Black Supremacy

Communist incitement of grotesque, anti-White racism, historically behind the most profane ideology of Afro-American black supremacy. Within these two pages I expose the Black Panthers, Muslim Brotherhood, Nation of Yahweh, United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors and Rastafarianism.


Initially, I titled this unsightly exposure, upon first appearance as Black Supremacy but in hindsight of coerced and forced “Black on White” miscegenation “breed out” tactics this exposure is about Black Degeneracy, grift from destructive concepts of alienation, originally penned by Karl MarX (2nd cousin to Lionel de Rothschild) but fostered from Mao Zedong's inhumanity towards thirty million starving Chinese people.

A Talmudic insurrection launched, under the guise of a “Stalinist Pact” against homogenous “Gentile” monarch bloodlines via Communists insurrection destructive and corrosive Black Dominion with a concealed agenda of breeding out White people; through alienating chased down White men as “Devils” and/or as the “Spawn of Satan”. Demonization of White people, described below, together define the dominion of a continually encroaching Kalergi Plan.

Black Panthers

The Black Panther Party (BPP), originally the Black Panther Party for Self-defence, was an anti-white, black supremacist, violent Communist organization founded by Bobby Seale and Huey Newton in October 1966 in Oakland, California. Mao was a hero to Newton, who co-founded the Black Panther Party 50 years ago on October 15, 1966, the same year Mao kicked off the Cultural Revolution in China. The party was active in the United States from 1966 until 1982, with chapters in numerous major cities, and international chapters operating in the United Kingdom in the early 1970s, and in Algeria from 1969 until 1972.

Black Panthers founder Huey Newton at his desk with Mass Murderer Mao Zedong
Black Panthers founder Huey Newton at Harlem bookshop with Mao Zedong
Black Panthers studying quotes from Maos Little Red Book
Group of Black Panthers reading Mao quotes from his little Red Book

“Huey and Bobby raised enough money to buy two shotguns by buying bulk quantities of the recently publicized Little Red Book and reselling them to leftist and liberals on the Berkeley campus at three times the price. According to Bobby Seale, they would “sell the books, make the money, buy the guns, and go on the streets with the guns”.

Curtis Austin states that by late 1968, Black Panther ideology had evolved from black nationalism to become more a “revolutionary internationalist movement”:

Maos little red book raised above black heads and held into the air
Black Panther women raise Mao Zedong little red book above their heads

“[The Party] dropped its wholesale attacks against whites and began to emphasize more of a class analysis of society. Its emphasis on Marxist-Leninist doctrine and its repeated espousal of Maoist statements signalled the group's transition from a revolutionary nationalist to a revolutionary internationalist movement. Every Party member had to study Mao Tse-tung's “Little Red Book” to advance his or her knowledge of peoples' struggle and the revolutionary process”.

Panther slogans and iconography spread. At the 1968 Summer Olympics, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, two American medallists, gave the black power salute during the American national anthem. The International Olympic Committee banned them from all future Olympic Games.

Black Panthers communist salute with fisted black gloves
Peter Norman, (left) he was an Australian that arrived in the 200 meters finals after having ran an amazing 20.22 in the semi-finals. Only the two Americans, Tommie “The Jet” Smith and John Carlos had done better: 20.14 and 20.12, respectively; Norman stood at 5’6” tall, and running as fast as him and Smith, both taller than 6’2". Norman should have received the Gold.

Inspired by Mao Zedong's advice to revolutionaries in The Little Red Book, Newton called on the Panthers to “serve the people” and to make “survival programs” a priority within its branches. Through this program, the Party was able to influence young minds, “While the children ate their meal[s], members [of the Party] taught them Maoist “liberation lessons” consisting of Party messages contrived from Mao's Little Red book and distorted representations of Black history.” Through the charitable act of giving, the Party was able to influence young minds, and strengthen their ties to communities as well as gain widespread support for their ideologies.

NBPP poster
Black Panthers were idolizing Mao Zedong and preaching his soul skinning doctrines. Through Communism, Mao Zedong terrorized and mass murdered (starvation) 50+ million Chinese people.

