Cult of Anat

A raised clenched fist has become synonymous with Jewish Communist movements spanning throughout the Western world, but few (profane, compliant dupes) would know that this gesture of hate is symbolic of a far eastern Judaic veneration of an ancient Canaanite / Babylonian “demi god” of War.


In the Ugaritic Baal Cycle, ‘Anat is a violent war-goddess, a maiden (btlt ‘nt) who is the sister and, according to a much disputed theory, the lover of the great god Ba‘al Hadad. Ba‘al is usually called the son of Dagan and sometimes the son of El, who addresses ‘Anat as “daughter”. In a fragmentary passage from Ugarit (modern Ras Shamra), Syria ‘Anat appears as a fierce, wild and furious warrior in a battle, wading knee-deep in blood, striking off heads, cutting off hands, binding the heads to her torso and the hands in her sash, driving out the old men and townsfolk with her arrows, her heart filled with joy. “Her character in this passage anticipates her subsequent warlike role against the enemies of Baal”.

Bronze figurine of Anat wearing an atef crown with arm raised, dated to 1400–1200 BC, found in Syria
Feminism Fist
Recent depiction of Anat, shield embossed six pointed star centred with a keyhole; source unknown.

In Israel, the “goddess” name, ‘Anat is preserved in the city names Beth-Anath and Anathoth. Anathoth seems to be a plural form of the name, perhaps a shortening of bêt ‘anātôt 'House of the ‘Anats', either a reference to many shrines of the goddess or a plural of intensification. The ancient hero Shamgar, son of ‘Anat, is mentioned in Judges 3.31 and 5:6, which raises the idea that this “judge” or “hero” may have been understood as a demi-god, a mortal son of the goddess. But John Day (2000) notes that a number of Canaanites known from non-Biblical sources bore that title and theorises that it was a “military designation” indicating a warrior under ‘Anat's protection. Asenath, “holy to Anath”, was the wife of the Hebrew patriarch Joseph.

In Elephantine (modern Aswan) in Egypt, the 5th century BCE Elephantine papyri make mention of a goddess called Anat-Yahu (Anat-Yahweh) worshiped in the temple to Yahweh originally built by Jewish refugees from the Babylonian conquest of Judah. These suggest that “even in exile and beyond, the worship of a female deity endured.” The texts were written by a group of Jews living at Elephantine near the Nubian border, whose religion has been described as “nearly identical to Iron Age II Judahite religion”. The papyri describe the Jews as worshiping Anat-Yahu (or AnatYahu). Anat-Yahu is described as either the wife or paredra (sacred consort) of Yahweh, or as a hypostatized aspect of Yahweh.

Anat first appears in Egypt in the 16th dynasty (the Hyksos period) along with other north-west Semitic deities. She was especially worshipped in her aspect of a war goddess, often paired with the goddess `Ashtart. In the Contest Between Horus and Set, these two goddesses appear as daughters of Re and are given as allies to the god Set, who had been identified with the Semitic god Hadad. During the Hyksos period Anat had temples in the Hyksos capital of Avaris and in Beth-Shan (Israel) as well as being worshipped in Memphis. On inscriptions from Memphis of 15th to 12th centuries BCE, Anat is called "Bin-Ptah", Daughter of Ptah. She is associated with Reshpu (Canaanite: Resheph) in some texts, and sometimes identified with the native Egyptian goddess Neith. She is sometimes called “Queen of Heaven”. Her iconography varies. She is usually shown carrying one or more weapons.


Many Western anti-White revolutionary movements of Judaic Communist construction venerate the fist of Anat, which they publicly profess as merely a symbol of strength and solidarity. I cannot stress how important it is to become fully aware as to what this demonic symbol actually is, so that duped people might have the conscious choice to stop impressing their power of will upon it…

Kach Fist
Kach and Kahane Chai: a radical Orthodox Jewish, ultranationalist political party in Israel, proscribed a terrorist organization in the West
Feminism Fist
The merged Venus symbol (note the upside-down cubic cross below the wrist) with raised fist is a common symbol of radical feminism
Civil Liberties Fist
Poster: Civil Liberties in War Times by Max Lerner 1940.
White Privilege Fist
University of Colorado White Privilege Poster: Problematizing Whiteness, 2016 (abolishing white identity a perquisite to genocide?).
Black Power Fist
Black Power fist, used by the Black Panthers.
SDP Fist
Widely publicized election poster of the Social Democratic Party of Germany from 1932
BLF Fist
Black First Land First (BLF) Logo; South African black supremacist party anti-White slogan is “Land or Death”
Roter FrontKampfer Bund Fist
Roter FrontKampfer Bund (Alliance of Red Front-Fighters) was a banned German paramilitary organization affiliated with Communist Party of Germany 1924-29


Raised fists from Political leaders, Celebrities, Activists, Terrorists, Dictators et al.; all of them either Jewish / Afro-American and Communist (sometimes all three!). Personally, I always see a clenched fist go up whenever I have experienced hatred from a person, so tell me how this can be anything to do with love? As body language, a majority of nobody people have been subconsciously manipulated into doing it through televised associative learning.

Controlled Opposition

Trump Fist
ZOG Emperor Donald Trump is big on his clenched fist as President of America
Sanders Fist
AIPAC Lackey Bernie Sanders regularly throws up the clenched fist
Obama Fist
Kenyan Barack Obama throwing up a clenched fist as President of America.
Castro Fist
Cuban Communist dictator Raul Castro, throwing up a clenched fist.
Labour MPs salute George Floyd on the lawns of UK Parliament
Communist Labour MPs salute George Floyd on the lawns of our national Parliament.

Terrorist Groups

Media Culture

Planet of the Apes
This fits the raise fist, on this PLANET it truly belongs with the APES!


The history section of this page is taken mostly from a Wikipedia page, it would simply take too much time in research to check authenticity of the Babylonian, Israelite, Egyptian and Mesopotamian history of Anat. I would never have known that the Cult of Anat would seek to wage war on me but given hindsight of content I have written on this myself simply being of White. Nordic stock would make me an extremely likely target (chased down and brutalised with Babylonian Trinitarian Nimrod doctrine) in it's all out systematic, worldwide spite invoked hatred of my long-time besieged and desecrated people. It is a cult of degeneracy that has defiled the western world with sheer outright profanity, I absolutely detest it.