Banana Republic of Christian Socialism

In this exposure, I reveal how Christian Socialism is brainwashing subverting White British people into the Coudenhove-Kalergi / Trinitarian miscegenation plan; inflicting disparities using soft power, psychological warfare to co-opt besieged and terrorized masses into Martinism.


Christian Socialism advances this through a “regeneration through miscegenation” doctrine, enabled by disparity “redemption song” projections of “Critical Race Theory”; to demolish White monocultural society by socially engineering a modified version of Karl MarX's “Concept of Alienation”; primarily focussed upon outcasting White Males from ethnocentricity as “devils” and from homogeneity as “spawn of Satan”.

Pope Francis is triggered as he Foot Noshes Negroes in Uganda

“Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity. … In the new order, Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches and the media by transforming the consciousness of society.”.

They don't want white males around when they are hyper normalizing white females into defacing acts of miscegenation because during procreation, the sperm of the man (ancestral projection) is received by the egg of the female (genetic inheritance). Interloping homogeneity into obscurity is the Christian Socialist's unspoken “immaculate conception”, and through breeding out White males secures Abrahamic Dominion over White Europeans through control of the Christian Church.

“Two thousand years ago, the ancient Christians... were the revivers of the Mosaic tradition. Today it is neither the Zionists nor the Christians, but the Jewish leaders of Socialism: because they wish, with the most exalted unselfishness, to erase the original sin of capitalism, to free the people from injustice, violence and subservience and into an earthly paradise”.

An ethnocentric and homogenous people, thousands of years native to Europe, obfuscated from recognition of indigenous identity because of being interloped unrecognizable until they can no no longer pass on their likeness of their ancestors to their children. The Kalergi Plan is in full “swing” as psychological warfare, terrorizing the British “subjects” descended from Norman Bloodlines of Rollo of Normandy. Only White females from Saxon lineage are interloped by Black Females.

“The greatest tyrannies are always perpetuated in the name of the noblest causes.”.

Domincan Republic is miscegenation captial of the world, made up of native-born Dominican mulattos, though there are large numbers of Afro-Dominicans and Euro-Dominicans. The rationality behind creating a secretive Blue Yellow Banana Republic could be drawn from a quotation from insurrectist Valadimir Lenin:

“One cannot live in society and be free from society”.

The oldest fortress in the Americas; the Pantéon Nacional, is a former Jesuit edifice now hosting the remains of various renowned Dominicans; and the Dominican Convent, the first convent in the Americas.

Proponents of Misery

Jorge Bergoglio

Bergoglio has been announced as “Pope Francis” since 2013 when he became the head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State. Bergoglio is the first pope to be a member of the Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits (see my article on Tamil Genocide to see how Dravidian Hinduism is sacrificed through Communist Catholicism into Solomonic Trinitarianism).

Pope Francis Celebrates Ethnic Diversity of Bolivia and Ecuador with Bolivia's President Evo Morales
Pope Francis Celebrates Ethnic Diversity of Bolivia and Ecuador with Bolivia's President Evo Morales 2006 to 2019 (Movement for Socialism)

“It is Communists who think like Christians”.

Pope Francis is triggered as he Foot Noshes Negroes in Uganda
Heretic Pope Francis kisses rival South Sudan leaders feet in the Vatican
Pope Francis is triggered as he Foot Noshes Negroes in Uganda
As a purveyor of misery and protector of paedophiles, he just can't get enough

“Inequality is the root of all evil.”.

Pope Francis (Jorge Bergoglio) kissing penis of infant Jesus
Pope Francis (Jorge Bergoglio) kissing penis of infant Jesus

Bergoglio grew up in socialist Argentina, an experience that left a deep impression on his thinking. He told the Latin American journalists Javier Camara and Sebastian Pfaffen that as a young man he “read books of the Communist Party that my boss in the laboratory gave me” and that “there was a period where I would wait anxiously for the newspaper La Vanguardia, which was not allowed to be sold with the other newspapers and was brought to us by the socialist militants.”.

The Papal bull.
The "Peoples" Papal bull.

The “boss” to whom Pope Francis referred is Esther Ballestrino de Careaga. He has described her as a “Paraguayan woman” and a “fervent communist.” He considers her one of his most important mentors. “I owe a huge amount to that great woman,” he has said, saying that she “taught me so much about politics.” (He worked for her as an assistant at Hickethier-Bachmann Laboratory in Buenos Aires.) As a Cardinal, Bergoglio became known for personal humility, doctrinal conservatism, and a “commitment to social justice”.

Martín de Porres Velázquez

One egalitarian meme of psychological warfare (alpha·bet) wagered by Dominican Friars (code named “tin man”) against our bloodlines is the bastard violations of Apostolate of Martin de Porres.

Coudenhoves race mixed “man of the future”, an exoterical “Apostolate of Saint Martin"…
behind the identity of NFL Chicago Bulls reversed logo of “Tin Man”, sharing misery since 1966!
Chicago Bulls stalker in Richmond, London, UK; they harassed me intensely for at least two years.

“I'm gonna put on a iron shirt and chase Satan out of Earth. I'm gonna put on a iron shirt and chase the devil out of Earth. I'm gonna send him to outer space to find another race.”.

“Take your place behind the wheel, You're in command, take me where you want to, I'm a passenger waiting for departure, Read behind my face of steel, Don't get deceived, I'm human and I want you”.

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”.

Velázquez, a bastard (illegitimate son of a Spanish nobleman), was patronized as a saint of mixed-race people, barbers, innkeepers, public health workers, and told to be inclusive of all those seeking “racial harmony”. He had a sister named Juana de Porres, born two years later in 1581. After the birth of his sister, the father abandoned the family. Ana Velázquez supported her children by taking in laundry.


“Martin often challenged his brothers on their racial attitudes. In one story, Martin came upon a group of Indians sweeping the floor under the watchful eye of one of the Dominican brothers. When told that they were cleaning to repay a meal they had received, Martin pointed out that the brother had fed some white people the previous day without forcing them to clean. After Martin’s firm but gentle challenge, the brother took up the broom himself.”.