Black Panther Party members were involved in many fatal firefights with police: Huey Newton allegedly killed officer John Frey in 1967, and Eldridge Cleaver led an ambush in 1968 of Oakland police officers, in which two officers were wounded and Panther Bobby Hutton was killed. The party suffered many internal conflicts, resulting in the murders of Alex Rackley and Betty Van Patter. In 1969, Federal Bureau of Investigation Director J. Edgar Hoover described the party as “the greatest threat to the internal security of the country”.

Black Panther Party, Detroit
Black Panther Party with Maoist Third Worldism Agenda
Armed Black Panthers
Armed Black Panther's leader delivering a pre-written speech

“I wanted to leave high school and Join the Cuban revolution. So the only reason I did not come to join [Fidel] Castro was because my mother would not let me. I was only 16”.

Black Panther Party membership reached a peak in 1970, with offices in 68 cities and thousands of members, it began to decline over the following decade. Popular support for the Party declined further after reports of the group's alleged criminal activities, such as drug dealing and extortion of Oakland merchants. Scholars have characterized the Black Panther Party as the most influential black movement organization of the late 1960s, and “the strongest link between the domestic Black Liberation Struggle and global opponents of American imperialism” but other commentators have described the Party as more criminal than political, characterized by “defiant posturing over substance”.

Black Panthers founder Huey Newton meets Zhou Enlai
Black Panthers founder Huey Newton meets Zhou Enlai (first Premier of the People's Republic of China) in September 1971.
Black Panthers promoting mass murdering communist dictators Kim Il Sung, Ho Chi Minh and Mao Zedong. October 1970.

In late September 1971, founder Huey P. Newton led a Black Panther delegation to China and stayed for 10 days. At every airport in China, Huey was greeted by thousands of people waving copies of the Little Red Book and displaying signs that said, “we support the Black Panther Party, down with US imperialism” or “we support the American people but the Nixon imperialist regime must be overthrown”. Huey was under the impression he was going to meet Mao Zedong, but instead had two meetings with the first Premier of the People's Republic of China, Zhou Enlai. One of these meetings also included Mao Zedong's wife, Jiang Qing. Huey described China as “a free and liberated territory with a socialist government”.

Header of the ‘Intercommunal News’ section of the Black Panthers’ newspaper, 30 January 1971, page 12
Header of the ‘Intercommunal News’ section of the Black Panthers’ newspaper, 30 January 1971, page 12.

During the trip, the Chinese arranged for him to meet and have dinner with a DPRK ambassador, a Tanzanian ambassador, and delegations from both North Vietnam and the Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam. Between 1974-77, Huey Newton spent three years self exiling in Cuba to avoid prosecution for the murder of Kathleen Smith, an eighteen-year-old White prostitute. Although Newton confided to friends that Kathleen Smith was his “first non-political murder”, he was ultimately acquitted, after one witness's testimony was impeached by her admission that she had been smoking marijuana on the night of the murder, and another prostitute witness recanted her testimony.

Newton was also acquitted of pistol-whipping his tailor, Preston Callins after Callins refused to press charges.

In 1989, a “New Black Panther Party” was formed in Dallas, Texas. Ten years later, the NBPP became home to many former Nation of Islam members when its chairmanship was taken by Khalid Abdul Muhammad.

Black Liberation Army

The Black Liberation Army (BLA) was an underground Black Power revolutionary organization that operated in the United States from 1970 to 1981. Composed entirely of Black Panthers (BPP) who served as members of both groups, the organization's program was one of war against the United States government, and its stated goal was to “take up arms for the liberation and self-determination of black people in the United States.” The BLA carried out a series of bombings, killings of police officers and drug dealers, robberies (which participants termed “expropriations”), and prison breaks.

