Black Supremacy

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United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors

The Nuwaubian Nation or Nuwaubian movement is an American religious group founded and led by Dwight York, he is also known as Malachi Z. York, Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi, Dr York. York began founding Black Muslim groups in New York in 1967. He changed his teachings and the names of his groups many times, incorporating concepts from Judaism, Christianity, and many esoteric beliefs.

Nuwaubian Cosplay
Egyptian dress up, Nuwaubian Cosplay
Nuwaubian Cosplay
Red Indian dress up, Nuwaubian Cosplay

“I don’t believe in any of this shit. If I had to dress up like a nun, if I had to be a Jew, I’d do it for this type of money.”.

In July 1999, Time magazine reported on the “40-ft. pyramids, obelisks, gods, goddesses and a giant sphinx,” built by York's followers in rural Georgia in an article titled “Space Invaders”.

Nuwaubian Space Invader Compound

“White people are the devil. They say the Nuwaubians are not racist — bullcrap! I a.. White people are devils — always was, always will be.”.

In the late 1980s, he abandoned the Muslim theology of his movement in favour of Kemetism and UFO religion. In 1991, he took his community to settle in up state New York; then they moved near to Eatonton, the county seat of Putnam County in Georgia. His followers built an ancient Egypt-themed compound called Tama-Re and changed their name to the “United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors.”.

Nuwuabian Grand Lodge
York Dwight wearing Nuwuabian Grand Lodge sweat shirt
Nuwuabian Grand Lodge
Jessie Jackson (Prince Hall Freemasonry) with Nuwuabian "Holy Royal Arch Masonic Order"

York was convicted in 2004 of child molestation and violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. He is serving a 135-year sentence. His case was appealed to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, which upheld the convictions on October 27, 2005. A U.S. Supreme Court appeal was denied in June 2006.

Child Molester
One Hundred and Thirty Five Years!

Beginning in Brooklyn, York had established strict sexual practices within the community, reserving for himself sexual access to many women and girls, including wives and children of followers. Anonymous letters were sent to Putnam County officials alleging child molestation at the Nuwaubian community. The FBI, which had started investigating the group in 1993, assigned a major task force to it. In 2002 York was arrested and charged with more than 100 counts of sexually molesting dozens of children, some as young as four years old. According to Bill Osinski, who wrote a 2007 book about York and the case:

Nuwaubian Cosplay
Dwight York

“When he [York] was finally indicted, state prosecutors literally had to cut back the number of counts listed — from well beyond a thousand to slightly more than 200 — because they feared a jury simply wouldn't believe the magnitude of York's evil.… [It] is believed to be the nation's largest child molestation prosecution ever directed at a single person, in terms of the number of victims and number of alleged criminal acts.”.

York’s “Main wife” Kathy Johnson reportedly did agree to a guilty plea and was sentenced to two years in prison. She had been accused of child molestation, procuring children for sex with York, and instructing the children on sexual techniques. In April 2004, Johnson was sentenced to two years in prison, to be followed by 18 years on probation. Three other women were initially charged, but have never been prosecuted.

Always ending in ruin… the Nuwaubian “space invaders” compound evicted and destroyed

The Nuwaubian Nation of Moors was known for having really odd beliefs. Among their beliefs were the following “truths:”..

York believes that his betrayal, arrest, trial, and imprisonment (and eventual release) were foretold in chapter 10 of a book titled “The Wars of the Gods and the Men” by exposed Freemason and infamous worldwide published crank Zecharia Sitchin, with York assuming himself as being represented by Mar-duq in that story.

York with the hairs of Zecharia's chinney chin Sitchin

As of 2018, Dwight York is serving his sentence (as a convicted paedophile) at the United States Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility (ADX) in Florence, Colorado, as Inmate # 17911-054. His projected release date is April 7, 2122.