Among the many “miracles” attributed to him were those of levitation, bilocation, miraculous knowledge, instantaneous cures, and an ability to communicate with animals (the story of Dr Dolittle?).

Irish Dominicans with their "Adam" of the Integra Natura

“Martin's sometimes defiant attachment to the ideal of social justice achieved deep resonance in a church attempting to carry forward that ideal in today's modern world.”.

In the 1980 novel A Confederacy of Dunces, Ignatius Reilly contemplates praying to Martin for aid in bringing social justice to the black workers at the New Orleans factory where he works. And in music, the first track of jazz pianist Mary Lou Williams's album Black Christ of the Andes is titled "St. Martin De Porres".

Madonna's video of lead single "Like a Prayer" (1989) featured Martin de Porres (played by actor Leon Robinson, casts taken of Robinson's face, hand and feet to create the statue), the song was sung by Madonna during her Re-Invention World Tour (2004) and most recently most recently on the Madame X Tour in 2019–20.

American singer Madonna's lead single "Like a Prayer" (1989) featured Martin de Porres as a character in the song's music video. Like a Prayer was co-writen and co-produced by Patrick Ray Leonard who entered the music business with late 1970s Chicago-based pop rock band Whisper, then later the same band membership, Trillion (name changed for legal reasons), featuring future Toto singer Dennis "Fergie" Frederiksen on lead vocals.

Saint Martin Apostolate, 42 Parnell Square West, Dublin, D01 P5R7

Fuck this mulatto dog's phoney miracles right up his maggot ridden cruel ass, I detest this insidious violators duff revolations; to hell with him, be gone his digusting blame legacy.

Justin Welby

Justin Portal Welby (born 6 January 1956) is the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury and the most senior bishop in the Church of England since 2013. Welby entered the Church of England through Holy Trinity Brompton, enabled by his lifetime friendship with Nicky Gumbel.

Justin Welby's adoptive father was Gavin Welby, a wandering bootlegging immigrant with a known “demanding personality disorder”, once described by Lady Redgrave (an English actress named Rachel Kempson) as “a real horror … a pretty rotten piece of work”.

Jane Portal with Churchill
Jane Portal as Churchill's personal secretary, she is also niece of R. A. Butler, a member of the Churchill Cabinet and previous Master of Trinity College, Cambridge.
Churchhill Blenheim
Churchill initiated by the Ancient Order of Druids, Blenheim Palace 9/1908. Churchill was buried at St Martin's Church, Bladon and member of Trinity House.
Anthony Montague Browne (Welby's biological father) was private Secretary for Foreign Affairs to Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Montague Browne and Portal were inbred, being 9th cousins once removed.

Justin Welby's real father Anthony Montague-Browne OBE (described by Justin as his “Secret Father”) was a gentile socialite and trusted private secretary for foreign affairs to Winston Churchill. The Churchill family infamously hated French people with appalling xenophobia, bombing Normandy during WW2 into rubble. Churchill's were multi-generational connected to Jewish elites such as the Rothschilds (see also: Louis deRothschild), Bernard Baruch (a financier of the Kalergi Plan, Winston Churchill penned hundreds of letters in correspondence, Baruch was frequently denounced as America's secret president) and the Jewish World Congress.

“The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.”.

Montague-Browne never married Justin's mother Jane Portal rendering his estranged son Justin an illegitimate bastard by birth (incidently men born illegitimately were for centuries barred by the church from becoming archbishops).

“Actor Megan Markle has studied all her life to insidiously intercept our white ancestral spirit, Markle means Mark EL O Him (if O is the Omega who is the Alpha?)”.

Meghan Markle and Princess Diana
Meghan Markle’s half-sister said her estranged sibling suffers from “narcissistic personality disorder” — while Prince Harry, is the victim of Stockholm syndrome: “I definitely see a narcissistic personality disorder. [...] She needs to see a counsellor”
A Marriage made in Hell
Justin Welby rings miscegenation marriage of Harry Goldsmith-Hewitt and Meghan Markle. His mothers' husband Prince Charles (himself related to Vald the Impaler) studied Trinity College, Cambridge when R. A. Butler was Master of that college.
Princess Diana and Meghan Markle
Samatha Markle said “I feel sorry for Harry, She pulled him away from his family, all of his friends, the life that he knew. He reminds me of one of those kidnap victims who eventually starts to believe that their life was so horrible, and they’re in love with their captor.”

Thomas Markle Jr (Meghan Markle is his half-sister) remarked: "Harry's on the chopping block next. The only difference between then and now is that prior [to Harry marrying Meghan] he had a smile all over his face in photos, all the ones after he doesn’t." as Prince Harry set up home in the Big Brother VIP Australia house.

Socialism is the philosophy of failure, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery”.

In an 2018 open letter he wrote to Harry, saying his wedding would be "the biggest mistake in royal wedding history".

Publicised DNA tests and admittance by Welby himself have confirmed his bastard status to be 99.9779 per cent true.

Justin Welby has six children with Caroline E Welby (all of them White and Jewish), they are: Johanna Welby born 1982 (diseased car crash), Timothy Welby born 1984, Katharine Roberts born 1986, Peter Welby, born 1988 (Consultant, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change), Eleanor Welby born 1992, age 26 and Hannah Welby born 1995.

“A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the Lord.”?

Twice failed Conservative candidate Gavin Welby (Justin's adopted father) descended into alcoholism and died, broken and alone, in a Kensington flat at the age of 67.

False Doctine of Welby
False “cultural Marxist” doctrine written by a crypto-Jewish heretic instigating insurrection of Communist Third Worldism through the Church of England; the bastard archbishop despot is getting desperate because victims are rightly repulsed at their hereafters being terrorized, besieged, bastardized and defaced unrecognizable with miscegenation from projections of their white ancestral, kindred spirit. The triangle shading in the word “Action” means abstraction, inducing a state of confusion where people become desensitized from their ancestral identity, this was recited frequently during the Communist Weimar Republic desecration of Germanic people.

It is not God who is being defaced with hatred, it is our ancestral spirit that is being defaced with lengthy disparities that are drawn in spiteful jealousy of our physicality. Our conscious perception of God being altercated senseless, besieged and captivated then misdirected by anti-White haters who desire us to be bastardized unrecognizable untoward our kindred spirit.