Black Liberation Army Communique-November 5 1981
Black Liberation Army Communique-November 5 1981
1970-72: Attacks
  • According to a Justice Department report on BLA activity, the Black Liberation Army was suspected of involvement in over 70 incidents of violence between 1970 and 1976. The Fraternal Order of Police blamed the BLA for the murders of 13 police officers.
  • On October 22, 1970, the BLA was believed to have planted a bomb in St. Brendan's Church in San Francisco while it was full of mourners attending the funeral of San Francisco police officer Harold Hamilton, who had been killed in the line of duty while responding to a bank robbery. The bomb was detonated, but no one in the church suffered serious injuries.
  • On May 21, 1971, as many as five men participated in the murder of two New York City police officers, Joseph Piagentini and Waverly Jones. Those arrested and brought to trial for the shootings include Anthony Bottom (a.k.a. Jalil Muntaqim), Albert Washington, Francisco Torres, Gabriel Torres, and Herman Bell.
  • On August 29, 1971, three armed men murdered 51-year-old San Francisco police sergeant John Victor Young while he was working at a desk in his police station, which was almost empty at the time due to a bombing attack on a bank that took place earlier — only one other officer and a civilian clerk were there. Two days later, the San Francisco Chronicle received a letter signed by the BLA claiming responsibility for the attack.
  • On November 3, 1971, Officer James R. Greene of the Atlanta Police Department was shot and killed in his patrol van at a gas station. His wallet, badge, and weapon were taken, and the evidence at the scene pointed to two suspects. The first was Twymon Meyers, who was killed in a police shootout in 1973, and the second was Freddie Hilton (a.k.a. Kamau Sadiki), who evaded capture until 2002, when he was arrested in New York City on a separate charge, and was recognized as one of the men wanted in the Greene murder. Apparently, the two men had attacked the officer to gain standing with their compatriots within the Black Liberation Army.
  • On January 27, 1972, the Black Liberation Army assassinated police officers Gregory Foster and Rocco Laurie at the corner of 174 Avenue B in New York City. After the killings, a note sent to authorities portrayed the murders as a retaliation for the prisoner deaths during the 1971 Attica prison riot.
  • To date, no arrests have been made. Two of the three suspects died in “unrelated shoot-outs with cops — one in New York, and one in St. Louis, with Laurie’s gun in his car” and the third was sentenced in 2016 to 21 years for selling heroin to undercover police. Evidence found at the scene has been lost.
1972-79: Actions and flights
  • On July 31, 1972, five armed individuals hijacked Delta Air Lines Flight 841 en route from Detroit to Miami, eventually collecting a ransom of $1 million and diverting the plane, after passengers were released, to Algeria. The authorities there seized the ransom but allowed the group to flee. Four were eventually caught by French authorities in Paris, where they were convicted of various crimes, but one—George Wright—remained a fugitive until September 26, 2011, when he was captured in Portugal. Portuguese courts rejected the initial pledge for extradition. American authorities may still appeal this decision.
  • In another high-profile incident, Assata Shakur, Zayd Shakur and Sundiata Acoli were said to have opened fire on state troopers in New Jersey after being pulled over for a broken taillight. Zayd Shakur and state trooper Werner Foerster were both killed during the exchange. Following her capture, Assata Shakur was tried in six different criminal trials. According to Shakur, she was beaten and tortured during her incarceration in a number of different federal and state prisons. The charges ranged from kidnapping to assault and battery to bank robbery. Assata Shakur was found guilty of the murder of both Foerster and her companion Zayd Shakur, but escaped prison in 1979 and eventually fled to Cuba and received political asylum. Acoli was convicted of killing Foerster and sentenced to life in prison.
1981: Brinks robbery
  • The BLA was active in the US until at least 1981 when a Brinks truck robbery, conducted with support from former Weather Underground members Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, left a guard and two police officers dead. Boudin and Gilbert, along with several BLA members, were subsequently arrested.
Black Liberation Army Communiqué — A Message from the Underground’, Black Liberation Army, United States, [early 1980s].

ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE Here are the license plates sort after by the fascist state pig police. We send them in order to exhibit the potential power of oppressed people to acquire REVOLUTIONARY JUSTICE.

The armed goons of this fascist government will again meet the guns of oppressed third world peoples as long as they occupy our community and murder our brothers and sisters in the name of AMERICAN LAW AND ORDER; just as the fascist Marines and Irmy occupy Vietnam in the name of democracy and murder Vietnamese people in the name of American imperialism are confronted with the guns of the Vietnamese Lib-eration Army, the domestic armed forces of racism and oppression will be confronted with the guns of the BLACK LIBERATION ARMY, who will mete out in the tradition of Malcolm and all true revolutionaries real justice.


