advocacy Movement on Facebook Andrew Anglin is of Jewish Ancestry. They tracked this from his father Gregory Anglin through to his grandmother named Emily whose surname is Klau, Emily's father was named Herman Klau, Herman's wife's surname was SHULZ <--- definitely a Jewish name.

“Women deserve to be beaten, raped and locked in cages. Wrap them with duct tape, toss them in the trunk and take them to your home's rape room”.

Andrew Anglin pictured in his Alternative years
Andrew Anglin was remembered as a dreadlocked vegan at his High School
Anglin Greenblatt
Andrew Anglin pictured next to Johnathan Greenblat ADL

“Nicki Minaj has a lot more personal dignity and integrity than most white people, I can tell you that. And she’s smarter than any white woman I’ve ever seen.”.

Jay Marshall Wolman lead attorney representing Andrew Anglin in the Tanya Gersh’s / Southern Poverty Law Centre “troll storm” suit (which also involves NAZBOL Richard Spencer) is Jewish. Anglin generated over twenty-four thousand dollars in just twenty-four hours from troll readers of his Daily Stormer website; the total number of Shekels raised today is more than one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, funds appropriated to fund legal costs against the Gersh lawsuit filed by the SPLC.

WEEV aka Andrew Auernheimer

Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer multicultural Czech Jewish roots seem to have gone amiss with his ravings of Jewish children “deserve to die” in the midst of the misogynistic audiences of the Daily Stormer; as this following quote from his ill-fated mother explains his diverse ethnic origins…

Andrew Auernheimer (Weev) and Jewish Peadophile Alan Ginsberg
Jewish Nazbol Andrew Auernheimer (right) is doppelgänger of Jewish Paedophile Allen Ginsberg (left)

“I do a lot of volunteer work… and I can bring a local Rabbi into the conversation if you would prefer. As you said, the irony is we are a multi-racial family. My great-grandparents were Czech, Jewish Immigrants, and I am Native American… Andrew and his victims are but one of the many sad, dark consequences of drug addiction, internet addiction, and the internet itself”.

Andrews' mother also confirmed that he has Jewish lineage “on both sides of his family.” Andrew's Jewish heritage was first reported by Gawker in 2012 when 'he' volunteered the information to a reporter. During his earlier years, his Marxist / Communist political alignments are also not quite as well known…

Weev and Occupied Wall Street Twitter Account
Weev, a Comrade contributor to Communist Occupy Wall Street
Weev Troll with Communist Bolshevik Pals
A young Weev Troll with Communist Bolshevik Pals

But his communist alignments seem to have survived (at least in gesture) his years of trolling National Socialist ideologies, convoluted with the daily stormers most grotesque misogyny of white women…

Rainbow Pepe?
Weev sporting a "Reversed Swastika" behind a rainbow breathing Pepe frog
Weev with his Communist Fist
An older Weev troll raising a NAZBOL fist salute

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, The Daily Stormer lost its domain name. This was after Anglin wrote an article mocking the death of Heather Heyer and Weev threatened to “send Nazis” to Heather Heyer’s funeral. The Stormer spent the next several months kicked off one domain registrar after another. Dailystormer.lol was one of those domains and was active around August 18, 2018. It was registered first to Name Cheap where it was shut down, and then it was transferred to Instra.

Weev with his Communist Fist
a simple whois search revealing link between Weev and Pilosov
Weev with Pilosov
NAZBOL Jew Auernheimer relaxing with Chabad Jew Pilosov

Dailystormer.lol was registered by Weev to the Manhattan apartment of a Jewish man named Alex Pilosov who is an internet security expert. Pilosov is not only a Manhattan Chabad-Lubavitch Jew but also as it turns out a long-time supporter and associate of Weev since his pre-prison “hacktivist” days.

Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux is a Jewish actor who plays the role of a “white nationalist” and “antisemite” who points out facts about Jews. Molyneux has been caught in numerous lies over the years and has flip-flopped on many issues.

Molyneux is Ashkenazic Jewish (on both sides of his family):


Molyneux will occasionally discuss facts about Zionism, particularly on Twitter, while feeding his audience various lies and controlling the narrative.

Nick Fuentes

Nicholas J. Fuentes hosts an episodic live stream named America First (AFPAC), which he began in 2017. The show has attracted a cult following, which Fuentes refers to as the "Groypers" or the "Groyper Army". Fuentes cites the candidacy and presidency of Donald Trump as an inspiration for America First.

Fuentes with latent homosexual Milo Yiannopoulos

Andrew “Torah” Torba has officially Gabbai'ed (sponsored) Nick Fuentes...