And if he doesn't succeed, the father-of-five can always retire to Israel — where, as a descendent of a Jewish father and grandfather, he is entitled to citizenship under the Law of Return”.

The above tweet is not of biblical doctrine but instead, as hereticism, is drawn up from Critical Race theory narrative, originally named Critical Theory this doctrine was originally written by Neo-Frankist / Jewish professors of the Frankfurt School and projected to tare down western Society.

The Lamb encirled by the Aura Borealis, representing the tailwinds of our ascension carried by psychopath who mortalises our people as worthless to one another.
The Lamb (representing pacification) encirled by the Aura Borealis, representing the tailwinds of our ascension carried by psychopath who mortalises our people as worthless to one another.

A soft power psychological war (none-linena warfare) upon the rationality of the western world, a third world war against the first world, converting academia, religion, and the media to become Marxist entities.

Jeffrey John

Jeffrey John is a second class Church of England priest, who has served as the Dean of St Albans since 2004. He made headlines in 2003 when he was the first person to have openly been in a same-sex relationship to be nominated as a Church of England bishop. Owing to the consequent controversy, he stepped down. In the years since, he has reportedly been considered for at least seven diocesan bishoprics across England, Wales, and the Isle of Man.

Previously he was vicar of Holy Trinity, Eltham, (in the Diocese of Southwark) in south London. In 1997, he became Canon Chancellor and Theologian of Southwark Cathedral. n 19 April 2004, 10 Downing Street announced John's appointment as Dean of St Albans. He was inducted on 2 July 2004.


In June 2020 St Albans Cathedral replaced a traditional white Nativity scene featuring the Virgin Mary with a painting of the Last Supper featuring a stained black Jesus, an action they claim was in “solidarity” with a Communist / Marxist organization named Black Lives Matter; whilst BLM were terrorising white people to “get on their knees” and instigating devastating riots (through an attempted martyrdom of convicted criminal George Floyd) unto a crippled, locked-down society suppressed by a deadly “Coronavirus” pandemic. The cathedral said the 8ft 8in-high (2.6 m) picture was part of a prayer installation to mark its reopening and called on people to “look with fresh eyes at something you think you know”.

Irony how they coerced a White blue-eyed / blonde female (Lorna May Wadsworth) to Black Wash a White depiction of Jesus, don't you think?
Jamaican-born model RastaTafari HindUs is the black image that the Christian Socialist Church of anti-White crypto-Communism desires white Christians to idolize?

In a statement, the cathedral said:

“We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement to be allies for change, building a strong, just and fair community where the dignity of every human being is honoured and celebrated, where black voices are heard, and where black lives matter.”.

The black stained artwork, painted in 2010, had previously been shot while on display at a church in Gloucestershire. St Albans for BLM said the cathedral's move had “brought about a countywide conversation”.

Homosexual John has spoken publicly in favour of the introduction of same-sex marriage saying, “If you are gay, then please understand that God made you as you are, and loves you as you are, and if you invite him into your relationship, then, of course, he will bless you and sustain your love just as much as he blesses and sustains any other marriage.” In August 2006, after being in a relationship for 30 years, John and Grant Holmes entered into a civil partnership. Clergy in the Church of England are permitted to enter into same-sex civil partnerships, provided they remain “celibate”. [But how does the church know if they are buggering each other?]

Kenneth Leech

Leech was born into a secular working-class family in Ashton-under-Lyne in greater Manchester. As a teenager, he became a Christian and a socialist at the same time. A speech denouncing apartheid at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester in 1956 by Trevor Huddleston, a priest of the Community of the Resurrection who had just returned from South Africa, had a particularly powerful impact on him.

He would remember thinking, “If this faith could drive this man to oppose racism with such passion, perhaps it could drive me too.”.

Leech moved to the East End of London in 1958 where he began his studies for a degree in history at King's College, London. This move, he later wrote, was the real turning point of his life. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1961 and then went to Trinity College, Oxford, from which he graduated in 1964. He was also ordained to the diaconate in 1964.

Reverend LEECH
Communist blood sucker: the Reverend LEECH

After theological studies at St Stephen's House, Oxford, he was ordained to the priesthood in 1965. He served in urban London parishes afflicted by poverty and confronted issues of racism and drug abuse. After ordination, he served for two years as a curate at Holy Trinity, Hoxton (exclaiming “first became aware of the fact that there is a lot of racism within the white working class) in the East End of London and then from 1967 to 1971 at St Anne's, Soho.

While in Soho, Leech set up the Soho Drug Group (1967) which ministered to young addicts, many of whom had been drawn into prostitution. In 1969, at the instigation of and in conjunction with Anton Wallich-Clifford and the Simon Community, Leech also established the charity Centrepoint which became the United Kingdom's leading national charity tackling youth homelessness.

From 1971 to 1974 he was chaplain and tutor in pastoral studies at St Augustine's College, Canterbury. In 1974, he became rector of St Matthew's Bethnal Green where he served until 1979. While at St Matthew's, he became deeply involved in the struggle against the National Front and other “racist” and “fascist” groups.

“The East End seemed full of left-wing Christians and co-operation between Christians and Marxists was common. I got to know some old Communist councillors, all of them atheists, but all of them having a long history of cooperation with socialist Christians with whom they had a lot in common. The East End has shaped me more than any place”.

In 1974, with Rowan Williams (who became the Archbishop of Canterbury) and others, he founded the Jubilee Group (Ed: see also Community of Ekklesia and Critical Religion Association), a network of Christian socialists in Britain and across the Anglican Communion, most of whom were Anglo-Catholics. In 1980, he became Race Relations Field Officer for the British Council of Churches Community and Race Relations Unit.

Priyamvada Gopal, Professor in the Faculty of English at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge).
Kalwant Bhopal, Professor of Education and Social Justice, Centre for Research in Race and Education, University of Birmingham

“The emergence of a new Bengali radicalism is the most encouraging and most hopeful aspect of the whole period. The radicalization of Asian youth in Brick Lane is part of a nationwide process,' with saw 'close parallels between this and radicalization of the Jews at the turn of the century. The ghetto has produced not despair and resignation but anger and organized revolt. It is this new spirit that the hope for the future lies”.