Comrade DEDANE OLUGBALA a/k/a ZAYD MALK SHAKUR like many other revolutionaries has paid the supreme sacrifice, for the liberation of his people. The blood was no super nigger, or super star. He was just a nigger that was tired of the racist pig cops, shooting down unarmed Brothers and Sisters in the street, such as the recent murder of 10 year old Clifford Glover.

The BRother wanted an immediate end to the murders and brutalities committed on our People by racist policemen. He felt that the only way to end such conditions as police oppression was through revolution and not a Kneegrow revolution either, but through a violent sad bloody revolution. The brother related to the teachings and speeches of Malcolm. He related to the worts of Malcolm.

Malcolm said we should speak the language of the oppressor. If the oppressor'speaks the language of a shotgun, then we should speak the language. So the Brother spoke the language of our oppressor. The blood realised that Peace was not the correct method to use against these pigs in Babylon.


We, of the Black Liberation Army do relate to the desire of the people to gain freedom, and we do condemn the efforts by the power structure to sup-press those of the Republic of New Africa (RNA) who are striving to acquire land in Hinds County Mississippi. THEIR STRUGGLE IS OUR STRUGGLE; THEIR FREEDOM IS OUR FREEDOM; THEIR BLOOD IS OUR BLOOD. So, let it be known that if one drop of Black Blood is shed, the sons and daughters of Malcolm will rise and pig blood will flow like a river wherever pigs exist. Woe unto those who cannot swim.


This is from the George Jackson Squad of the BLACK LIBERATION ARMY about the pigs wiped out in lower Manhattan last night. For too long black people have been callously murdered for the sake of property. Never again! For everyone of us that are murdered two of you will die. Thinka* boufct it! No longer will we tolerate Attica and oppression and exploitation and rape of our Black community. This is the start of our spring offensive. We also dealt with the pigs in stores and social clubs just isn't our stick.

Now we do stick up, because the revolution needs money. But we do ntt rob from our own people or any third world people. How do we look tating $&0 dollars from a grocery store, when we can go down to CHASE MANHATTAN'S and take $00thousand dollars? (Can you dig it?) Once again we deny robbing that grocery store for $SO dallars, and we also deny sticking up some social club that we were supposed to have killed some blood in. We do not rob or kill tMrd world people, it's agains our principles.

Now they don't deny killing pigs or any other oppressive forces in the Black community. Yes,we take credit for killing pigs, bank robberies, jail breaks, sky jackings, etc. We also take credit for the recent ambushes on the pigs. The ambushes were sincere attempts to take them off the count. And our reason for trying to kill them pigs was to revenge our dead comrades CHANGA QLUGBALA (Woodie Green) and KIMU OLUGBALA (Anthony White) who were murdered by pigs both whiteys and niggers, in a Brooklyn bar. Due to the unfortunate outcome of the ambushes they haven't been avenged YET!I We will say it again so there's no confusion or misunderstanding. We did not rob any blood in Harlem or at social club. In dealing with those robberies we've been so falsely accused of, let's look at it logically and be realistic sabout Banks are more feasible than grocery stores and social clubs

The conditions under which the Black Liberation Army formed are not entirely clear. It is commonly believed that the organisation was founded by those who left the Black Panther Party after Eldridge Cleaver was expelled from the party's Central Committee. A fallout was inevitable between Cleaver and other Panther leaders after he publicly criticized the BPP, among other things accusing Panther social programs of being reformist rather than revolutionary.

New Black Panther Party

In 1989, a group calling itself the “New Black Panther Party” was formed in Dallas, Texas. Ten years later, the NBPP became home to many former Nation of Islam members when its chairmanship was taken by Khalid Abdul Muhammad. The NBPP upholds Khalid Abdul Muhammad as the de facto father of the movement. When former Nation of Islam (NOI) minister Khalid Abdul Muhammad became the national chairman of the NBPP from the late 1990s until he died in 2001, he, Shabazz, and many other breakaway members of the NOI followed Muhammad to the NBPP.

Shebaz and comrade holding guns underneath a picture of Kalid Muhammad
Shebaz and comrade holding guns underneath a picture of Kalid Muhammad
Ring of CCTV
Shebaz makes an appearance on the front page of the Philadelphia Weekly

“I hate White people, all of them, every last iota of a cracker I hate him (next clip) You want freedom, you're going to have to kill some crackers, you're going to have to kill some of their babies”.

Leader of the Philadelphia Black Panthers.

The New Black Panther Party is currently led by Krystal Muhammad. Calling the NBPP extremist, critics have cited Muhammad's Million Youth March in Harlem, a youth equivalent of the Million-Man March, in which the protest against police brutality included speakers calling for the extermination of white South Africans.

Nation of Islam (N.O.I)

Origin of the N.O.I

The Nation of Islam was founded in July 1930 by a door-to-door carpet salesman named Wallace Fard (Wallace Muhammad). In 1931 Fard met migrant worker Elijah Poole (Elijah Muhammad) and is told to have educated him night and day into the “profound Secret Wisdom of the Reality of God”. The N.O.I believe Fard to be “Mahdi of Islam, as “Allah in the Flesh” and “the second coming of Jesus, the Christ, Jehovah, God, and the Son of Man”. Fard was last to be been seen by Elijah, thereafter he mysteriously disappeared, never to be heard from again.

Jim Jones and the Nation of Islam.

Elijah Muhammad adopted Fard's Detroit group, renaming it to Nation of Islam from Fard's Allah Temple of Islam. For 41 years, Elijah grew the small group into a large movement. Muhammad preached his version of Islam to his followers in the Nation. According to him, blacks were known as the 'original' human being, with 'evil' whites being an offshoot race that would go on to oppress black people for 6,000 years. He preached that the Nation of Islam's goal was to return the stolen hegemony of the inferior whites to blacks across America. At the high of his power, the N.O.I was estimated to have had at least 250,000 members; notably Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X.

Ring of CCTV
Look through the darkness to see the light reveal Malicecomelm X

“History proves that the white man is a devil.”.

Letters from Ernest 2X McGee, an ex-first national secretary of the NOI revealed what he knew of Fard, alleging he was John Walker of Gary who had come to America at 27 from Greece, had served prison time for stealing junk and raping a 17-year-old girl, and had died in Chicago, Illinois at 78. Letters stated blacks had been better off “from a psychological point of view” before Fard and the Messenger came along because it weaned them from Christianity to a fabricated form of Islam, both, in his opinion, were bad.

N.O.I assassination of Malcolm X

On December 1, 1963, when asked for a comment about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X said that it was a case of “chickens coming home to roost”. He added that “chickens coming home to roost never did make me sad; they've always made me glad.” Revealing the extramarital affairs of Elijah Muhammad (who attempted to justify his infidelity with biblical references), a NOI suspension (prohibited from public speaking for 90 days), and other factors caused a rift between the two men, with Malcolm X leaving the Nation of Islam in March 1964 to form his religious organization, Muslim Mosque Inc.

Black Panthers founder Huey Newton meets Zhou Enlai
Malcolm X with Fidel Castro, a Cuban communist revolutionary politician, a Marxist-Leninist and Cuban nationalist.

On February 21, 1965, former N.O.I preacher Malcolm X (born Malcolm Little) was preparing to address the OAAU in Manhattan's Audubon Ballroom when someone in the 400-person audience yelled, “Nigger! Get your hand outta my pocket!” As Malcolm X and his bodyguards tried to quell the disturbance, a man rushed forward and shot him once in the chest with a sawed-off shotgun, and two other men charged the stage firing semi-automatic handguns. An autopsy identified 21 gunshot wounds to the chest, left shoulder, arms and legs, including ten buckshot wounds from the initial shotgun blast.

“Did you put Malcolm out before the world? Was Malcolm your traitor or ours? And if we dealt with him like a nation deals with a traitor, what the hell business is it of yours?”.

The main gunman was Nation of Islam member Talmadge Hayer (also known as Thomas Hagan), the other two gunmen were identified as Nation members Norman 3X Butler and Thomas 15X Johnson. All three were convicted of murder in March 1966 and sentenced to life in prison. In 1977 and 1978, Hayer signed affidavits reasserting Butler's and Johnson's innocence, naming four other Nation members as participants in the murder or its planning, although the affidavits did not result in the murder case being reopened. One of the convicted assassins named Butler, today known as Muhammad Abdul Aziz, was paroled in 1985 and became the head of the Nation's Harlem mosque in 1998.

Big head scientist Yakub

In the wacky published beliefs of the Nation of Islam (NOI), Yakub, sometimes spelt Yacub or Yaqub and obviously not to be confused with the fictional over factual, role reversal soul skinning antics of Zera Yacob (Crown Prince Amha Selassie) is written as a black scientist who lived “6,600 years ago” and began the creation of the white race. He is said to have done this through a form of selective breeding referred to as “grafting”, while living on the island of Patmos. However, there is no historical or scientific evidence for these beliefs. The Nation of Islam theology states that Yakub is the biblical Jacob. All other branches of Islam, as well as Christianity and Judaism, reject these assertions. The story has caused disputes within the NOI during its history.

Interpretation of Yakub
Screenshot from bizarre Nation of Islam (NOI) animated film of mythic big-headed Scientist YAKUB; NOI alleges Yakub was maker of White Race, grafting white people from black people on the Greek island of Patmos. Thus, they wish to graft themselves into whites via breeding out white males, thus dissolving genetic inhereitance bestowed on white females into admixture.
Interpretation of Yakub
N.O.I asserts Blacks were taken from Ethiopia and miscegenation grafted on the Greek island of Patmos to create "White Devils"; N.O.I endeavours to reverse this fleecing white people from inherent genetic prosperity; i.e restart again through the worst of the N.O.I. Subordinates of this ficticious theology are handed White t-shirts; I surmise this began with the mass murdering Cult of Jonestown.

Under N.O.I's current leader Louis Farrakhan (formerly known as Louis X), the N.O.I continue to assert that the story of Yakub is true, claiming that modern science is consistent with it. The story of Yakub originated in the writings of Wallace Fard Muhammad, the founder of the Nation of Islam, in his doctrinal Q&A pamphlet Lost Found Moslem Lesson No. 2. It was developed by his successor Elijah Muhammad in several writings, most fully in a chapter entitled “The Making of Devil” in his book Message to the Blackman in America. The writings of Elijah Muhammad advise a student must learn that the white man is “Yacub's grafted Devil” and “the Skunk of the planet Earth”.

“The Yakub made devils were really pale white, with really blue eyes; which we think are the ugliest of colours for a human eye. They were called Caucasian -- which means, according to some of the Arab scholars, One whose evil effect is not confined to one's self alone, but affects others.”.

The disturbing, racist doctrine of Yakub is told to be one of the reasons for splits in the Nation of Islam. Later in his life, in later statements, Malcolm X rejected the Yakub story, asserting that anyone of any race who intentionally deprives others of basic human rights is a “devil”. Warith Deen Mohammed, who took over the Nation of Islam after his father Elijah's death, rejected it almost immediately and tried to re-invent the Nation as a mainstream Sunni Islam movement. Louis Farrakhan reinstated the original Nation of Islam and has reasserted his belief in the literal truth of the story of Yakub.

Louis Farrakhan

Farrakhan was born Louis Eugene Walcott in The Bronx, New York; his parents were immigrants from the Anglo-Caribbean islands. Farrakhan says he never knew his biological father. In a 1996 interview with Henry Louis Gates Jr., he speculated that his father, “Gene”, may have been Jewish. Farrakhan joined the legacy Nation of Islam and followed Imam Warith Al-Deen Mohammed, and eventually became a Sunni Imam under him for ​3 1⁄2 years from 1975 to 1978. In 1978, Farrakhan and a few supporters decided to rebuild what they considered the original Nation of Islam upon the foundations established by Wallace Fard Muhammad, and Elijah Muhammad.

Farrakhan with Christian Priest
Father Michael Pfleger's hosting of N.O.I Louis Farrakhan at St. Sabina Church, Chicago

“I charge the white man with being the greatest liar on earth! I charge the white man with being the greatest drunkard on earth…. I charge the white man with being the greatest gambler on earth. I charge the white man, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, with being the greatest murderer on earth. I charge the white man with being the greatest peace-breaker on earth…. I charge the white man with being the greatest robber on earth. I charge the white man with being the greatest deceiver on earth. I charge the white man with being the greatest trouble-maker on earth. So therefore, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I ask you, bring back a verdict of guilty as charged”!