Dwight York Publication
Dwight York Publication
Dwight York Publication
Dwight York Publication

York had some interesting things to say about Rastafarianism before he was incarcerated. He stated in a published pamphlet that the Emperor of Ethiopia in the 1930s has ordered As Sayyid Al Haadi Abdur Rahman Al Mahdi (Yorks alleged father) to be killed.

Haile Selassie in limo with John F Kennedy, just “six” weeks before Kennedy was sacrificed, assassinated. Kennedy was the only American President not to be related to the British Monarchy, leading many to suggest Kennedy was descended from an Irish King. Thousands of secret files have been withheld by governmental agencies from public scrutiny for almost 60 years after Kennedy's assassination in Dallas, Texas in 1963.

There is also a question as to why was the Emperor of Ethiopia at JFK's funeral, if JFK had been murdered by Communist trained assassin and spy Lee Harvey Oswald, rumour had it that JFK was from Celtic Monarch lineage, Selassie an envoy snake of the insidious Kalergi Plan.


Rastafari is a political, religious and cultural insurrection that began less than 100 years ago. It is based off Christian, traditional African beliefs, Marxism and Pan-Africanism. It began with the first literate blacks in Jamaica relating themselves into the Bible. The single most important bible verse for Rastafari is in Psalm 68, verse 32: “Princes shall come out of Egypt, Ethiopia shall soon stretch forth her hands unto God.” (Blumberg).

Rastafarian “Living God” Haile Selassie (born Lij Tafari Makonnen or Ras Tafari but known to Rastafarians as Jah) with all his family meeting and shaking hands with the world's greatest mass murderer (45 million dead in just 4 years!) Mao Zedong.

Haile Selassie

Lij Tafari Makonnen alias name Haile Selassie is written as traslating as “Power of the Trinity”, his bloodline is claimed to be Solomonic, from the Amhara Branch House of Solomon. Himself and all his decrepit descendants were of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo religion, and so were all buried at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Addis Ababa. The Cathedral is a founding member of the World Council of Churches, a worldwide organization that has been historically and closely tied to the Russian / Communist KGB (formerly known in the Red terror years of the Holodomor Genocide as the Cheka).

Lij Tafari Makonnen (alias Haile Selassie)
Zera Yacob Amha Selassie

Haile Selassie had made a pact with Mao Zedong and allied with mass murderers Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, and Kim Il-Sung. Selassie refused to modernize his stance from Stalinist/Maoism to a more “humane” Communism that embraced Marxist Leninism. Inevitably, this ultimately led to his overthrow and death in 1974 by a military junta named the “Derg”.

Six Unholy Truths

Jamaicans found the alleged prophecy of Rastafarianism fulfilled when Haile Selassie became crowned emperor of Ethiopia. Rastafarians boasted that not only was Selassie a black man crowned within Ethiopia, but also he was the first black man crowned in the entire world. Ethiopia became a fixation for Rastafari, and thus the “6 holy truths” were soon developed (made up):

  1. Black people are the descendants and of the early Israelites and have been exiled to Jamaica by the White man
  2. Haile Selassie is the living God
  3. The White person is inferior to the Black person
  4. Ethiopia is heaven while Babylon is hell
  5. Their God will arrange for their repatriation to Ethiopia
  6. In the future, Blacks will rule the world (Barret, pg 104, 1988)

Marcus Garvey

Many Rastas regard Jamaican political activist Marcus Garvey as a prophet, believing that he prophesied the crowning of Haile Selassie similarly to how John the Baptist prophesied the coming of Jesus Christ. Many legends and tales are told about Garvey within Jamaica's Rasta community of which attribute him with supernatural attributes, for instance, there is a tale told about him—and also independently told about the pioneering Rasta Leonard Howell—that Garvey miraculously knew that his bath had been poisoned and refused to get into it.

Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey was ethnocentric and committed to racial purity, Garvey was invariably against race mixing, leaving Du Bois to denounce Garvey as ‘a grand distraction’.