The following year, he was named Race Relations Field Officer of the Church of England's Board for Social Responsibility. He was director of the Runnymede Trust, a think tank dedicated to promoting ethnic diversity in Britain. From 1987 to 1990. As archbishop, Rowan Williams awarded Leech a Lambeth doctorate.

“Protest is a by-product of vision. If the church recovers its contemplative vision, becomes more rooted in God, it will become a disturbing force for society.”.

He believed that it must be grounded in prayer and should be the work of the entire local Christian community across the boundaries of class, race, and sex. At the heart of his faith was what he called “subversive orthodoxy”; the indissoluble union of contemplative spirituality, sacramental worship, orthodox doctrine and social action.

Leech was written to have sought direction through these words of Bishop Frank Weston:

“You cannot worship Jesus in the tabernacle if you do not pity Jesus in the slum… Look for Jesus. And when you see him, gird yourselves with his towel and try to wash his feet”.

Leech argued that this conjunction of faith and the quest for justice, which points to the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth, is the essential mark of the Christian life and underlies scripture, the teachings of the Church Fathers and the Christian mystical tradition.

His work also drew on the radical and even revolutionary strands in Anglo-Catholicism represented by Fabian figures such as Stewart Headlam, Thomas Hancock, Charles Marson, Percy Widdrington, Conrad Noel, and Stanley Evans. He acknowledged the contributions of F. D. Maurice, Brooke Foss Westcott, Charles Gore, William Temple, and other reform-minded Anglican Christian socialists, but thought them often to be too timid and middle class.

Leech died of cancer in Manchester on 12 September 2015, but he is survived by his wife Julie and a son, Carl, from a “previous” marriage.

Martin in the Fields

St Martin-in-the-Fields is one of the most famous churches in London. Dick Sheppard, Vicar from 1914 to 1927 who began programmes for the area's homeless, coined its ethos as the “Church of the Ever Open Door”. The church is renowned for its work with young and homeless people through The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields, created in 2003 through the merger of two programmes dating at least to 1948. The church may be the St Martin's referred to in the nursery rhyme known as Oranges and Lemons.

Covenant of Saint Martin distributes frayed red squared fabric to unwitting white victims trapped inside lock down church services
Covenant of Saint Martin distributes frayed red squared fabric to unwitting white victims trapped inside lockdown church services
Saint Martin stopping to share half of his roman red cloak with a naked beggar
Saint Martin stopping to share half of his red Roman cloak with a naked beggar, who he later “foreseen in a dream” as Jesus in the Slum.

“The church of Fabian Socialism gives away frayed Red Squares of Nylon, torn from the blade of a sword during an annual “lock down” service, this slum lord recitement of Martin of the Tours is referred to duped victims as Covenant”.

“At the apex of the pyramid comes Big Brother. Big Brother is infallible and all-powerful. Every success, every achievement, every victory, every scientific discovery, all knowledge, all wisdom, all happiness, all virtue, are held to issue directly from his leadership and inspiration.”.

28th November 2021 11:42am
28th November 2021 11:44am
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29th November 2021 2:05pm
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30th November 2021 11:00am
1st December 2021 2:17pm
1st December 2021 7:40pm
28th November 2021 11:35am
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The red scarf was a neckerchief worn by young pioneers of several countries during the socialist (“communist”) era. In the Soviet Union it was known as pionerskiy galstuk (пионерский галстук, i. e. pioneer's neckerchief), in Vietnam as khăn quàng đỏ (red scarf), in China as hóng lǐngjīn (紅領巾/红领巾,red scarf), in Cuba as pañoleta roja (red scarf), and in Hungary as úttörőnyakkendő (variation: pioneer's neckerchief). Blue scarves were also used by youngsters before coming of age to wear the red scarf, and are still seen in some countries.

INGSOC (Society of Judas) Victim - Every place is cover in grime, soaked with urine which clings to cloth and evaporates nauseating the day into disociative haze.
INGSOC (Society of Judas) Victim - Sleep deprivation is a ongoing thing when sleeping in doorways, tiredness supresses cognitive processes, obscuring purpose.
INGSOC (Society of Judas) Victim - Esoteric idolisms look on from the empty outstretched hang, sprawled out upon cross, waiting in vain, enjouring pain for a life to end.
INGSOC Victim dissposessed and vagrant outside Saint Martin in the Fields Church.
INGSOC (Society of Judas) Victim dissposessed and vagrant outside Saint Martin in the Fields Church.
INGSOC Fiddler - Co-fonder of Cecil Sharp House (EFDSS) was a Fabian Socialist
INGSOC (Society of Judas) Mean Fiddler Nesbit - Co-founder of Cecil Sharp House (EFDSS) was a Christian "Fabian" Socialist.
INGSO (Society of Judas) Victim - The White Star riches to rags success story of Christian Socialism.
INGSOC (Society of Judas) Victim - Only a weiry and tired body can rest and sustain sleep upon hard, cold concrete.
INGSOC (Society of Judas) Victim - When you cannot recognise yourself in the mirror you loose all sense of self respect.
INGSOC (Society of Judas) Victim - Tree pigeons became street pigeons as families were turned into dispossessions.

“The red scarf of Communism is supposed to give the character representing the spirit of childhood control over the world, the true meaning of the red scarf of Communism is evident by this list of 76 Latvians from all walks of life. The notation says politically unreliable, shoot them to death”.

It remains in use by the young pioneer organizations of China, Vietnam, North Korea, and Cuba, and — unofficially, on occasions — in many other countries, such as Russia, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Belarus, Ukraine, Finland etc. In China, the scarf is emblematic of the blood of revolutionary martyrs, as recalled in Red Scarf Park and the title of Red Scarf Girl by Ji-li Jiang about her experiences during the Cultural Revolution. In Cuba, the scarf is worn by schoolchildren from first to sixth grade.

Beggars INC

The recording (re - cord - ing) industry has and is very much involved and is an essential cog in the mechanism of this horrific agenda. Emotions are manipulated, atonement (blonde on blonde) is synchronised (through radio, internet streaming and television broadcasting) and via the selling of mp3's intelligence is gathered about listeners which is then used to as a prelude to arranging interracial unions placed together as rough trades. It should be of no surprise that these instigators should seek to make lots of money from this, both those who signed themselves away as products and the manipulators who handed them to the disparity pen.

Fabian Socialist Khans Rough Trade, a subsidery label to Beggars Group
Fabian Socialist Khans Rough Trade, a subsidiary label to Beggars Group

Beggars group is linked to the Covenant of Saint Martin by Martin Mills, owner of Beggars Banquet and subsidiaries such as Young Turks and XL Recordings. XL Recording building, a garage marked with an X is located in Notting Hill, in a shady backstreet just off Blenheim Crescent (Churchill family home is Blenheim Palace, home of the 5th hate column of the Kalergi Plan).

Beggars group offices
All Beggars group offices are "Low Key" as in Loki or Low energy, discretely located in London Boroughs of Wandsworth and Notting Hill.

Mills has a recording study and residence in Ham, Richmond (see redemption of Ham). Mills has previously boasted about his agenda to the Guardian newspaper, who termed him as "the Beggar who does as he chooses". Songs of the Covenant which I can only describe as spite are sung revering cultured disparities, including Bob Dylan: Like a Rolling Stone.

The aim of this recording legacy is to banish us from nurturing our ancestral spirit, by maligning people into only reincarnating as male, genetic worth is pooled into one female (previously but wrongfully identified as possessing all the genetics of humanity), named the Axis Mundi, this sinister exoterical evil known in Martinism as the Integra Natura. The Gaurdian has always been critical off them until recently. Previously Jon Roson, as an investigative journalist / reporter for the Guardian described the Alpha Course church of Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB was an infamous meeting place of KGB spies during the Cold War of the eighties), indirectly, as "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".

Nicky Gumbel

Gumbel's psychological forensic footprint is classic of a neo-Frankist. His Stuttgart Jewish parents (for decades involved in post-World War Two Greater London Council) originally fled from Germany as refugees settling in London, UK; chased out of the Rhineland by NSDAP Weimar Republic purges.

Nickey Gumbel
Jew Nickey Gumbel

“Cult leaders — who are self-appointed and unaccountable — frequently employ mind control techniques similar to those adopted by Alpha.

During early 2010 I was concerned about the Alpha Course activities connected to a homeless day centre run by parishioners belonging to Holy Trinity Brompton; I chose to contact journalist Jon Ronson through his online forum with my suspicions, no reply was made to me but a mere few months later an article appeared in the Guardian containing the following quotation made by Jon Ronson:

“One article, from the Spectator, suggests that Nicky's organization is akin to the Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, something that looks like the C of E, acts like the C of E, but is something else, something malignant, growing, poised to consume its host…”.

Gumbel is the handler behind Welby, a lifelong accomplice having (attended both Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge together), Gumbel is currently a resident vicar at Holy Trinity Brompton (richest and largest house of worship in the Church of England). He replaced an elderly Sandy Millar (also studied at Trinity College, Cambridge) and rewrote the Alpha Course doctrine in 1990; changing, over the years, the programme's narrative direction significantly.

Nickey Gumbel

In the first eight months of 2019, 9,000 courses have been run in 58 countries, using Mr Gumbel's book, Questions of Life, as their basis. Alpha has been used by members of every denomination, from Roman Catholic to Lutheran. Gumbel returning to the UK from travelling to America was also one of the first UK Evangelists to promote the evils of the “Toronto blessing”, the unsightly cause of many church congregation rolling around on the floor acting as though they were animals:

It divides people. It splits churches. It is very controversial. But I'll tell you — I think the Toronto Blessing was a wonderful, wonderful thing”.

Alpha Course methods used on the course have been likened to mind-control, and Alpha has been accused of creating “a Mickey Mouse religion which is cheap, graceless and addictive”. Being enthralled about disrupting cohesion by reversing social norms into decimating acts of degeneracy is classical of a Neo-Frankist mindset.

“Nothing that HTB does can be described as Anglican [..] They are moralistic, sex-obsessed and unkind — more like a cult than a church.”.

Spiteful incitement inflicting acts of debortury such as cuckolding and incest are relished within Sabbatean reverence. HTB attaches “pride” in its use of “the method of welcome”: free meals and friendship to vulnerable people who “walk in off the street”. But some see this approach as “love bombing” - the deliberate manipulation of visitors' emotions by displays of affection, a technique often used by religious cults.

Unholy Convergance
From Left: Nickey Gumbel, Jorge Bergoglio (dressed as the pope) and Justin Welby

Alpha Course was originally conceived in the late sixties by Holy Trinity Bromptons then curate, the Rev Charles Marnham.

Praxis Charity

Founded in 1983 by the Robert Kemble Trust (Robert Kemble Christian Institute), originally based in 12 Goodge Street before moving to the United Reformed Church building in Bethnal Green. In 1997, Praxis was registered as a non-sectarian charity independent of the now defunct Robert Kemble Trust. Praxis Chairty is chaired by Jewess Barbara Roche, ex-labour MP linked to the Blair government's "mass immigration" policy.

Praxis Charity HQ is located at 474 Pott Street, Bethnal Green, London
From left: Sally Daghlian OBE, Maria Iglesias, Marika Wilkinson, Gill Gibson and Bethan Lant.

The Praxis Charity, as part of the Kalergi Plan, pushes interloping migrants into the lives of European people by culturing Marxist concepts of Alienation to zombify White males obsolete. The unspoken directive defines white people as subjects of mortality, fleshing every sanctity from white life. Using “breed out regimes” they dissolve our genetic prosperity into castigate disparities to be reborn as admixture.

Ethnic Idolatry

Whites will have to worship negroes in the public sphere as they destroy all the cities, schools, and inflict the highest crime rates while collecting billions in welfare. This is an extreme form of degradation inflicted upon whites, having to worship the most absurd blacks imaginable. I don’t see how it can be sustained, but then I don’t see whites in power openly standing up to blacks.”.