Louis Farrakhan speech documented in 1959 film The Hate That Hate Produced.

In 1985, Farrakhan obtained working capital for $5 million, in the form of an interest-free loan from Libya's Islamic Call Society. Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi had also offered Farrahkan guns to begin a black nation. It was reported that Farrakhan said that he told Gaddafi that he preferred an economic investment in black America.

At an event in Milwaukee in August 2015, Farrakhan said: “White people deserve to die, and they know, so they think it’s us coming to do it.” In 1985, Farrakhan obtained working capital of $5 million, in the form of an interest-free loan from Libya's Islamic Call Society. Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi had also offered Farrahkan guns to begin a black nation. Farrakhan claimed that he told Gaddafi that he preferred an economic investment in black America.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was an adherent to the doctrine of the N.O.I, in this short clip below Ali proclaims the white man is the Blue eyed, Blonde haired “Devil”. Muhammad Ali's anti-White hate speech was platformed on Michael Parkinson's chat show four times! Produced and aired by BBC's Head of “Light Entertainment”, Bill Cotton.

Muhammad Ali interview by Michael Parkinson

Ali's “icon” posters are everywhere, white people naively view them as inert; unknowing that the anti haters who hang them wish to kill them off. I surmise the Nation of Islam was created to bring Asian Muslims into the anti-White Communist Black narrative which is clearly evident, although concealed between compartmentalisations in todays Multicultural British society.

Its not the first time our people have been stigmatised, tortured, desecrated and dammed by aspiring crucifiers as white devils is it?

Khalid Muhammad

Khalid Muhammad was a black nationalist leader in the United States who became a prominent figure in the Nation of Islam and later the New Black Panther Party. By 1984, Muhammad had become one of Louis Farrakhan's most trusted advisers in the Nation of Islam. He travelled to Libya on a fund-raising trip, where he became well acquainted with that country's leader, Muammar al-Gaddafi. Muhammad's dedication to Farrakhan and the message of the NOI eventually secured him the title of national spokesman, and he was named one of Louis Farrakhan's friends in 1981.

Khalid Muhammad
Khalid Muhammad accompanied by Armed Guards

“Who are the slum lords in the Black community? The so-called Jews… Who is it sucking our blood in the Black community? A white impostor Jew.”.

He served at Nation of Islam mosques in New York and Atlanta throughout the 1980s. A federal court convicted him in 1987 of mortgage fraud and sentenced him to nine months in prison. After his prison term, he returned to the Nation, becoming Farrakhan's national adviser in 1991.

“Get out of town before sundown. I said if they don't get out of town we kill the men, we kill the women, we kill the children, we kill the babies, we kill the blind, we kill the cripple, we kill the crazy, we kill the faggots, we kill the lesbians, I said Goddam it, we kill them all. He said, well, why kill em all? why kill the women, first why kill the babies, there just little innocent blue-eyed babies because Goddam it they are going to grow up one day to rule your babies, kill them now… Why kill the women in South Africa? I said kill the women because the women are the military manufacturing centre and every nine months they down on their backs and reinforce their roles from out been their legs, so shut down the military manufacturing centre by killing the white women. Why kill old the crackers, all decrepit crackers in South Africa, how the hell do you think they got old, they got old oppressing and killing black people.”?

After being stripped of his position as NOI spokesman, Muhammad became the national chairman of the New Black Panther Party. In 1998, Muhammad organized the “Million Youth March” in New York City, which attracted an estimated 6,000 participants. At the march, Muhammad exhorted the rally participants to attack the oncoming police, to beat them with rails, and to shoot them with their guns. Dozens were arrested, and 30 officers and five civilians were injured. Mayor Giuliani who had initially refused the march said the march turned out to be precisely what he predicted, “filled with hatred, horrible, awful, vicious, anti-Semitic and other anti-white rhetoric, as well as exhortations to kill people, murder people … the speeches given today should not occur [at] any place.