Other stories among Jamaica's Rastas hold that Garvey never really died and remained alive, perhaps living in Africa. Some Rastas also organize meetings, known as Nyabinghi Issemblies, to mark Garvey's birthday. To the contrary, according to scholar Barry Chevannes, Garvey would have regarded the Rastas' belief in the divinity of Haile Selassie as blasphemy. Garvey knew of the Rastas from his time in Jamaica during the 1930s, but his view of them, according to the Chevannes, “bordered on scorn”. Garvey never regarded himself as a religious visionary.

Concept of Alienation

Rastafari beliefs and Karl Marx’s early writings are undeniably similar. Marx was a conflict theorist, in that he believed that different parts of society were in constant conflict with each other, causing chaos and depression. Rastafari started in conflict with the greater society. Both are critical of and withdraw from the modern western capitalist society.

“I'm gonna put on a iron shirt and chase Satan out of Earth. I'm gonna put on a iron shirt and chase the devil out of Earth. I'm gonna send him to outer space to find another race.”.

Marx’s concept of alienation in the workplace explains why Rastas feel capitalism was destroying their personality. Marx believed there were four steps to alienation:

  1. Alienation from the product of labour
  2. Alienation from the process of labour
  3. Alienation from co-workers
  4. Alienation from oneself (Marx 327)

Capitalism, for Rasta and Marx, objectifies the worker. Labour is no longer seen as an expression of people’s purpose. It puts him in a system where they are only valued for their material worth. This objectification leads to the bourgeois oppression of the poor.

“Is purpose the anti-dote to estrangement from or loss of self”.

Just as Babylon is Marx’s capitalist system, Ethiopia is his true Communism.

W. E. B duBois

Rastafarianism also draws heavily from Maoist/Communist and NAACP founder W.E.B duBois writings. For Du Bois and Rastafarians, the English language is symbolic of the oppression of black people and the African language stripped from them. Du Bois recognizes that English has no regard for African decedents; it is not their language, and it is foreign and alienating. Rastafarians also recognize this, but they take it a step further. Through the concept of I and I they revoke the western use of I and me and also create new words, making the language their own. For example, the word university changes to “I-niversity”.

Du Bois shaking hands with worlds greatest mass murder Mao Zedong
CCP Chairman Mao Zedong with W. E. B. Dubois in 1959

Another of Du Bois major tenants was the need for education. The Rasta belief started as a liberation movement, and education was the centre of it. Both Du Bois and Rasta believe that education can lead to liberation, which leads to the finding of one's self. The first is that black men have no true self-consciousness. He believes in a double-consciousness, which is, black men, see themselves through the eyes of others. “One ever feels a twoness, -an American, a negro; two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings.” (Du Bois 45). This connects directly to Jamaicans in that they are torn between and Jamaican and African identity. Rastafari is the attempt to bridge this gap. For Du Bois, the veil is a block stopping white men from seeing black men as they are, and black men from seeing white men as they are. Neither side is the conscience of the true other. Rastafari pushes to eliminate this veil.

C. L. R. James

Trinidadian, Comintern Writer C. L. R. James (a known associate of Trotsky in exile), author of the “Black Jacobins” (In France, the Dominicans were known as Jacobins because their convent in Paris was attached to the Church of Saint-Jacques) was an obsessed with commentating Cricket. In-between his Brixton house on Railroad, he orchestrated Communism into Kennington's Rastafarian International temple, located on the ghetto street of Saint Agnes Place.

C.L.R James was Connected to Noel Ignatiev and the Dominican Order (The Order of Preachers)
C.L.R James was Connected to the Dominican Order (The Order of Preachers)
C.L.R James was Connected to Noel Ignatiev and the Dominican Order (The Order of Preachers)
C.L.R James was Connected to Noel Ignatiev

The squalid, crack cocaine and cockroach-infested street socially housed displaced people (Spanish Anarchists and Socialist Communists) was located a mere stone throw away from Kennington's world-famous Oval cricket ground. C.L.R. James lived and died a mile away from the Rastafarian “temple” at 165 Railton Road, Brixton, a hangout of Reggae legend and Rastafarian Bob Marley.