At Praxis Charity HQ (located at 474 Pott Street, Bethnal Green, London) in a disused church there is a “Communist mural” spearhead of this encroaching “pick me up” or “climb onto your back” coerced and forced integration. If the ANTI-CHRIST is said to bring “living death” upon people then this “adoration” (below) is our ANTI-CHRIST, blocking the front door, “as Christians” to our Church:

The backdrop of this is clearly stylised on a Buddha.
Doves were prized by Communists, Casto was one of them.

[I am suspecting this black woman idolisation may be of the illegitimate daughter of Louis deRothschild, he is well connected to the Kalergi Plan.]

We know this spearhead of encroachment, among other idolizations are being venerated through the media and in many different locations of displacement, notably harvesting atonement around subtracted white people searching for respite from gruelling disparities. The artwork is to be found at, Bethnal Green Meeting House and the Praxis Charity HQ at the nearby United Reformed Church.

Kalergi's Fifty Shades of Freudian Grey. Animates zombified victims with triggered anxieties, rotting hide of living flesh, skinned from bones that roam as a nobodies own.

Blazing Star Adele (her initials are A.L.B.A) was going to march the Solomonic interloper on her back with the Notting Hill carnival until the event was cancelled. In Norse history Adele was Gerloc, daughter of Rollo of Normandy, in “911” the migrating Viking King settled in France.

Adele as subverted Psyche of Eros, Ten decimated clans of ALBA

"Hurry, boy, she's waiting there for you"

There are many of these “community murals” (Bethnal Green Meeting House and the Praxis Charity at the United Reformed Church) commissioned by Reverend Lucy Berry (Berry is described as: a lone mother to a “mixed-heritage” son. She is a middle-class (also described as “white”), embedded among black youth).

Twitter account of Reverend Lucy Berry
"Cain has killed his brother" - Reverend Lucy Berry

This, with her Judaic background, affords her a “grasp” of “complex competing narratives”. Berry is also part of the Ekklesia network, BMS World Mission. In March 2018 Berry performed her poem “Ideas, like doves” at a conference titled Brave New World.).

The Ancient Greek term praxis means turning theoretical knowledge into practical action. Throughout the centuries the concept has been developed by Jewish philosophers: Marx, Gramsci, and Arendt. Being a MaXist entity with claiming "Brazilian pedagogue Freire’s understanding of praxis ultimately inspired the name of our charity"; they also line themselves with Black Lives Matter:

Praxis peer-led group Wings raising Communist Fists
Red Scarf Social inJustice at PrXis Center.

“We stand with the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and the fight against racism. Every day we see the devastating impact of discriminatory policies and practice.”.

On the surface, Praxis runs peer-led groups for people with “lived experience” of migration. The WINGS group is for mothers with young children.

Hewlett Johnson

Hewlett Johnson was an English priest of the Church of England. He was Dean of Manchester and later Dean of Canterbury, where he acquired his nickname “The Red Dean of Canterbury” for his unyielding support for the Soviet Union and its allies. After deciding to do mission work for the Church Mission Society, he entered Wycliffe Hall, Oxford in 1900 and later attended Wadham College where he gained a Second in Theology in 1904. The Society rejected him because of his increasingly leftist theological views, so he concentrated on training for the priesthood and was ordained in 1904.

An avowed Christian Marxist, Johnson was brought under surveillance by MI5 in 1917 when he spoke in Manchester in support of the October Revolution. Although he never joined the Communist Party, he became chairman of the board of its newspaper, The Daily Worker. His political views were unpopular, but his hard work and pastoral skills led to him being appointed Dean of Manchester by Fabian and Labour Party founder Ramsay MacDonald in 1924. He was appointed Dean of Canterbury in 1931.

Soviet Success of Johnson
Hewlett Johnson with his book “Soviet Success”

Johnson came to public prominence in the 1930s when he contrasted the economic development of the USSR under the First Five-Year Plan with Britain during the Great Depression. He toured the Soviet Union in 1934 and again in 1937, claiming on each occasion the health and wealth of the average Soviet citizen and that the Soviet system protected the citizens' liberties. His observations and views have drawn extensive criticism from commentators, who point out that the Soviet Union in the 1930s was an oppressive, totalitarian society with few or no redeeming features.

Yet, Johnson defended his positive accounts of life in the Soviet Union, emphasizing that he had visited “five Soviet Republics and several great Soviet towns,” that he had wandered on foot “many long hours on many occasions and entirely alone,” and that he saw “all parts of the various towns and villages and at all hours of day and night.” It later emerged that much of the book was copied word for word from pro-Soviet propaganda material produced by organizations such as the Society of Cultural Relations with the USSR, of which Johnson was chairman.

The Socialist Sixth of the World by Hewlett Johnson
The Socialist Sixth of the World by Hewlett Johnson

During World War II, Johnson strictly followed the Soviet line. After the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in 1939, he opposed the war even though Britain was at war with Germany, and was accused of spreading defeatist propaganda. However, after NDSAP Germany invaded the USSR in 1941, he supported the war, although his MI5 file reports that it was still judged “undesirable for the Dean of Canterbury to be allowed to lecture to troops”.

Johnson was arguably the most prominent of the Western church leaders who are said to have persuaded Joseph Stalin to restore the Moscow Patriarchate. Stalin was successfully convinced that such a move would improve his relations with the Western Allies. “It was not the vanity of a former seminary dropout that moved the Soviet leader,” Dmitri Volkogonov concluded, “but rather pragmatic considerations in relation with the Allies.”.

In 1952 came the Johnsons' first of three visits to China as a couple. Since Hewlett's exciting trip in 1932 much had changed- the People's Republic, under Mao Tse Tung (Mao Zedong) had been formed three years previously. A. T. D'Eye joined them in this 7-week journey and shared the platforms with Hewlett and Nowell. They met Chinese Christians like Bishop Ting, statesmen-Mao and Chou En-Lai, and the New Zealander Rewi Alley, social reformer and writer.