Fuentes has not always been positive towards Gab and its user base, calling the users “fucking retarded” and saying the average IQ on the platform is 50.

Previously misogynistic Fuentes called for Gab to ban all women from the platform. In a documentary for the BBC, broadcast in 2022, Fuentes told the interviewer, Louis Theroux, that he believes it would be better if women did not have the vote.

It’s long been common knowledge that Nick is not really into women.


Despite his hot date with cat boy as spoken out against the "LGBT agenda" and has described transgender people and same-sex marriage as "deviancy".


Fuentes claims he can't wait for America to be owned by China, he says "things will be so much better". Over a group conference he said Taiwan was Chinese soil and he could not wait to see America humiliated trying to defend it, rousing the Taliban and Russia to rise up, whilst denoucing America as a paper tiger, a sick evil empire.

Baked Alaska

Prior to his 2016 transformation into an alt-right activist, Anthime Joseph "Tim" Gionet, more commonly known as Baked Alaska was initially a rapper and Internet prankster. He later worked as a commentator for BuzzFeed, where he supported libertarian and progressive political positions and marched in support of Black Lives Matter.

Baked Alaska with latent homosexual Milo Yiannopoulos

After leaving BuzzFeed in 2016, Gionet traveled as Milo Yiannopoulos' Dangerous Faggot Tour manager. In late 2016, conflict arose between Cernovich and Gionet when Gionet made antisemitic remarks on Twitter, claiming the media was "run in majority by Jewish people". Gionet later mended his relationship with Cernovich, saying that he had been "heated" when he made those posts, and that he had misspoken.

In July 2022, Gionet pleaded guilty to parading, demonstrating or picketing inside a Capitol building, a misdemeanor. He faces up to six months in jail.

US Capitol Invasion

On January 6, 2021, the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. was stormed during a riot and violent attack against the U.S. Congress. A mob of supporters of President Donald Trump attempted to overturn his defeat in the 2020 presidential election by disrupting the joint session of Congress assembled to count electoral votes to formalize Joe Biden's victory.

Q Anon Shaman Jake Angeli (born Jacobs Chansley)
Q Anon Shaman Jake Angeli (born Jacobs Chansley)

“The characteristic thing about these people is that they rave about the old Germanic heroism, about dim prehistory, stone axes, spear and shield, but in reality are the greatest cowards that can be imagined. For the same people who brandish scholarly imitations of old German tin swords, and wear a dressed bearskin with bull’s horns over their heads, preach for the present nothing but struggle with spiritual weapons, and run away as fast as they can from every Communist blackjack”.

Reflecting on the Capitol storming, Jake Angeli said that “What we did on Jan. 6 in many ways was an evolution in consciousness because as we marched down the street along these ley lines shouting 'USA' or shouting things like 'freedom'… we were actually affecting the quantum realm.

Tankersly with TWP Leader Matthew Heimbach and Keystone State Skinheads co-founder Steve Smith
Dishonored Jason Tankersly gamming an “outsider's mark” (abstract hammer and sickle) tattooed on his left hand; pictured with TWP Leader Matthew Heimbach and Keystone State Skinheads co-founder Steve Smith
Aaron Mostofsky (pictured) is son of Kings County Supreme Court Judge Steven Mostofsky
Aaron Mostofsky (pictured) is son of Kings County Supreme Court Judge Steven Mostofsky

Guo Wengui aka Miles Guo

Guo Wengui, is a funder of Steve Bannon and has been suspected of being a Zig Zag CCP agent behind Gettr. J Michael Waller, a senior analyst for strategy, Center for Security Policy has accused Gou Communist of being a "Chinese spy, who pretends to oppose Xi Jinping and says that 99.999 percent of CCP members are good, was behind a new social media app to capture the data of anti-Communist, conservative, MAGA Americans.".

click for original picture

Waller went on to state "Miles Guo Wengui, the man behind Getter, commissioned this model of the Statue of Liberty. In 2019 Guo had the model statue’s “July 4, 1776” tablet removed and replaced with Mao. Guo and Bannon used the Communist Statue of Liberty models as props on their online show in 2019. They used these statues, in an approving way, in repeated episodes".


Wang Yanping (“Yvette”), who runs operations for Miles Guo/Guo Wengui, the reputed CCP agent behind Gettr. She’s saying in September 2017 that she’s still a CCP member. She signed the $1 million contract with Steve Bannon.


This movement is in many ways a progression of Operation Trust, a counter-intelligence operation set up as a fake anti-Bolshevik resistance organization to help the Soviet Union identify real monarchists and anti-Bolsheviks.

In the Marxist-Leninists own words…


“the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves”.