Architects of Western Decline

Study of the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxist philosophy which now controls Western intellectualism, politics, and culture. It was by design; it was created by an internationalist intelligentsia to eradicate Western values, social systems, and European racial groups in a pre-emptive attempt to spark global, communist (think liberal) revolution.

Frankfurt School

The video below explains why we have all become so critical of each other to such an extent that we can no longer get along; an inability to form cohesion & make lasting bonds to create meaningful, effectual change. Critical Theory was a precursor to Cultural Nihilism and Critical Race Theory (otherwise know as White Privilege).

“We must organize the intellectuals and use them to make Western civilization stink”.

Members of the Frankfurt School

This Jewish cabal of rootless migrants picked up Karl Marx's failures and engineered cultural nihilism into society, we became so critical of each other that nobody could form cohesion, instilling narratives of apathy such as: “nothing is good enough” and “nothing is ever going to get better”; They centred their attack on our pubescence instilling teenage angst to lay dormant our otherwise fertile “teenage” youth. They did these things, so our homogenous kindred spirit would never have realized or embraced with a sense of validity, be worth enough to validate and be shared among our people.

“The Revolution won’t happen with guns, rather it will happen incrementally, year by year, generation by generation. We will gradually infiltrate their educational institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities as we move towards universal egalitarianism”.

“To eradicate independent subversive cohesion the CIA & Frankfurt school influenced music, as the primary vector for their destructive Marxist lexicon. Theodor W. Adorno composed music we attribute to Beatles and other bands of that era, for example the Stones “paint it black” was about Frankfurt school member's distaste for western Californian culture.

These brainwashers picture above are masters at conditioning and invoking outrage, to turn all your those who have were entrusted with your inherent worth against you. The aim is to socially condition all your lineage to view you as worthless, to enable them to not only forsake you but to withhold and pass your worth onto somebody else. See Rastafarianism and Karl Marx's Concept of Alienation; and such manipulations past onto them will have you ostracized until you are completely disinherited. They will even crucify you for telling the truth about how evil they are as they plunder your hereafter into grievous and inconsolable disparity.

Key works by members of the Frankfurt School include but are not limited to:

The aim is to decimate you unrecognizable as they push your recognition, your inherent worth through the beast of burden until you become the next beast of burden and so on. Can you see why awareness will renounce this cycle of horrific abuse but keep perpetuating it, as victims of the F Scale? F means Fascist, meaning anybody who has the power to rise against them who become aware would not want to void their chance of regenerative redemption. But we can probably assume they will continue until everything becomes inconsolably unrecognizable unto their true sense of self (castigating Atman with the most lengthy disparities they can interlope)? In a few years, you probably won't be able to conceptualize anything I have just written, so why will you care or those around you care?

“The white race is the cancer of human history”.

The brainwashing forefathers of ruin profiled above should be made victims of their own decimating endeavours.

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PraXis School

The praxis school was a Marxist humanist philosophical movement, whose members became influenced by Western Marxism. It originated in Zagreb and Belgrade in the SFR Yugoslavia, during the 1960s. Prominent figures among the school's founders include Gajo Petrović and Milan Kangrga of Zagreb and Mihailo Marković of Belgrade. From 1964 to 1974 they published the Marxist journal praxis, which was renowned as one of the leading international journals in Marxist theory. The group also organized the widely popular Korčula Summer School on the island of Korčula.

Members of the Praxis School
The first public appearance of the entire editorial board of Praxis (Student Centre, Zagreb, end of 1964). From left to right: Rudi Supek, behind him (obscured from view), Branko Bošnjak, Gajo Petrović (editor-in-chief), Danilo Pejović (editor-in-chief), Predrag Vranicki, Milan Kangrga, Danko Grlić; far right (with back turned): the director of the Student Centre, M. Heremić, next to him, Antun Žvan.