Bob Marley

As a mulatto, Bob Marley was chosen to deliver Communist Third Worldism through promotion of Rastafarianism to the First World. There is little doubt as to who helped Communist Bob Marley with his Communist / Egalitarian lyrics, developed as a Third Worldism lyrical anthem sung to glorify the destruction of the first world that was denounced and demonized by Marley and his Communist cohorts as Babylon; Babylon ironically being written as the birthplace of King Nimrod and his soul skinning Trinitarian priesthood.

Masonic Marley
Masonic Marley
Masonic Marley

Marxist Icon of Alienating Satanism, Masonic Marley

“I would say to the people, Be still, and know that His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, is the Almighty. Now, the Bible seh so, Babylon newspaper seh so, and I and I the children seh so. Yunno? So I don't see how much more reveal our people want. Wha' dem want? a white god, well God come black. True true.”.

Given Bob Marley being race mixed and linked to C. L. R. James we are compelled to look further into Jame's link with Maoist Third Worldism and Critical Theory professor Noel Ignatiev who infamously is also (with John Garvey) co-editor of anti-White “Race Traitor Magazine”. The publication's motto “treason to Whiteness is loyalty to humanity” is regurgitated throughout American academia that is reengineering White Guilt through alienating indoctrination of Critical Race theory known to many as “White Privilege”.

Race Traitor
Race Traitor
Race Traitor

LoXism Magazine of the New Abolitionsim: “Race Traitor” edited by Maoist Noel Ignatiev

To understand Ignatievs hateful dismissal of Irish people identifying as White, we only need to look no further than the disproportionate race-mixing ratio outlined by the prevailing frequency of Black Jamaican Males interloping with White Irish women, first instigated by Oliver Cromwell. Seems we, in our efforts to preserve the existence of our people, have all be played out as fools by New Abolitionism, bearers of genetic inheritance defaced into compliant dupes in a mutually self-assured racial destruction does it knot?

“Babylon is used in context by Third Worldist Rastafarianism as a substitute demonisation code word meaning White people”.

On 4 November 1980, shortly before Marley's death, Archbishop Abuna Yesehaq baptized Marley into the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, giving him the name Berhane Selassie. Biblically Ethiopia was a son of Ham (see Genesis 10:6), so in hindsight of the "Redemption of Ham" crusading missionary miscegenation is both ascertained and asserted through Egalitarian patrons such as Saint Martin etc.

"Solomon’s Songs, amorous and foolish enough, but which wrinkled fanaticism has called divine.—The compilers of the Bible have placed these songs after the book of Ecclesiastes; and the chronologists have affixed to them the aera of B.C. 1014, at which time Solomon, according to the same chronology, was nineteen years of age, and was then forming his seraglio of wives and concubines. The Bible-makers and the chronologists should have managed this matter a little better, and either have said nothing about the time, or chosen a time less inconsistent with the supposed divinity of those songs; for Solomon was then in the honey-moon of one thousand debaucheries".

Zaera Yacob Amha Selassie

The Crown Prince of Ethiopia Zaera Yacob Amha Selassie is regarded as the head of the Imperial Family of Ethiopia. Zera Yacob is written to currently live in Addis Ababa but used to live, for years, in a modest dwelling on the Isle of Dogs, London, UK. Yacob attended Eton College and graduated from Exeter College, Oxford and (as an Eritrean / Ethiopian warmonger) military educated at Sandhurst; Yacob's grandfather was Emperor Haile Selassie. When you observe this pale-faced, Solomonic “elitist” family among their primitive Ethiopian subjects, you can see significant notable difference both in physical features and tone of skin colour (melanin reduction).


Bob Marley song “Cornerstone” is certainly relevant to Freemasonry. The Biblical passages in this song taken from feature in some portions of Masonic ritual. It has been suggested that the Rastafari word for God, Jah, comes from the term Jahbulon, although the name JAH (a transliteration of YAH, shortened from Yahweh) appears in the King James Version of the Bible, in Psalm 68:4.

Unholy trinity “Jah.bul.on” of Freemasonry

The term “Jah” also appears throughout the Psalms in other Bible translations, for instance the Darby translation or Young's Literal translation. William David Spencer, in his 1999 Dread Jesus, proposes that Archibald Dunkley and Joseph Nathaniel Hibbert were among the preachers that inspired the Rastafari movement, and that both were members of the “Ancient Mystic Order of Ethiopia”, a fraternal order derived from Prince Hall Freemasonry. Spencer believes that several features of the Rastafari movement derive from this lodge, including the name “Jah”, from the word Jah-Bul-On.

“one love is a loner's disparity, a so low moon”.

Cultural appropriation

The Rastafari appear to have taken the appearance and cannabis smoking from the 8th century CE old Hindu subculture of the Indian Sadhu (who have worn their hair as thick dreadlocks named as jata for thousands of years). These Sadhus probably arrived upon West Africa as crewmen blown by merchant trade winds across the Indian Ocean towards Mauritius. The Yacubs are very close in appearance to Asians, with their North African and Arab appearance.

Rasta, smoking Cannabis through a Pipe
Sadhu smoking Cannabis through a Chillam

“Sadhu tradition of India is thousands of years old, whilst Rastafarianism was “developed” in the 1930s”.

Given the Yacubs are very close in appearance to Asians with their North African and Arab appearance, I surmise that my correspondence with India was covertly used as a multi-racial bridge in that I was skinned of my resonant ancestral flesh and crucified pursuing their yearning for an archetypal resonant God King; altercated and recast into their Solomonic lineage through Saturnalian / Trinitarian forked abstraction of Hindu Dharma.

Cultural convergence

Security service (MI5) carried out surveillance of CND members it considered to be subversive, and from the late 1960s until the mid-1970s it designated CND as subversive by virtue of its being “communist-controlled”. Communists have played an active role in the organisation, and John Cox, its chairman from 1971 to 1977, was a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain; in the late 1970s, MI5 downgraded CND from “communist-controlled” to “communist-penetrated”. During the late seventies, one group of New Age travellers splintered and came to be known as the Peace Convoy after visits to Peace camps associated with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND).

White Devil
Through the 1980s Communist Peace Convoy manipulation of Shiva worshipping New Age Travellers, the Rastafarians searched for their unwitting White Devil. Photo is from Goa “Sun Splash” reggae festival in Goa. (Goa is a Portuguese, predominantly Christian enclave located in Southern India. I believe this picture to be of a man named “Brixton Billy” an associate of Kennington (Ninjatune) record producer (Matt Coln) involved in the Kalergi Plan and connected to ageing relics of the Peace Convoy.

The Communist “Peace” Convoy eventually came into contact with the environmental movement of the early 90s, most notably with the M11 Link road protest in Leytonstone, North East London. Many New Age Travellers who had not been part of Peace Convoy but now evicted from the subculture by the Criminal Justice Bill / Act converged on various environmental protests such a M3 Tywford down and A34 Newbury Bypass protests; aligning themselves with the UK's version of America's “Earth First” campaign. New Age culture prevailed as direct action movement florished until Heroin lammed 1st gen and Ketamine tore apart the minds of 2nd gen of New Age Travellers, a cheap trick of the 90s Rave Music Scene.

Black Hebrew Israelites

Black Hebrew Israelites are not associated with the mainstream Jewish community, and they do not meet the standards that are used to identify people as Jewish by the Jewish community. They are also outside the fold of mainstream Christianity, which considers Black Hebrew Israelism to be a heresy.

The Hebrew Israelite movement originated at the end of the 19th century, when Frank Cherry and William Saunders Crowdy both claimed to have received visions that African Americans are descendants of the Hebrews in the Bible.

Consequently, Black Hebrew groups were founded in the United States during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, from Kansas to New York City, by both African Americans and West Indian immigrants. In the mid-1980s, the number of Black Hebrews in the United States was between 25,000 and 40,000.