Hewlett Johnson in Communist China
Whilst in Peking, they visited various Christian groups, Nowell went to sit in on criminal trials and Hewlett made a Radio broadcast. However, one of the highlights of the visit was Chou-En-Lai's State Wine Party on 30th September, which was attended by Mao Tse Tung (Mao Zedong) and President Sukarno, and the great processions the next day for the celebrations of China's National Day.

At the end of the war Johnson was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labour, in recognition of his “outstanding work as chairman of the joint committee for Soviet Aid”, and in 1951 received the Stalin International Peace Prize. After the war, Johnson continued to use his public position to propound his pro-Soviet views. From 1948, he was the leader of the Great Britain-USSR Friendship Organization. However, his influence began to wane, particularly after public sympathy for the USSR in Britain declined dramatically after the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956.

Fidel Castro talking to Hewlett Johnson
Fidel Castro talking to Hewlett Johnson

At the beginning of 1964 Hewlett and Nowell went to Cuba to take part in the 50th Anniversary of Cuba's independence, at the personal invitation of Fidel Castro. Later, in May, they were off again on another visit to China, involving a two-day plane journey to Hong Kong, and then a train to Canton. At Peking airport, they were met by Chou-en-lai and his wife, and lunched with him the next day, when they were pressed to extend their visit by another fortnight. Again both had numerous medical examinations and tests, and they met their friends Bishop Ting and Rewi Alley again, and also on 21st June, Mao Tse Tung (Mao Zedong).

On 5th September, they visited the Kumbum Monastery, where they met 7 and 10-year-old “Living Buddhas”

Johnson's pro-Communist activities were especially troublesome for the British government since foreigners tended to confuse Johnson, the Dean of Canterbury, with the Archbishop of Canterbury. According to Ferdinand Mount, “What infuriated his critics, from Gollancz on the left to Fisher on the right, was that there was no evidence that Johnson had made any but the most superficial study of the issues that he spouted on with such mellifluous certainty, from famines in the 1930s to germ warfare in Korea.”.

Johnson's adversaries have called his endeavours to unite Christianity and Marxism-Leninism a “heretical teaching concerning a new religion”. Johnson denied these accusations and argued that he knew very well the difference between religion (Christianity) and politics (Marxism-Leninism). His religious views were in line with mainstream Anglicanism. His support for Marxist-Leninist politics was derived, in his own words, from the conviction that “[capitalism] lacks a moral basis” and that “it is the moral impulse [of communism] … which constitutes the greatest attraction and presents the widest appeal.

Johnson retired from the Deanery of Canterbury in 1963, the year of his 89th birthday, but settled in the town, where he lived at the Red House in New Street. While maintaining his interest in Communist world developments, he engaged in psychical research and completed before his death his autobiography, Searching for Light (posthumously published in 1968). He died, at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital in 1966 aged 92, and was buried in the Cloister Garth at Canterbury Cathedral.

Stewart Headlam

Stewart Duckworth Headlam (1847–1924) was an English Anglican priest who was involved in frequent controversy in the final decades of the nineteenth century. Headlam was a pioneer and publicist of Christian socialism, on which he wrote a pamphlet for the Fabian Society, and a supporter of Georgism.

Stewart Headlam
Stewart Headlam

When Headlam attended Cambridge University, Headlam was taught by the Professor of Moral Theology, F. D. Maurice, the primary influence in his life. Headlam came to agree with Maurice that God's Kingdom on earth would replace a "competitive, unjust society with a co-operative and egalitarian social order.”.

Maurice's teaching and example shaped Headlam's life, starting with his decision to be ordained. Years later, Headlam told colleagues in the Fabian Society: that he had been delivered from “the belief that a large proportion of the human race is doomed to endless misery” by Maurice's teachings. In his Fabian Society Tract on “Christian Socialism,” Headlam wrote, “I learnt the principles and was familiar with the title of 'Christian Socialism' from Maurice and Kingsley.”.

In 1873, after leaving St John's, Headlam received a curacy from Septimus Hansard, the rector of St Matthew's Church, Bethnal Green in London's East End, where poverty was the intrusive fact of social life. His response, in the form of a synthesis of ideas going back a generation to the Oxford Movement with socialist thinking, was startling although not entirely original. He attributed it in part to Charles Kingsley, but more especially to F. D. Maurice, whose incarnational theology he embraced while a student at Cambridge University.

Headlam formed the Guild of St Matthew on 29 June 1877 (St Peter's Day). It began as a guild within St Matthew's Church, Bethnal Green, East London. However, in addition to parishioners, the Guild included other "London curates with radical views", so it soon grew to forty members. When Headlam was dismissed from St Matthew's in 1878, he took the Guild with him.

No longer merely a parish guild, the Guild became organized on a national basis with local branches The Guild's aims widened to include "the promulgation of those elements in Christian social doctrine that would ameliorate the conditions of the poor through the creation of a just and equal society.”.

As a national organization, the Guild linked Christian Socialists and Anglo-Catholics. This combination was incorporated in the Guild's three objectives:

  1. to get rid, by every possible means, of existing prejudices, especially on the part of 'secularists' against the Church, her sacraments and doctrines, and to endeavour to justify God to the people.”
  2. “to promote frequent and reverend worship in the Holy Communion, and a better observance of the teaching of the Church of England as set forth in the Book of Common Prayer.”
  3. to promote the study of social and political questions in the light of the Incarnation.”

The work of the Guild got off to a slow start as an extra-parochial society. However, by 1884 its work was in “full swing”. The Guild published a list of 24 lecturers willing to speak on 130 subjects. At its annual meeting, the Guild adopted resolutions endorsing socialism and Henry George's “theory of Land Nationalization”. Headlam and other Guild members put their words into action by working in the English Land Reclamation League.

In 1884, Headlam used his own money to buy and edit a newspaper, The Church Reformer: An Organ of Christian Socialism and Church Reform, which became “virtually (though never officially) the mouthpiece of the Guild”. The Church Reformer went bankrupt and published its last issue in December 1895. In the early 1890s, the Guild reached its peak membership of 364, of whom 99 were Anglican priests. Writing on behalf of the Guild, Headlam, in 1890, appealed that the “evils of poverty” be not “alleviated by Christian charity, but that they may be prevented by Christian justice.”.

In the 1893 annual meeting, whether to characterize the Guild as “socialist” was discussed, with a decision in the negative. As explained by Headlam, although the Guild was composed of “socialists who claim that socialism is Christian”, to use the name officially would be “misleading and confusing both to friend and foe”. Despite Headlam's resistance to the term, scholars characterise the Guild of St Matthew as “socialist”. Kenneth Leech says that the Guild was “the first explicitly socialist group in Britain” and Peter d'Alroy Jones describes the Guild as “the pioneer Christian socialist society of the revival period in Britain.”.

In December 1886, Headlam joined the Fabian Society and for several years served on the society's executive committee. In 1888, he and Annie Besant were elected to the London School Board as members of the Progressive Party, a broad coalition of London liberals, radicals, and socialists.

Headlam did not publicly condone homosexuality. However, his willingness to help Wilde may have been connected with the fact that “others close to him had been caught in similar sexual tangles”. Headlam's short-lived marriage in 1878 had been to a lesbian, Beatrice Pennington. Headlam's close relations with other homosexuals included his Eton master William Johnson and his friend C. J. Vaughan.

Frederick Denison Maurice

John Frederick Denison Maurice known as F. D. Maurice, was an English Anglican theologian, a prolific author, and one of the founders of Christian socialism. Since World War II, interest in Maurice has expanded. For his higher education in civil law, Maurice entered Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1823 that required no religious test for admissions, though only members of the established church were eligible to obtain a degree.

Frederick Denison Maurice
Frederick Denison Maurice

Maurice founded the Apostles' Club. He moved to Trinity Hall in 1825. In 1826, Maurice went to London to read for the bar and returned to Cambridge, where he obtained a first-class degree in civil law in 1827.

One important literary and theological figure who was favourably impressed by Maurice was Charles Dodgson, also known as Lewis Carroll. Dodgson wrote about attending morning and afternoon services at Vere Street, at which Maurice preached both times, with the comment, “I like his sermons very much”. Maurice held the benefice of the chapel of St. Peter's, Vere Street, from 1860 to 1869.

“We do not cease to be children because we are disobedient children”.

Maurice “disliked competition as fundamentally unchristian, and wished to see it, at the social level, replaced by co-operation, as expressive of Christian brotherhood.” In 1849, Maurice joined other Christian socialists in an attempt to mitigate competition by the creation of co-operative societies. He viewed co-operative societies as “a modern application of primitive Christian communism.”

Maurice's perception of a need for a moral and social regeneration of society led him into Christian socialism. From 1848 until 1854, he was known as a leader of the Christian Socialist Movement. He insisted that “Christianity is the only foundation of Socialism, and that a true Socialism is the necessary result of a sound Christianity.”.

Cultivating of Misery

Communist profiles of Critical “Religion” Theory professors operating a psychological terror network across the world, weaponising existing religions to advance an anti-White Talmudic agenda.

Frederick Denison Maurice
Jacques Derrida (Alumni of New School) at his home in Ris-Orangis, south of Paris, in a January 2004 picture. He died in October that year.

Jesuit Jacques Derrida meditated on the life and death of truths and the spectres that haunt the memory. He explained the end of history syndrome' by arguing that each time there is an event, it seems to be the last time. This `hauntology' is behind the whole question of “to be or not to be”. It is all a question of repetition, runs Derrida's argument, like the ghosts who have the habit of returning again and again.

Critical Religion Association

The Critical Religion Association is an international scholarly association working on questions of ‘religion’ and related categories. Critical Religion scholars and authors “hail” from various parts of the world (clustered around University of Stirling, Scotland, see “Crossing Cultures”):

Juan Javier Rivera Andía, Melanie Barbato, Fiona Darroch, Sabine Dedenbach Salazar-Sáenz, Gabrielle Desmarais, Timothy Fitzgerald, Naomi Goldenberg, Andrew Hass, Alex Henley, Mitsutoshi Horii, Russell O. Hunter, Carolina Ivanescu, John I’Anson, Alison Jasper, Richard King, Russell T. McCutcheon, Michael Marten, Paige M. Medlock Johnson, Cameron Montgomery, Rajalakshmi Nadadur Kannan, Brian Nail, Per-Erik Nilsson, Suzanne Owen, Richard H. Roberts, Bashir Saade, Isabella Schwaderer, Trevor Stack, Francis Stewart, Angela Sutton and Teemu Taira.

They evangelize their socialist tentacles to scribe religious epitaph through insidiously indoctrinating mesmerizing Christian narratives of Critical Race Theory doctrine upon unsuspecting masses.

Crossing Cultures

Current and former members of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Stirling (Scotland) and affiliated scholars from other institutions and have closely related research interests in fields that study shifting places, identities, and memories across cultures. Their work claims to recognize that instances of cross-cultural interaction do not result in a simple fusion or unproblematic hybridity, and that within them there are significant patterns of domination and oppression.

Group Members are: Fiona Barclay, Ann Davies, Sabine Dedenbach Salazar-Sáenz, Alastair Duncan, Alison Jasper, Bill Kidd, Charlotte Lange, Michael Marten, Brian Murdoch, Katja Neumann, Samantha Punch and Stefanie Van de Peer.

Center for Critical Research on Religion

Here are the social scientists behind all those micro-tribulations that have brainwashed and coerced beautiful white women to deface their hereafters unrecognizable.

Research Associates:

Justin Beaumont, Roland Boer, Robert Boscor, Christopher Craig Brittain, Çağdaş Dedeoğlu, Timothy Fitzgerald, George Gonzalez, Warren S. Goldstein, Marsha Hewitt, Darlene Juschka, Rebekka King, George Lundskow, Seyed Javad Miri, Matthew Del Nevo, Kenneth MacKendrick, Craig Martin, Andrew McKinnon, Sarah M. Pike, Jean-Pierre Reed, Dana Sawchuk, Rudolf J. Siebert, Paul-François Tremlett.

To inflict such torment and self-hatred disillusionment of ancestral spirit is such a spiteful and malevolent evil to inflict upon our world; as if we were unworthy to face God from our inherent image.