Due to the tumultuous sociopolitical conditions in the 1960s, the affirmation of 'authentic' Marxist theory and praxis, and its humanist and dialectical aspects in particular, was an urgent task for philosophers working across the SFRY. There was a need to respond to the kind of modified Marxism-Leninism enforced by the League of Communists of Yugoslavia (see Titoism). To vocalize and therefore begin to satisfy this need, the program of praxis school defined in French in the first issue of the International edition of praxis: A quoi bon praxis. Predrag Vranicki (“On the problem of Practice”) and Danko Grlić (“Practice and Dogma”) expanded this program in English in the same issue (praxis, 1965, 1, pounds. 41–48 and pp. 49–58).

The praxis philosophers considered Leninism and Stalinism to be apologetic due to their ad hoc nature. Leninist and Stalinist theories considered to be unfaithful to the Marxist theory, as they were adjusted according to the needs of the party elite and intolerant of ideological criticism. The defining features of the school were: 1) emphasis on the writings of the young Marx; and 2) call for freedom of speech in both East and West, based upon Marx's insistence on ruthless social critique. As Erich Fromm has argued in his preface to Marković's work From Affluence to praxis, the theory of the praxis theoreticians was to “return to the real Marx as against the Marx equally distorted by right wing social democrats and Stalinists”.

Another defining feature of the praxis theory is the incorporation of existential philosophy into the praxis brand of Marxist social critique, spearheaded by Rudi Supek. Organizing Korčula Summer School and publishing the international edition of praxis were ways to promote open inquiry in accordance with these postulates. Erich Fromm's collection of articles from 1965 entitled Socialist Humanism: An International Symposium has been of much help in promoting the praxis school. As many as six members of the praxis school have published articles in this collection: Marković, Petrović, Danilo Pejović, Veljko Korać, Rudi Supek and Predrag Vranicki.

The praxis journal is published by a group of praxis theoreticians, mainly from the departments of Sociology and Philosophy at Zagreb University and the Philosophy department at Belgrade University. The first issue of the Yugoslav edition published on 1 September 1964 and was published until 1974. As for the foreign edition, it was published between 1965 and 1973.

Its founders were:

praxis helped to reinvigorate the destructive potential of Marxism. It drew inspiration from the works of Antonio Gramsci, Karl Korsch, Georg Lukács, Ernst Bloch, Herbert Marcuse, Erich Fromm and Lucien Goldmann. The texts in the magazine featured articles by writers from both the East and the West. praxis editors had a strong tendency to publish articles that went against the Leninist theory and praxis promoted and enforced by the League of Communists of Yugoslavia.

Korčula Summer School was a meeting place for philosophers and social critics from the entire world. Some prominent attendees included:

Ernst Bloch, Eugen Fink, Erich Fromm, Herbert Marcuse, Jürgen Habermas, Henri Lefebvre, Richard J. Bernstein, Lucien Goldmann and Shlomo Avineri, to name a few.

Other notable participants included A. J. Ayer, Norman Birnbaum and Lucien Goldmann. Another peculiarity is that one of the attendants was from the Vatican, Father Gustav Wetter, which testifies to the fact that Korčula Summer School was not merely a Marxist symposium—the attendees held interests ranging from phenomenology to theology.

“Ironically enough, the only people who can hold up indefinitely under the stress of modern war are psychotics. Individual insanity is immune to the consequences of collective insanity.”.

New School

The New School is a leftist institute in Greenwich Village New York, founded by John Dewey in 1919, as part of Columbia University of the Colonna family of Roman emperors. It had ties to the Frankfurt School.

During WW2 Henry Murray (who later worked with Ted Kaczynski at Harvard) made a report on Adolf Hitler for OSS director William Donavan, in collaboration with The New School and Ernst Hanfstaengl (friend of William Hearst, Roosevelt family, Walter Lippman).

The school was co-founded by was founded by Alvin Johnson, Charles Beard (New Deal socialism of Roosevelt, married to feminist Mary Ritter), James Harvey Robinson (New History, revionist), Horace Kallen (Zionist, Harvard, friend of Woodrow Wilson) and John Dewey. Zionist Harold Laski was one of the first lecturers.

Alumni of New School include: